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Threaded hoist ring screw retainer

An omni-positional hoist ring assembly including a bushing element that includes a sleeve with an axial length, a proximal end and a distal end. A load bearing flange is radially disposed about the proximal end of the sleeve. The sleeve has an internal thread extending at least part way of the axial length of the sleeve. A mounting screw element has a major axis, a head, and a shank disposed generally co-axially around the major axis. The shank includes a threaded shank portion and a bearing portion. The bearing portion is a generally cylindrical axially extending portion of the shank that has a diameter approximately equal to the minor diameter of the thread in the threaded shank portion. A thrust washer element is provided between the head and the distal end of the sleeve. A body element receives the in-turned opposed ends of the legs of a lifting loop element in sockets. The lifting loop is free to pivot. The body element is free to rotate about the sleeve, so the lifting loop will self align with a load that is applied to it from any direction within a hemisphere centered on the major axis of the mounting screw element. The elements of the hoist rig assembly are assembled by aligning them and inserting the mounting screw element into the sleeve and threadably advancing it until the bearing is aligned with the internal thread so further rotation of the mounting screw element does not threadably advance the mounting screw element relative to the sleeve.

Tower fan assembly with telescopic support column

A vertical axis tower fan apparatus having an adjustable support column. The tower fan apparatus is comprised of a support base, a telescopic support column adjustable between fixed, retracted and extended positions, a vertical axis propeller encased within a housing, and a motor. The vertical axis propeller is contained within the cylindrical housing, wherein the housing is rotatably coupled to one end of the support column. The fan is rotatably connected to the top of the support column and is adapted to rotate freely thereon, when activated. The opposing end of the column is insertable into the support base. The telescopic column is comprised of a hollow pillar and an extendable member removably inserted within the hollow pillar. The column is manually adjustable to a variety of heights to provide cooling air to different target heights via the use of an adjustable locking sleeve. The sleeve may be loosened, to allow the extendable member to be extracted from within the hollow pillar and raised until the fan reaches a desirable height. Conversely, the extendable member may be retracted until the fan reaches another target height. When the desired height is reached, the sleeve is tightened thereby preventing the member from moving within the pillar. A keypad located in the housing cover, or a remote control unit allows the user to program the fan, via the use of a microcontroller within the fan housing, to achieve a variety of speeds and wind patterns, as well as activating an oscillation mode and a timer.

High-efficiency multifunctional modular interior air purification device

The invention relates to a high-efficiency multifunctional modular interior air purification device. A device main body is cylindrical and consists of three cylindrical function modules which are combined and include a main l function module, a power control module and an additional function module from bottom top. The main function module with 360-degree omnibearing intake air design consists of a protective hood, a free rotating guide plate, a washable prefiltering glass fiber layer, an attached active carbon adsorption layer, an attached nano active carbon adsorption layer, a high-efficient PTFE filter layer, a load nano TiO2 porous ceramic sequentially from bottom top, as well as a UV lamp in the middle from the outside to the inside; the power control module consists of a power cord, a multifunctional power jack, a fan and a control panel; and the additional function module consists of a cylindrical guide plate, a guide protective hood and a solid essential oil dispersion box/negative ion generator/humidifier and the like. The high-efficiency multifunctional modular interior air purification device is compact in design structure, has no noise pollution, low energy consumption and an obvious purification effect, and is suitable for use in various interior places.

Proximity faucet having selective automatic and manual modes

A proximity faucet is provided that includes a housing, faucet and lever support portions and a peripheral housing wall with a spout portion having a neck extending outward from the housing wall and a fluid outlet at a free extent thereof. The faucet support portion accommodates an elongate shank extending downwardly therefrom and having at least one fluid supply conduit therein. The lever support portion receives a mixing cartridge therein that mixes cold and hot water delivered by the fluid supply conduit. The lever support portion supports a freely rotatable lever thereon. The lever is coupled to the mixing cartridge such that rotation of the lever adjusts the water temperature and flow rate. A sensor cover ring that is rotatably disposed adjacent the housing wall includes a reflective surface along an inner surface thereof that lies adjacent the housing wall. The sensor cover ring includes an eye that aligns with a proximity detector disposed in the housing wall and permits the proximity detector to emit a signal therefrom. The proximity detector, which is in electrical communication with an electronically controlled valve that is positioned downstream of the mixing cartridge, transmits a signal to the electronically controlled valve upon sensing am object or upon concealment of the proximity detector by the sensor cover ring, thereby maintaining the mixing cartridge in an open position. The proximity detector is correspondingly rotatable with the spout portion as the spout portion rotates relative to a receptacle proximate which the faucet is used. A proximity filter faucet having selective automatic and manual modes is also disclosed.

Lat pulldown weight training machine

An exercise machine for exercising muscles in the back of an exerciser, includes: a frame; a seat assembly attached to the frame; a movement arm pivotally attached to the frame and movable along a stroke path between an upper forward position and a lower rearward position; a resistance-imparting unit operatively connected with the movement arm to provide resistance to the movement arm as it moves from the forward position to the rearward position; a pair of handles to be grasped by the exerciser; and a pair of extension members, each of which is attached to a respective handle such that each handle is free to rotate about a longitudinal axis of the extension member. The extension members are attached to the movement arm such that each extension member is free to at least partially rotate relative to the movement arm about vertical, longitudinal and transverse axes. Also, the extension members are of sufficient length and the extension members are attached to the movement arm (preferably via universal ball joints) so that the handles can be separated by a distance of at least 24 inches when the movement arm is in the rearward position. In this configuration, the exerciser has the option of performing the basic lat pulldown motion with the hands in any orientation, and can pull the handles to multiple positions in front of the chest and shoulders or outside the chest and shoulders.
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