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Multi-formed collagenous biomaterial medical device

The invention involves a submucosa tissue that has the capability of being shape formed or shape configured. The submucosa involves a purified form of submucosa tissue. Optionally, the submucosa can be packaged in such a manner to permit sterility or maintain sterility of the submucosa.

Carbon/silicon/carbon nano composite structure cathode material and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN102214817AControllable GeometrySimple processCell electrodesCarbon compositesGas phase
The invention discloses a carbon/silicon/carbon nano composite structure cathode material and a preparation method thereof, belonging to the technical field of electrochemical power supply technologies. The cathode material consists of a carbon-based conductive substrate, nano silicon and a nano carbon coating layer, wherein the nano silicon is uniformly distributed on the carbon-based conductive substrate; the nano carbon coating layer is arranged on the surface of the nano silicon; the carbon-based conductive substrate is porous carbon, a carbon nanotube or graphene; the nano silicon exists in the state of nanoparticles or nano films; the weight percentage of the nano silicon in the cathode material is 10-90 percent; and the thickness of the nano carbon coating layer is 0.1-10 nanometers. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: depositing nano silicon on the carbon substrate in a reaction space in oxygen-free atmosphere by adopting a chemical vapor deposition process; and coating nano carbon on the surface of the nano silicon by adopting the chemical vapor deposition process. In the obtained carbon/silicon/carbon composite cathode material, the volume change of a silicon electrode material is controlled effectively in the charging and discharging processes, the electrode structure is kept complete, the circulation volume is large, the circulation service life is long, and the electrochemical performance is high.
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