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Slim terminal gaming system

A computer gaming system and method of operation thereof are provided that both drastically reduce the cost of gaming stations and allow contemporaneous access to multiple game programs from a single gaming station. The computer gaming system of the present invention allows for transparent modifications and upgrades to the gaming programs by executing gaming programs on a server/host computer connected to a plurality of client/terminal computers via communication pathways. Each client/terminal computer comprises a client/terminal program that allows input and output streams of the gaming program executed on the server/host computer to be separated and redirected to the client/terminal computers. Since the gaming programs are executed entirely on the server/host computer, with only wagering input and display output operations being executed on the client/terminal computers, the cost of the hardware and software required for each client/terminal computer is greatly reduced. A patron of a client/terminal computer can access any of the gaming programs executed on the server/host computer. Modifications and upgrades of the gaming programs only need to be performed on the server/host computer. By using a stereo head-mounted display together with a joystick input device and wireless communication pathways, the present invention allows a patron to participate in a mobile gaming environment.

Computerized game with cascading strategy and full information

A gaming machine and method for operating the same has gameplay elements provided in a manner that can be visualized, with the gameplay elements having a specific nature which is revealed to the player at a beginning to the game. That is, the player knows the value, or ranking, or position, etc., of the gameplay elements upon inception of the game. In a base level for the game of the gaming machine, no unknown gameplay element or random event is injected into the gameplay elements. This is a full information format for the gaming machine and method, and success is measured by the player's ability to manipulate the gameplay elements presented. A gaming machine and a method for operating the same is also provided with the gameplay elements once again having a specific nature which is known to the player at a start to game play, and in a preferred embodiment not subject thereafter to a random or unknown event, with the gameplay elements being arranged in one of a variety of different arrangements presenting a plurality of choices to a player for subsequent play of the elements. Outcome of the game is dependent upon the choices made by the player, with a given choice potentially influencing the next choice that may be available. Embodiments of the invention in the form of a checkers game and in the form of a poker-type game are disclosed, among others.

Casino poker game table that implements play of a casino table poker game

InactiveUS6955599B2High level of successIncreased riskBoard gamesCard gamesMicroprocessorShuffling
An apparatus and a method of play in the practice of the present invention that are described below. An apparatus supporting the play of a casino table card game according to the present invention may comprise: A playing surface; A card-delivery device; A microprocessor operatively connected to the card-delivery device; Player controlled election identifiers that provide a visible signal of an election; At least two areas for display of at least partial card hands from which only one card hand may be elected for a wagering game by a player; The card-delivery device having at least one sensor thereon for sensing the presence of cards in a delivery area of the card-delivery device from which cards may be removed; The at least one sensor on the card-delivery device providing a signal to the microprocessor that a sensed set of cards has been removed from the delivery area; and in response to the signal, the microprocessor preventing players from entering a new election. The apparatus delivery device is preferably a card-shuffling device. The card-shuffling device may both shuffle cards and create sets of predetermined, preselected numbers of cards to be used in play of a card game. The card-shuffling device may be capable of being programmed to provide sets of cards of different numbers of cards to be used in the play of a card game. The apparatus signal to the microprocessor could comprise a signal that a sensed set of cards has been removed from the delivery area is in response to removal of either a) at least a portion of a player's hand or b) at least a portion of common cards. The signal to the microprocessor that a sensed set of cards has been removed from the delivery area may be in response to removal of at least a portion or all of common cards to be used in play of a game. A method of using this apparatus also constitutes a practice of the present invention.
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