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Definition of Product Data. Product Data means a manufacturer's standard illustrations, schedules, diagrams, performance charts, instructions, and brochures that illustrate physical appearance, size, and other characteristics of materials and equipment.

Product recommendation method and system based on characteristics of online shopping insurance products

ActiveCN104463630AAccurate positioning of core needsClose to real needsMarketingPersonalizationNetwork behavior
The invention discloses a product recommendation method and system based on characteristics of online shopping insurance products. For the characteristics of the online shopping insurance products, in combination with customer website behaviors and trade information, the characteristics of the requirements for the insurance products of customers are excavated from multiple angles, and the customer experience and customer loyalty are effectively improved while the purposes of recommendation and marketing of valuable products or product combinations for the customers are achieved. The network logs and the customer information serve as a data source, trade detail data and trade product data are also introduced, and the data source is more complete. On the basis of the ordinary customer network behaviors, the personalized recommendation content related to the characteristics of the insurance products is introduced, and the recommendation results are rich and exactly meet the real requirements of the customers. The analysis result recommendation time period is in a self-defined mode, the analysis results can be provided according to different time requirements of the customers, and the requirement for recommendation result timeliness of the customers is effectively met.
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