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Embedded device, control method therefor, program for implementing the control method, and storage medium storing the program

InactiveUS20060059462A1Easily and flexibly expandableWeb data retrievalNatural language data processingImaging processingWeb browser
An embedded device incorporating a Web browser, which enables a server to provide a dynamic content adapted and linked to a function specific to the embedded device and a status of the same, as an easily and flexibly expandable service in response to access from the embedded browser, and enables securing privacy and security of information on a client. In an image processing apparatus (110) implementing the embedded device, a Web browser module (211) loads Web content data containing at least document data which is described in a markup language and has a script or information for reference to a script embedded therein, and performs presentation based on the loaded Web content data. A controller unit (111) controls information and operation of the image processing apparatus. A script interpreter (805) incorporated in the Web browser module interprets the document data contained in the loaded Web content data and processes the script or the information for reference to a script embedded in the document data. A control API module (218) provides an interface via which the script interpreter gains access, based on the processing of the script, to a DOM managed in the Web browser module. Further, the control API module provides an interface via which the script interpreter gains access, based on the processing of the script, to the information and operation of the embedded device, controlled by the controller unit.

Automated banking machine apparatus and system

An automated banking machine (12) is operative to conduct transactions in response to HTML documents and TCP/IP messages exchanged with a local computer system (14) through an intranet (16), as well as in response to messages exchanged with foreign servers (20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 96) in a wide area network (18). The banking machine includes a computer (34) having an HTML document handling portion (76, 80, 82). The HTML document handling portion is operative to communicate through a proxy server (88), with a home HTTP server (90) in the intranet or the foreign servers in the wide area network. The computer further includes a device application portion (84) which interfaces with the HTML document handling portion and dispatches messages to operate devices (36) in the automated banking machine. The devices include a sheet dispenser mechanism (42) which dispenses currency as well as other transaction devices. The device application portion communicates with a device interfacing software portion (64) in the banking machine through a device server (92) in the intranet. The device server maintains local control over the devices in the banking machine including the sheet dispenser. The banking machine operates to read indicia on the user's card corresponding to a system address. The computer is operative to connect the banking machine to the home or foreign server corresponding to the system address, which connected server operates the banking machine until the completion of transactions by the user.
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