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Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored in logical pools. The physical storage spans multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. These cloud storage providers are responsible for keeping the data available and accessible, and the physical environment protected and running. People and organizations buy or lease storage capacity from the providers to store user, organization, or application data.

System and method for secure and reliable multi-cloud data replication

A multi-cloud data replication method includes providing a data replication cluster comprising at least a first host node and at least a first online storage cloud. The first host node is connected to the first online storage cloud via a network and comprises a server, a cloud array application and a local cache. The local cache comprises a buffer and a first storage volume comprising data cached in one or more buffer blocks of the local cache's buffer. Next, requesting authorization to perform cache flush of the cached first storage volume data to the first online storage cloud. Upon receiving approval of the authorization, encrypting the cached first storage volume data in each of the one or more buffer blocks with a data private key. Next, assigning metadata comprising at lest a unique identifier to each of the one or more buffer blocks and then encrypting the metadata with a metadata private key. Next, transmitting the one or more buffer blocks with the encrypted first storage volume data to the first online cloud storage. Next, creating a sequence of updates of the metadata, encrypting the sequence with the metadata private key and then transmitting the sequence of metadata updates to the first online storage cloud.

Method for implementing safe storage system in cloud storage environment

The invention relates to a method for implementing a safe storage system in a cloud storage environment and belongs to the technical field of storage safety. The method is characterized in that a trust domain is established in a server according to the requirements of a user; in the trust domain, identity authentication is performed by using an public key infrastructure (PKI); the independence between the storage system and a bottom layer system is realized by utilizing a filesystem in user space (FUSE); a hash value of a file is calculated by utilizing a secure hash algorithm (SHA1) and taking a block as a unit, a file block is encrypted by utilizing a key and an advanced encryption standard (AES) algorithm of a symmetric encipherment algorithm and taking a block as a unit, and a file cipher text is uploaded to a file server in a cloud storage area so as to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of the file; a filer owner postpones encrypting the file again when permission is revoked by designating a user with the permission of accessing the file and the permissions thereof in an access control list; and only when the user modifies the content of the file, the user encrypts the file block in which the modified content is positioned again and the system implements three layers of key management, namely a file block key, a safe metadata file key and a trust domain server key so that not only the safety of the file is guaranteed when the permission is revoked, but also the management load of the system is not increased.

Automatic test platform server and system applied to cloud storage

InactiveCN102075381APerfect automated deploymentPerfect runnabilityData switching networksGraphical user interfaceStatistical analysis
The invention provides a test platform server applied to cloud storage, which comprises an automatic project management module, a cross-platform automatic deployment module, an unattended automatic operating module, a test result statistical report output module, other test platform integrated module and a Web Graphical User Interface (Web GUI) interactive interface module, wherein the automatic project management module is used for storing automatic test specifications suitable for cloud storage, and the automatic test specifications comprise organization modes and specifications of cases, scripts and data of automatic test projects; the cross-platform automatic deployment module is used for implementing automatic deployment of a test environment under a cross-platform environment; the unattended automatic operating module is used for implementing unattended automatic test operation; the test result statistical report output module is used for providing automatic test result statistical analysis and log query; the other test platform integrated module is used for providing an integrated interface interacted with other test platforms; and the Web GUI interactive interface module is used for providing a graphical interface for accessing, configuring and managing the above five modules. The invention also provides a test platform service system applied to the cloud storage.
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Fine-grained access control method for data in cloud storage

The invention discloses a fine-grained access control method for data in cloud storage. The method includes the steps: firstly, a data owner blocking files and formulating an external access strategy of file blocks and an internal access strategy of the file blocks according an access control policy, and a trusted third party generating a public key and a master key according to an attribute password mechanism; the data owner utilizing a symmetric password mechanism to encipher the file blocks, utilizing the attribute password mechanism to encipher a symmetric key, and sending a cypher text of the file blocks and a cypher text of a secret key to the cloud; the data owner and the trusted third party utilizing the attribute password mechanism to authorize a user, and generating an attribute key and an attribute processed by an attribute encryption function for each attribute of the user; the data owner sending an user permission change statement to the trusted third party; and the trusted third party judging whether adding or deleting the user permission or not for the user according to the user permission change statement. Compared with the prior art, the method for the fine-grained data access control in the cloud storage has the access control with more fine-grained data under the condition of not increasing additional costs.
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