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System and method for permitting three-dimensional navigation through a virtual reality environment using camera-based gesture inputs

A system and method for permitting three-dimensional navigation through a virtual reality environment using camera-based gesture inputs of a system user. The system comprises a computer-readable memory, a video camera for generating video signals indicative of the gestures of the system user and an interaction area surrounding the system user, and a video image display. The video image display is positioned in front of the system user. The system further comprises a microprocessor for processing the video signals, in accordance with a program stored in the computer-readable memory, to determine the three-dimensional positions of the body and principle body parts of the system user. The microprocessor constructs three-dimensional images of the system user and interaction area on the video image display based upon the three-dimensional positions of the body and principle body parts of the system user. The video image display shows three-dimensional graphical objects within the virtual reality environment, and movement by the system user permits apparent movement of the three-dimensional objects displayed on the video image display so that the system user appears to move throughout the virtual reality environment.

Man machine interfaces and applications

Affordable methods and apparatus are disclosed for inputting position, attitude (orientation) or other object characteristic data to computers for the purpose of Computer Aided Design, Painting, Medicine, Teaching, Gaming, Toys, Simulations, Aids to the disabled, and internet or other experiences. Preferred embodiments of the invention utilize electro-optical sensors, and particularly TV Cameras, providing optically inputted data from specialized datum's on objects and / or natural features of objects. Objects can be both static and in motion, from which individual datum positions and movements can be derived, also with respect to other objects both fixed and moving. Real-time photogrammetry is preferably used to determine relationships of portions of one or more datums with respect to a plurality of cameras or a single camera processed by a conventional PC.

Smart electronic receipt system

A smart electronic receipt system that provides intelligent receipts, called Smart Receipts, that electronically document a transaction between two parties and maintains a persistent connection between the two parties following a successful online transaction. A Trusted Agent on the Buyer's client system creates an order record which is stored in a database on a Trusted Agent Server and starts the transaction process with the merchant. A Smart Receipt is delivered by a Smart Receipt Agent over a secure connection from the merchant to the Trusted Agent Server upon successful completion of a purchase and reflects the details of the transaction. It is stored in a secure database on the Trusted Agent Server and is made available to the Buyer (user) through a Trusted Agent located on his machine. The Trusted Agent Server compares the order record Limited Edition Digital Objects (LEDOs) stored in database with the Smart Receipt's LEDO to find the corresponding order record. The Smart Receipt provides the customer with detailed information about an online purchase in a standardized format. Hyperlinks embedded in the Smart Receipt enable the customer to access customer service and order status. The merchant may also embed addition-al services within the Smart Receipt, including special offers for future purchases. Offers provided in a Smart Receipt can be personalized to a user's preferences which are stored on the Trusted Agent Server. Each Smart Receipt is comprised of a chain of LEDOs with each LEDO object having a unique owner. A Smart Receipt is a dynamic entity and is continuously updated until the Buyer deletes it from the Trusted Agent Server.

Trigger operated electronic device

A device particularly for use with a computer comprises a housing for location at least partly between two fingers of a user's hand and an electronic circuit mounted on a board within the housing. The circuit includes a switch responsive to pressure selectively to open and close an electronic circuit, and conductive elements arranged on the board mounting the electronic circuit. A first control element is mounted with the housing and responsive to finger pressure such that pressure applied to the first control element causes the element to operate the switch. The first control element is movable with respect to a hinge such that finger action acts to cause the control element to swivel as a trigger about the hinge and thereby interact with the switch. The second control element includes a flexible material mounted such that pressure applied to the flexible material in different directions and positions acts to change the electrical relationship between the conductive elements on the board and thereby vary an output signal from the electronic circuit. The rear portion of the housing includes a receptacle for receiving removable battery means for powering the electronic circuit. There is an infra-red output signal transmitted to a receiver for operating the computer. The first control element is located substantially below the second control element, and the first control element being in a bottom face of the housing.

Gaming machine

A gaming machine has a symbol display arrangement that displays a variation action of a variable plurality of symbols that are necessary for playing a game. A predictive display arrangement performs a predictive display that informs the player of the likelihood of the appearance of a specific symbol display state when the variation action is stopped. A determination whether or not the symbol variation action is to be stopped with the appearance thereon of the specific symbol display state is made by a controller that also determines which predictive display mode from among a plurality of predetermined predictive display modes is to be displayed. In one embodiment, the controller controls the predictive display arrangement so that the probability of the appearance of a specific symbol display state is changeable in conjunction with the change in the game with the passage of time. The player will expect the appearance of the predictive display having a high likelihood, and therefore the player's expectation of the appearance of the specific symbol display state can be sustained from the start of the variation display to the stopping thereof. The player's expectation for the "big hit" is enhanced by changing the predictive display in which the likelihood of the "big hit" is increased.

Use of online messaging to facilitate selection of participants in game play

A method and system facilitating selection of participants in multiplayer online electronic games. The method provides an efficient procedure for players to host and join new instances of multiplayer online electronic games, as well as providing a scheme that enables players to join multiplayer online electronic games that are already in progress. The method is implemented through a gaming utility that runs on each player's electronic device (e.g. PC) and interacts behind the scenes with an online messaging service. Player hosts are enabled to select players from a list of contacts provided by the online messaging service who they want to invite to join a chat session. A selected multiplayer online electronic game is selectively launched on all of the player's computers through a single command issued by the host. Additionally, the gaming utility provides players with a list of existing chat sessions being hosted by other players so as to enable the players to join multiplayer online electronic games that are already in progress. The system includes a plurality of electronic devices linked in communication across a communications network, such as a LAN or the Internet. Each electronic device is operatively coupled to a headset having a pair of headphones and a microphone. The headset is worn by a player, enabling the players to verbally communicate with others in a verbal chat session.
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