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Key generation is the process of generating keys in cryptography. A key is used to encrypt and decrypt whatever data is being encrypted/decrypted. A device or program used to generate keys is called a key generator or keygen.

Method and system for conducting secure payments over a computer network

A secure method of conducting an electronic transaction over a public communications network is provided which utilizes a pseudo-expiration date in the expiration date field of an authorization request. One of the preferred methods comprises:
    • generating a per-card key associated with an account number;
    • generating a message authentication code using the per-card key;
    • converting the message authentication code into a pseudo expiration date;
    • generating an authorization request for the transaction, the request having an expiration date field containing the pseudo expiration date; and
    • verifying the message authentication code based on the pseudo expiration date.
    • Another embodiment of the invention includes a method of conducting an electronic transaction over a public communications network, with a payment account number having an associated pseudo account number, comprising:
    • (a) providing the pseudo account number with a control field indicating one of a plurality of key-generation processes to be used to generate an authentication key;
    • (b) generating an authentication key associated with the pseudo account number using one of the plurality of key-generation processes indicated in the control field of the pseudo account number;
    • (c) using the authentication key to generate a message authentication code specific to the transaction;
    • (d) generating an authorization request message including the message authentication code and the pseudo account number; and
    • (e) verifying the message authentication code using the indicated key-generation process and the authentication key.

Secure disk drive comprising a secure drive key and a drive ID for implementing secure communication over a public network

A secure disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk for storing data, and an input for receiving an encrypted message from a client disk drive, the encrypted message comprising ciphertext data and a client drive ID identifying the client disk drive. The secure disk drive comprises a secure drive key and an internal drive ID. A key generator within the secure disk drive generates a client drive key based on the client drive ID and the secure drive key, and an internal drive key based on the internal drive ID and the secure drive key. The secure disk drive further comprises an authenticator for verifying the authenticity of the encrypted message and generating an enable signal, the authenticator is responsive to the encrypted message and the client drive key. The secure disk drive further comprises a data processor comprising a message input for receiving the encrypted message from the client disk drive, and a data output for outputting the ciphertext data to be written to the disk. The data processor further comprises an enable input for receiving the enable signal for enabling the data processor, and a key input for receiving the internal drive key, the internal drive key for use in generating a message authentication code. The data processor outputs reply data comprising the message authentication code. The secure disk drive outputs a reply to the client disk drive, the reply comprising the reply data and the internal drive ID.

Strong authentication token usable with a plurality of independent application providers

The present invention defines a strong authentication token for generating different dynamic credentials for different application providers comprising an input interface providing an output representing an application provider indicator; a secret key storage for storing one or more secret keys; a variability source for providing a dynamic variable value; a key providing agent for providing an application provider specific key as a function of said application provider indicator using one or more keys stored in said secret key storage; a cryptographic agent for cryptographically combining said application provider specific key with said dynamic variable value using symmetric cryptography; a transformation agent coupled to said cryptographic agent for transforming an output of said cryptographic agent to produce a dynamic credential; and an output interface to output said dynamic credential.
The present invention defines furthermore a method to manage the secret keys of strong authentication tokens that can generate dynamic credentials for more than one supported application provider or application provider group using different secret keys for each supported application provider or application provider group comprising generating for each of a batch of strong authentication tokens a token specific master key; personalising each token of said batch with the token specific master key associated with said token; generating for each of a plurality of supported application providers or application provider groups a set of application provider specific token keys, one application provider specific token key for each token of said batch, whereby each application provider specific token key of each of said sets is derived from that token's token specific master key and a unique identifier or indicator of that application provider or application provider group; providing to each application provider or an entity that is responsible for the verification on behalf of said application provider of the dynamic credentials that are generated for said application provider, the corresponding set of application provider specific token keys.
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