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Weak hypothesis generation apparatus and method, learning apparatus and method, detection apparatus and method, facial expression learning apparatus and method, facial expression recognition apparatus and method, and robot apparatus

A facial expression recognition system that uses a face detection apparatus realizing efficient learning and high-speed detection processing based on ensemble learning when detecting an area representing a detection target and that is robust against shifts of face position included in images and capable of highly accurate expression recognition, and a learning method for the system, are provided. When learning data to be used by the face detection apparatus by Adaboost, processing to select high-performance weak hypotheses from all weak hypotheses, then generate new weak hypotheses from these high-performance weak hypotheses on the basis of statistical characteristics, and select one weak hypothesis having the highest discrimination performance from these weak hypotheses, is repeated to sequentially generate a weak hypothesis, and a final hypothesis is thus acquired. In detection, using an abort threshold value that has been learned in advance, whether provided data can be obviously judged as a non-face is determined every time one weak hypothesis outputs the result of discrimination. If it can be judged so, processing is aborted. A predetermined Gabor filter is selected from the detected face image by an Adaboost technique, and a support vector for only a feature quantity extracted by the selected filter is learned, thus performing expression recognition.
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