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Confidentiality involves a set of rules or a promise usually executed through confidentiality agreements that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

Methods, software programs, and systems for electronic information security

The present invention relates to various methods, software programs, and systems for electronic information security. More particularly, these various methods, software programs, and systems may serve to protect information security by providing an integrated system that helps ensure confidentiality, integrity, accountability, and ease of use. Certain embodiments of the present invention relate to methods, software programs, and systems for electronic information security utilizing a file container for storing: (a) a data file, which data file is encrypted with a one-time random encryption key; (b) the one-time random encryption key, which one-time random encryption key is encrypted with a public key portion of a public key/private key pair associated with an owner of the file container; (c) an audit trail log of the history of the file container, which audit trail log is encrypted with the one-time random encryption key with which the data file is encrypted; (d) a digital signature based upon a hash of the combined data file and the audit trail log, which hash is encrypted with a private key portion of a public key/private key associated with a writer/creator of the file container; and (e) a profile associated with the file container. Additional embodiments of the present invention relate to methods, software programs, and systems for electronic information security utilizing a fully integrated system for user authentication, virus scanning, time/date certification, encryption/decryption, digital signatures, stored document protection, transmitted document protection, and delivery verification.

Information security management and control method under cloud manufacturing environment

The invention discloses an information security management and control method under a cloud manufacturing environment. On the basis of a network security protocol, a password technology and a public key infrastructure (PKI), comprehensive security guarantee is supplied to information interaction among cloud internal networks, between one cloud and another cloud, and between a user and each cloud by using implementation technologies and methods, such as a virtual private network (VPN) based on multiple layers of protocols, a digital envelope and a password algorithm; Intranet, Extranet and Internet of a cloud manufacturing system are covered; comprehensive management and control technical information files are stored and transmitted to each used loop; a session key (SK) which is randomly produced by using a key production protocol is used for symmetrically encrypting the technical information files; and a receiver public key obtained according to a PKI digital certificate asymmetrically encrypts the SK to form the digital envelope for protecting the technical information files and the SK. The information security management and control method has the characteristics of being high in confidentiality, high inefficiency, flexible in arrangement and the like and can be widely applied to the cloud manufacturing system and other network manufacturing systems.

Method for implementing safe storage system in cloud storage environment

ActiveCN102014133AGuaranteed confidentialityTimely detection of damage, etc.TransmissionConfidentialityCiphertext
The invention relates to a method for implementing a safe storage system in a cloud storage environment and belongs to the technical field of storage safety. The method is characterized in that a trust domain is established in a server according to the requirements of a user; in the trust domain, identity authentication is performed by using an public key infrastructure (PKI); the independence between the storage system and a bottom layer system is realized by utilizing a filesystem in user space (FUSE); a hash value of a file is calculated by utilizing a secure hash algorithm (SHA1) and taking a block as a unit, a file block is encrypted by utilizing a key and an advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm of a symmetric encipherment algorithm and taking a block as a unit, and a file cipher text is uploaded to a file server in a cloud storage area so as to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the file; a filer owner postpones encrypting the file again when permission is revoked by designating a user with the permission of accessing the file and the permissions thereof in an access control list; and only when the user modifies the content of the file, the user encrypts the file block in which the modified content is positioned again and the system implements three layers of key management, namely a file block key, a safe metadata file key and a trust domain server key so that not only the safety of the file is guaranteed when the permission is revoked, but also the management load of the system is not increased.

Network identity authentication system and method

The invention relates to an identity authentication system and an authentication method. The identity authentication system comprises an authentication center CA module, an authentication module, a client side and a USB Key module, wherein the authentication center CA module is responsible for the functions of application, examination and approval, issuing, updating and revocation of a certificate; the authentication module respectively carries out the generation of a digital envelope and the authentication of a digital certificate to the client side and a server side; the client side mainly realizes the management of the system and the clients; and the USB Key module mainly provides a medium for storing the digital certificate and a user private key to the user. The invention adopts a digital envelope technology, and can meet the high-confidentiality requirement of data transmission; an authentication token is used for sending a request to the authentication server by the client sidefor authentication and realizing the security of the authentication process; and the client side and the authentication server respectively carry out the generation of the digital envelope and the digital certificate, thus being capable of realizing the mutual authentication between the client side and the authentication server.

Method for electronic commerce using security token and apparatus thereof

A method for electronic commerce using a security token and an apparatus thereof are provided. The electronic commerce method using a security token comprises a transaction approval institution generating a security token based on a security assertion markup language (SAML), using credit information of a purchaser who requests to issue a security token, and transmitting the security token to the purchaser; the purchaser writing an electronic signature on an order and transmitting the order together with the security token to a seller; the seller verifying the received order and security token, and then delivering goods according to the order to the purchaser; and the transaction approval institution performing payment for the seller and the purchaser. The method can solve the problems of personal information leakage and privacy infringement that may happen when a purchaser sends his personal information to a seller for electronic commerce. Since the token is one-time-use data, even if a security token sent is counterfeited or stolen, the loss can be minimized. In addition, by writing an extensible markup language (XML) electronic signature in the security token, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation for a transmitted message can be guaranteed and through simple object access protocol (SOAP) security technology, confidentiality is maintained.

Hardware trust anchors in sp-enabled processors

A trust system and method is disclosed for use in computing devices, particularly portable devices, in which a central Authority shares secrets and sensitive data with users of the respective devices. The central Authority maintains control over how and when shared secrets and data are used. In one embodiment, the secrets and data are protected by hardware-rooted encryption and cryptographic hashing, and can be stored securely in untrusted storage. The problem of transient trust and revocation of data is reduced to that of secure key management and keeping a runtime check of the integrity of the secure storage areas containing these keys (and other secrets). These hardware-protected keys and other secrets can further protect the confidentiality and/or integrity of any amount of other information of arbitrary size (e.g., files, programs, data) by the use of strong encryption and/or keyed-hashing, respectively. In addition to secrets the Authority owns, the system provides access to third party secrets from the computing devices. In one embodiment, the hardware-rooted encryption and hashing each use a single hardware register fabricated as part of the computing device's processor or System-on-Chip (SoC) and protected from external probing. The secret data is protected while in the device even during operating system malfunctions and becomes non-accessible from storage according to various rules, one of the rules being the passage of a certain time period. The use of the keys (or other secrets) can be bound to security policies that cannot be separated from the keys (or other secrets). The Authority is also able to establish remote trust and secure communications to the devices after deployment in the field using a special tamper-resistant hardware register in the device, to enable, disable or update the keys or secrets stored securely by the device.
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