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User interaction with voice information services

An iterative process is provided for interacting with a voice information service. Such a service may permit, for example, a user to search one or more databases and may provide one or more search results to the user. Such a service may be suitable, for example, for searching for a desired entity or object within the database(s) using speech as an input and navigational tool. Applications of such a service may include, for instance, speech-enabled searching services such as a directory assistance service or any other service or application involving a search of information. In one example implementation, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) system is provided that performs a speech recognition and database search in an iterative fashion. With each iteration, feedback may be provided to the user presenting potentially relevant results. In one specific ASR system, a user desiring to locate information relating to a particular entity or object provides an utterance to the ASR. Upon receiving the utterance, the ASR determines a recognition set of potentially relevant search results related to the utterance and presents to the user recognition set information in an interface of the ASR. The recognition set information includes, for instance, reference information stored internally at the ASR for a plurality of potentially relevant recognition results. The recognition set information may be used as input to the ASR providing a feedback mechanism. In one example implementation, the recognition set information may be used to determine a restricted grammar for performing a further recognition.

System and method for adding an advertisement to a personal communication

A system and method is provided for adding an advertisement to a digital message and providing additional communication data to a recipient that interacts with the advertisement regardless of the network device the recipient is utilizing. An advertisement generator residing on a network host accepts digital messages from contributors and allows the contributors to select an advertisement to be displayed with their contributed messages. These digital messages may be sent to specified recipients or published on a Web site. Using stored personal data associated with the contributor and with the recipient of a digital message, in addition to the content of the message itself, the advertisement generator suggests advertisements to be included with the digital messages based on their contextual relevance. In exchange for including an advertisement with a digital message, a contributor is compensated. If the contributor-selected advertisement is provided by a third party advertiser, the message, contributor, and advertisement data is utilized to compensate the contributor of that message for sending it to at least one recipient or posting it on a Web site. If the advertisement is interactive, and the advertisement is interacted with, the advertisement generator will provide the recipient with additional communication data in a format that can be understood by the recipient network device.

System and methods for maintaining speech-to-speech translation in the field

A method and apparatus are provided for updating the vocabulary of a speech translation system for translating a first language into a second language including written and spoken words. The method includes adding a new word in the first language to a first recognition lexicon of the first language and associating a description with the new word, wherein the description contains pronunciation and word class information. The new word and description are then updated in a first machine translation module associated with the first language. The first machine translation module contains a first tagging module, a first translation model and a first language module, and is configured to translate the new word to a corresponding translated word in the second language. Optionally, the invention may be used for bidirectional or multi-directional translation

Resonant cavity light emitting devices and associated method

A method may produce a resonant cavity light emitting device. A seed gallium nitride crystal and a source material in a nitrogen-containing superheated fluid may provide a medium for mass transport of gallium nitride precursors therebetween. A seed crystal surface may be prepared by applying a first thermal profile between the seed gallium nitride crystal and the source material. Gallium nitride material may be grown on the prepared surface of the seed gallium nitride crystal by applying a second thermal profile between the seed gallium nitride crystal and the source material while the seed gallium nitride crystal and the source material are in the nitrogen-containing superheated fluid. A stack of group III-nitride layers may be deposited on the single-crystal gallium nitride substrate. The stack may include a first mirror sub-stack and an active region adaptable for fabrication into one or more resonant cavity light emitting devices.

Self-Centering Wafer Carrier System For Chemical Vapor Deposition

A self-centering wafer carrier system for a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor includes a wafer carrier comprising an edge. The wafer carrier at least partially supports a wafer for CVD processing. A rotating tube comprises an edge that supports the wafer carrier during processing. An edge geometry of the wafer carrier and an edge geometry of the rotating tube being chosen to provide a coincident alignment of a central axis of the wafer carrier and a rotation axis of the rotating tube during process at a desired process temperature.
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