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Copyright authorization method based on block chain

The invention discloses a copyright authorization method based on a block chain. The method comprises steps of: 1, uploading a work to a client so as to enable the work to become a multi-level hash value code identification document; 2, generating a self identity identifier in a copyright block chain database; 3, enabling a digital copyright gateway server to store the generated multi-level hash value code identification document uploaded by an applicant in self identity into a copyright block chain database; 4, enabling the applicant to fill in a copyright application agreement in detail through a digital copyright application website; 5, enabling the digital copyright application website system to search the duplicate records of various levels of digital identification codes in the block chain database, and to give a copyright authorization conclusion; 6, determining the ownership of copyright according to the copyright authorization conclusion, and sending to the applicant a copyright authorization certificate or an electronic copyright authorization certificate; and 7, enabling two copyright traders to apply for authorization and an authorization transaction at the digital copyright application website system. The method solves the shortcomings of conventional copyright authorization and ensures the high security and reliability of the copyright.

Fixed network access into IMS bidirectional authentication and key distribution method

The invention discloses a fixed internet access IMS mutual authentification and a key distribution method which solves the problem that a security mechanism standard structure of the fixed internet access IMS does not have a solution. The method comprises the following steps that: a user terminal originates an authentification request to an HSS through a CSCF and provides a user ID; the HSS returns the response of the authentification request to the CSCF and sends both a CK and an IK to a P-CSCF as well as passing a certificate of an XRES to an S-CSCF; the CSCF returns a login response message to a UE; the user terminal authenticates the integrality of the corresponding part of the returned response message through a shared key of Ku sharing with the HSS and realizes the authentification of the IMS on the internet side; after the certification, the use terminal calculates the certificate of an RES and originates the login request to the CSCF again; the CSCF authenticates the certificate of the RES on the user terminal and the certificate of the XRES of the HSS; after the certification, the CSCF sends a message of a successful user authentification to the HSS. The invention realizes the mutual authentification of the IMS network through a basic encryption and integrality protection arithmetic and completes the distribution of the key.

Signaling data mining and analyzing-based specific mobile subscriber coarse positioning system and method thereof

ActiveCN103354633AStereo acquisitionStereo masteryLocation information based serviceSocial benefitsData aggregator
The invention relates to a signaling data mining and analyzing-based specific mobile subscriber coarse positioning system and a method thereof. According to the system, after a signaling data aggregation assembly carries out processing on collected signaling data of a mobile user in an operator core mobile network, the processing signaling data are transmitted to a coarse positioning service processing assembly, extraction and analyzing of user position data and characteristic data thereof as well as data mining are respectively carried out, and useful data are stored into a coarse positioning service database; meanwhile, the coarse positioning service management assembly carries out management and service packaging on the user position and characteristic data thereof; the coarse positioning service interface assembly carries out invoking and interaction on the user position and characteristic data thereof, thereby further realizing an invoking service of coarse positioning data by other network elements. According to the invention, on the basis of signaling data gathering and analyzing, coarse positioning on the specific mobile user is carried out and the positioning information is sent to an upper-layer application service unit, so that a novel value added service based on coarse positioning data is expanded and thus new social benefits and economic benefits are created for operators.

System and method for safe sharing dynamic memory of multi-application space

The invention relates to a safe sharing dynamic memory system used for multiple applications and a method thereof, which pertains to the technical field of information safety and is especially applicable to exchanging information safely among multiple systems. The system comprises a sharing memory pool, a memory block and an access control module; the sharing memory pool is a multi-array sharing memory pool; the sharing memory pool is a virtual two-dimensional multi-array memory space; each memory space can be allocated by size dynamically and specified with access privileges, and adopt different cipherkey algorithms so as to ensure the completeness and confidentiality of data in the memory and achieve data sharing among multiple applications. The method adopted in the system comprises procedures of establishing the sharing memory pool, writing data, reading data, writing the data into the sharing memory and decrypting the data. The system and the method of the invention have the advantages of ensuring the completeness and confidentiality of the data in the memory, achieving safe, convenient and flexible data sharing among multiple applications and also being capable of serving as a basic facility to realize safe information exchanging among multiple systems.

Ciphertext search authentication method oriented towards cloud storage

The invention provides a ciphertext search authentication method oriented towards cloud storage and relates to the field of computer information safety. The ciphertext search authentication method oriented towards the cloud storage includes the following steps that files to be uploaded are selected, keywords are designated, a reverse index is constructed to generate an encryption index and a search authentication symbol, and the encryption index and the search authentication symbol are sent to a cloud server to be stored; a corresponding search token is generated by a user according to the certain keyword, and the cloud server performs search operation and sends a search result back; challenge information is generated by the user according to the search result, authentication is generated by the cloud server, and an authentication value is verified by the user to finish search result verification; the user selects the files to be added or deleted, an update token is generated, the cloud server updates the encryption index and the search authentication symbol, and update information is sent back. According to the ciphertext search authentication method oriented towards the cloud storage, data information of the user will not be revealed to the cloud server and an attacker, the user can use the keywords to search for ciphertexts stored in the cloud server, authenticates the correctness of the search result, supports dynamic update of the user files and ensures confidentiality of user data and correctness of the search result.

Data transmission security encryption method for metering automation system

The invention discloses a data transmission security encryption method for a metering automation system. The data transmission security encryption method includes steps of (1), a host transmits scattering factors and random digit getting command requests to an encryptor; (2) the encryptor generates a random digit L1 of 8 bytes and utilizes the scattering factors and a terminal service main secret key to generate a terminal service sub secret key, generates a session key via the random digit L1 and the terminal service sub secret key, encrypts the random digit by the session key to generate a ciphertext E1; the encryptor feeds the random digit L1 and the ciphertext E1 to the host; (3), the host transmits an identity verification request containing the ciphertext E1 and low 4 bytes of the random digit number L1 to a smart terminal; and (4), after the smart terminal receives the identity verification request, the session key is generated by encrypting the low-4 bytes of the random digit number L1 with the self service sub secret key. By adopting the ciphertext during data transmission, data confidentiality is guaranteed, data reliability is guaranteed by checking in an MAC (media access control) manner, and system safety is guaranteed by generating the session secret key.

Remote attestation method based on cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environment

The invention discloses a remote attestation method based on a cloud computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) environment. The remote attestation method is realized by an identity authentication module, a remote attestation module and a credible platform standard metric version updating module, wherein the identity authentication module comprises an attestation identity key (AIK) certificate application module, a Privacy CA certificate issuing module and an AIK request process verifying module; and the remote attestation module comprises a communication module for a challenger and an authenticated party, and a communication module for the challenger and a credible configuration server. The remote attestation method disclosed by the invention has the beneficial effects that a connection is permitted to be established only if virtual machines (VM) to be communicated are credible through a remote attestation by adding a remote attestation process before a normal communication channel is established between the virtual machines. On one hand, the remote attestation method disclosed by the invention can implement identity authentication and remote attestation on the authenticated party, and on the other hand, the authenticated party can update version under a situation that platform varies, so as to finally realize actually feasible remote attestation of the cloud computing IaaS environment.
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