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In cryptography, plaintext usually means unencrypted information pending input into cryptographic algorithms, usually encryption algorithms. Cleartext usually refers to data that is transmitted or stored unencrypted ('in the clear').

Ciphertext cloud storage method and system

The invention relates to a ciphertext cloud storage method and system. In the ciphertext cloud storage method system composed of at least one client terminal and a cloud terminal server, the ciphertext cloud storage method comprises the steps that (1) a user adopts a ciphertext and / or a plaintext to conduct data synchronism on the client terminal in the process of data storage and selects an encryption algorithm for the ciphertext; (2) authentication parameters provided based on the identity of the user is used for generating a master key, synchronous data of the ciphertext are encrypted on the client terminal through two-level keys comprising the master key and an encryption and decryption key, and the master key is backed up; (3) the ciphertext and a ciphertext index are synchronized on the client terminal and a cloud terminal, or a plaintext index is established after synchronous data of the plaintext are synchronized on the cloud terminal and the client terminal; (4) the plaintext and / or ciphertext is / are stored in a local private cloud storage server or in a storage server of a cloud storage provider according to a mount point requested by the user. By the adoption of the ciphertext cloud storage method and system, the data cannot be lost when the terminal is lost, if protection is inappropriate, only the ciphertext form of a file is damaged, and the ciphertext cloud storage system can dock with multiple cloud server providers.

Blockchain-based digital asset processing method and device

The invention discloses a blockchain-based digital asset processing method and device. The method comprises the following steps: receiving private ciphertext for a digital asset circulated from a sending end to a receiving end through a blockchain, and a preset public key; and obtaining a sharing public key for sharing the private ciphertext based on the preset public key, so that when the private ciphertext and the sharing public key are broadcast in the blockchain, blockchain nodes on the blockchain can share the private ciphertext based on the sharing public key and reach a blind consensus on the shared private ciphertext, and after the consensus on the private ciphertext is reached, the private ciphertext can be decrypted by at least one of three parties, i.e., the sending end, the receiving end and a monitoring end, based on a preset private key to obtain plaintext of the digital asset. The method and device provided by the embodiment of the invention has the advantages that the privacy right of a user is protected; under the premise of privacy protection, the single general digital asset can be smoothly circulated within one blockchain or among multiple blockchains, and a total currency amount remains unchanged; and a monitoring party other than the transaction parties can monitor transaction information at any time.
Owner:中钞信用卡产业发展有限公司杭州区块链技术研究院 +1

Method of blockchain information encryption based on complete homomorphic encryption method

A method of blockchain information encryption based on a complete homomorphic encryption method comprises: performing complete homomorphic encryption of a plaintext to be encrypted through an information encryption side and then performing signature; publishing a verification request to all the nodes in a network in public through adoption of an encrypted plaintext; respectively employing blockchain public keys by all the nodes to perform blockchain verification of the signature and an information receiving side, and employing complete homomorphic public keys to perform homomorphic encryptionoperation verification of the ciphertext; and after the verification passes, packing the information encryption side information, the information receiving side information and the ciphertext to generate an updated blockchain, performing broadcast of the network, and completing updating operation of the blockchain. The method provided by the invention greatly improve data safety and privacy of theblockchain technology, is more concise in the whole structure and effective, does not need to introduce a trusted third party and greatly extend and improve an original blockchain technology model, and only needs the smallest improvement to reach a secrecy effect.

System and method for secure electronic communication in a partially keyless environment

This present invention provides users with secure transparent electronic communication, allowing them to send and receive encrypted and/or signed messages with little or no user involvement. In various embodiments, the present invention provides a user with e-mail security via automated hierarchical techniques for transparently sending and receiving secure messages, and lowers the burden on administrators. Such a system can also manage cryptographic keys and certificates for the users, and creates such keys and certificates for the users when necessary. A server according to the present invention can intercept unsecured messages from a user, automatically transform those messages into secured messages, and transmit those secure messages to the intended recipients. The server can also automatically transform messages after the recipient sends a digital identity to the server and downloads the software necessary for transforming the secured messages back into readable messages (i.e., from ciphertext into plaintext). The server can further intercept an unsecured message from a user, search for a digital identity of the intended recipient, secure the unsecured message upon finding such a digital identity, and transparently send the secured message to the intended recipient.
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