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Corrosion resistance. noun. The definition of corrosion resistance refers to how well a substance (especially a metal) can withstand damage caused by oxidization or other chemical reactions. An example of corrosion resistance is when a boat is treated to prevent rust and is thus able to withstand damage.

Environment-friendly light heat-insulating material and manufacturing method thereof

The invention relates to an environment-friendly light heat-insulating material for fireproof doors and buildings, and a manufacturing method thereof. The manufacturing method is characterized by comprising the following steps of: pretreating plant hollow core bodies and/or flexible porous fillers by using a water glass adhesive; mixing with inorganic fire-resistant hollow particles; and performing mould pressing, shaping and drying to obtain the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material. The hollow core bodies and the flexible porous fillers are arranged multidirectionally; one layer of water glass adhesive is arranged at least on the surfaces of the hollow core bodies and the flexible porous fillers; and discontinuous holes are reserved between the hollow core bodies and/or the flexible porous fillers and the inorganic fire-resistant hollow particles. Preferably, the hollow core bodies are rice husks and straw sections; and the flexible porous fillers are foam and fibers. Renewable plant resources and recovered foam and fiber waste are adopted, so the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material is energy-saving and environment-friendly; and a large number of sealed holes are formed among the material particles through the penetration and coating of the modified water glass adhesive, and a heat-insulating hydrophobic corrosion-resistant multi-effect protective layer is provided, so the environment-friendly light heat-insulating material has good fireproof, heat-insulating and heat-preserving effects, high weather resistance, combined rigidity and toughness, low density and low cost.

Long-service-life split type valve seat

The invention discloses a long-service-life split type valve seat. The long-service-life split type valve seat comprises linings and bases. The linings are embedded into the outlet ends of the bases.The linings are matched with a valve body for use. Each lining is a tungsten carbide alloy. The long-service-life split type valve seat has the beneficial effects that the valve seat is composed of the linings and the bases, the linings are made of a hard alloy material, the hardness, the strength, the wear resistance and the corrosion resistance of the linings are improved, and the service life of the valve seat is greatly prolonged; the valve seat is of a split structure, once abrasion occurs, only the linings or the bases need to be replaced, integral replacement is not needed, maintenanceis convenient, the time and labor are saved, and meanwhile the production cost of an oil and gas field is reduced; the appropriate diameter sizes of the linings can be selected according to the working pressure, the conveying medium, the degree of abrasion of the valve body to the valve seat and the like in actual working conditions, and the application range is wide; the linings and the bases arein various shapes and can be combined according to actual working condition requirements, and the applicability is high.

Environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint, and a preparation method and application thereof. The environmental-protection anti-corrosive heat-dissipation powder paint comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 40-90 parts of matrix resin, 2-40 parts of curing agent, 0.5-10 parts of carbon nanotube, 0.5-2 parts of additive, 0-4.5 parts of hexagonal boron nitride, 0-15 parts of aluminum nitride, 0-10 parts of magnesium nitride, 0-10 parts of silicon carbide and 5-30 parts of pigment and filler. The composition and proportioning of the raw materials of the powder paint disclosed by the invention are scientific and reasonable. The experimental result indicates that the powder paint has the advantages of favorable heat-dissipation effect, high efficacy enhancement rate (higher than 60%) and favorable cooling effect (more than 20 DEG C), and can effectively solve the problem of poor heat-dissipation effect in the high-power electronic product, thereby prolonging the service life of the electronic product. The powder paint disclosed by the invention is free of organic solvent, and is environment-friendly and safe; the powder paint disclosed by the invention also has favorable comprehensive properties, such as flexibility, hardness, adhesive force and the like, and stable chemical properties; and the coating formed by the powder paint has the advantages of high corrosion resistance and shock resistance, favorable insulation property and wide application range.

Super-amphiphobic polymer and super-amphiphobic surface prepared from super-amphiphobic polymer

The invention belongs to the field of macromolecule super-amphiphobic materials and discloses a super-amphiphobic polymer and a super-amphiphobic surface. The super-amphiphobic polymer is a random copolymer composed of structural units shown as a formula I and a formula II. The super-amphiphobic surface is obtained by comprising the following steps of: pre-processing a substrate material; placinga micro-balloon in a fluorine-containing solvent, and ultrasonically dissolving to obtain a micro-balloon supernatant solution; adding the super-amphiphobic polymer, a hydrochloric acid tetrahydrofuran solution and water into the micro-balloon solution while stirring, placing the substrate material, and reacting for 5-24 h; and taking out the substrate material, washing by using the fluorine-containing solvent, methanol and water in turn, drying in vacuum, and obtaining the super-amphiphobic surface. The super-amphiphobic polymer disclosed by the invention can give good surface hydrophobic ability and oleophobic ability to the substrate. Because the polymer has the characteristics of the fluorine-containing polymer so that the polymer can be chemically bonded with the surface of the substrate, the obtained super-amphiphobic surface has good scrubbing resistant property and corrosion resistant property.
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