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2. Continuous Function: Control is measurement and correction of performance of activities of subordinates, in order to ensure that enterprise’s objectives and plans devised to attain them, are being properly accomplished. So control function should be exercised regularly.

Tiered contention multiple access (TCMA): a method for priority-based shared channel access

Quality of Service (QoS) support is provided by means of a Tiered Contention Multiple Access (TCMA) distributed medium access protocol that schedules transmission of different types of traffic based on their service quality specifications. In one embodiment, a wireless station is supplied with data from a source having a lower QoS priority QoS(A), such as file transfer data. Another wireless station is supplied with data from a source having a higher QoS priority QoS(B), such as voice and video data. Each wireless station can determine the urgency class of its pending packets according to a scheduling algorithm. For example file transfer data is assigned lower urgency class and voice and video data is assigned higher urgency class. There are several urgency classes which indicate the desired ordering. Pending packets in a given urgency class are transmitted before transmitting packets of a lower urgency class by relying on class-differentiated urgency arbitration times (UATs), which are the idle time intervals required before the random backoff counter is decreased. In another embodiment packets are reclassified in real time with a scheduling algorithm that adjusts the class assigned to packets based on observed performance parameters and according to negotiated QoS-based requirements. Further, for packets assigned the same arbitration time, additional differentiation into more urgency classes is achieved in terms of the contention resolution mechanism employed, thus yielding hybrid packet prioritization methods. An Enhanced DCF Parameter Set is contained in a control packet sent by the AP to the associated stations, which contains class differentiated parameter values necessary to support the TCMA. These parameters can be changed based on different algorithms to support call admission and flow control functions and to meet the requirements of service level agreements.

Method and apparatus for a hybrid battery configuration for use in an electric or hybrid electric motive power system

A power system for an electric motor drive such as may be used in an electrically propelled vehicle incorporates the combination of a high power density battery and a high energy density battery to provide an optimal combination of high energy and high power, i.e., a hybrid battery system. The hybrid battery system in one form includes components which prevent electrical recharge energy from being applied to the high energy density battery while capturing regenerative energy in the high power density battery so as to increase an electric vehicle's range for a given amount of stored energy. A dynamic retarding function for absorbing electrical regenerative energy is used during significant vehicle deceleration and while holding speed on down-hill grades, to minimize mechanical brake wear and limit excessive voltage on the battery and power electronic control devices. The high energy density battery coupled in circuit with a boost converter, a high power density battery, a dynamic retarder, and an AC motor drive circuit. The hybrid battery system is controlled by a hybrid power source controller which receives signals from a vehicle system controller using current and voltage sensors to provide feedback parameters for the closed-loop hybrid battery control functions.
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