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Parser translator system and method

A parser-translator technology allows a user to specify complex test and/or transformation statements in a high-level user language, to ensure that such test and/or transformation statements are well-formed in accordance with a grammar defining legal statements in the user language, and to translate statements defined by the user into logically and syntactically correct directives for performing the desired data transformations or operations. Using the parser-translator technology, a user can focus on the semantics of the desired operations and need not be concerned with the proper syntax of a language for a particular system. Instead, grammars (i.e., data) define the behavior of a parser-translator implementation by encoding the universe of statements (e.g., legal test and/or transformation statements) and by encoding translations appropriate to a particular data processing application (e.g., a data conversion program, etc.). Some parser-translator implementations described herein interface dynamically with other systems and/or repositories to query for information about objects, systems and states represented therein, and/or their respective interfaces. Some grammars described herein encode sensitivity to an external context. In this way, context-sensitive prompting and validation of correct specification of statements is provided. A combination of parser technology and dynamic querying of external system state allows users to build complex statements (e.g., using natural languages within a user interface environment) and to translate those complex statements into statements or directives appropriate to a particular data processing application.

Language-driven interface for an automated testing framework

To test the functionality of a computer system, automated testing may use an automation testing tool that emulates user interactions. A database may store words each having a colloquial meaning that is understood by a general population. For each of these words, the database may store associated computer instructions that can be executed to cause a computer to perform the function that is related to the meaning of the word. During testing, a word may be received having a colloquial meaning that is understood by a general population. The database may be queried for the received word and the set of computer instructions may be returned by the database. The automated testing tool may then perform the function returned to the colloquial meaning of the word. The words stored in the database may be in English or another language.

Computer-implemented system and method for project development

The present invention generally relates to an inventive automated system, and method for its use, including a computer having a computer program defining three development phases including project proposal development, business proposition development, and implementation for market introduction. The project proposal development phase includes a unique idea verification feature by automated reference to an internal knowledge repository and database. The computer is coupled for intercommunication to a plurality of stations or clients from which respective authorized users each have a browser-based interface with the computer.

Apparatus and method for analyzing and supplementing a program to provide security

A computer readable storage medium has executable instructions to perform an automated analysis of program instructions. The automated analysis includes at least two analyses selected from an automated analysis of injection vulnerabilities, an automated analysis of potential repetitive attacks, an automated analysis of sensitive information, and an automated analysis of specific HTTP attributes. Protective instructions are inserted into the program instructions. The protective instructions are utilized to detect and respond to attacks during execution of the program instructions.
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