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Unix-like operating systems identify a user by a value called a user identifier, often abbreviated to user ID or UID. The UID, along with the group identifier (GID) and other access control criteria, is used to determine which system resources a user can access. The password file maps textual user names to UIDs. UIDs are stored in the inodes of the Unix file system, running processes, tar archives, and the now-obsolete Network Information Service. In POSIX-compliant environments, the command-line command id gives the current user's UID, as well as more information such as the user name, primary user group and group identifier (GID).

Method and system for authenticating a user by means of a mobile device

The invention relates to a method for authenticating a user of a mobile device (10) against a remote authenticating system (30) which is connected to a client computer accessible to said user, which comprises:
i—reading a 2D-code displayed to the client computer (40) by means of a 2D-code reader provided in said mobile device, a URL address of the authenticating system and a codified challenge generated by authenticating system being embedded in said 2D-code;
ii—processing said codified challenge and computing a response to it using a personal secret, which is a string of characters univocally related to a user identifier (user ID) of said user of the mobile device and to a time stamp;
iii—sending a message to the authenticating system which includes a tuple (100) whose elements are said user ID, the challenge and its response;
iv—analyzing the tuple elements and determining the tuple is valid if the response to the challenge has been generated using the personal secret of the user whose user identifier is in the tuple for a given period of time, and in case said tuple is valid:
v—checking in a users list (300) in the authenticating system if the user identifier in the tuple is in said users list, and if the user identifier is in the users list, it is verified if the challenge in the tuple is in a session list in the authenticating system, and if the challenge is in the session list, the authenticating system pushes a welcome screen to the client computer that corresponds to a session identification number in the session list where the challenge is.
The invention also to a system for authenticating a user of a mobile device.

System and method for generating an orchestrated advertising campaign

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A system and related techniques host and serve selective, orchestrated advertising campaigns and other content to users depending on contributing advertisers' campaign strategies as well as use interests, prior history or experiences. According to embodiments, users may navigate to a Web or other network site which contains or invokes ads or other media or content. When ad or other content is called, according to the invention in one regard a user identifier may be checked, to determine whether the user has subscribed to or had a profile established with the orchestrated ad platform of the invention. If the user does have a unique identifier associated with them, an ad engine may perform a lookup of the identifier against potential ad campaigns or delivery modes, to deliver a more coherent or orchestrated stream of ads or other media to the user. Those selected campaigns may include for instance immersive delivery modes in which a number of ads related to an area of interest, such as cars and related services or foods and restaurants, may be delivered or streamed to the user's browser or other application at a comparatively high frequency or intensity. The sequence of that content may in one regard be conditioned on the user's browsing or other history, including topics of interest as expressed for example in prior search activity, in explicit questionnaires, or in prior purchase or shopping activity, as well as other behavioral patterns such as averaged length of browsing sessions, or other parameters. Because the experience which the user receives is targeted or tailored in nature, and in addition presents a set or series of content which is selected to reflect a meaningful relationship or theme, the effectiveness of the advertising or other content delivery campaign may be enhanced compared to undifferentiated delivery techniques.
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