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Substrate processing apparatus and method for manufacturing semiconductor device

ActiveUS20080264337A1Suppress agitationForeign matterLiquid surface applicatorsVacuum evaporation coatingForeign matterProduct gas
A substrate processing apparatus and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device whereby foreign matter can be prevented from being adsorbed on the substrate, by suppressing agitation of foreign matter present in the processing chamber. The substrate processing apparatus comprises a processing chamber for processing a substrate; a processing gas feeding line for feeding a processing gas into the processing chamber; an inert gas feeding line for feeding an inert gas into the processing chamber; an inert gas vent line provided in the inert gas feeding line, for exhausting the inert gas fed into the inert gas feeding line without feeding the inert gas into the processing chamber; a first valve provided in the inert gas feeding line, on a downstream side of a part where the inert gas vent line is provided in the inert gas feeding line; a second valve provided in the inert gas vent line; and an exhaust line that exhausts an inside of the processing chamber.

Electrochromic devices

Prior electrochromic devices frequently suffer from poor reliability and poor performance. Some of the difficulties result from inappropriate design and construction of the devices. In order to improve device reliability two layers of an electrochromic device, the counter electrode layer and the electrochromic layer, can each be fabricated to include defined amounts of lithium. Further, the electrochromic device may be subjected to a multistep thermochemical conditioning operation to improve performance. Additionally, careful choice of the materials and morphology of some components of the electrochromic device provides improvements in performance and reliability. In some devices, all layers of the device are entirely solid and inorganic.

Film deposition apparatus, substrate processing apparatus, film deposition method, and computer-readable storage medium

In a film deposition apparatus which deposits a thin film on a substrate by supplying first and second reactive gases in a vacuum chamber, there are provided a turntable, a first reactive gas supplying portion and a second reactive gas supplying portion which are arranged to extend from circumferential positions of the turntable to a center of rotation of the turntable, a first separation gas supplying portion arranged between the first and second reactive gas supplying portions, a first space having a first height and including the first separation gas supplying portion, a second space having a second height and including the second reactive gas supplying portion, a third space having a height lower than the first height and the second height and including the first separation gas supplying portion, a position detecting unit detecting a rotation position of the turntable, and a detection part arranged at a circumferential portion of the turntable and detected by the position detecting unit.

Method to minimize wet etch undercuts and provide pore sealing of extreme low k (k<2.5) dielectrics

Methods of processing films on substrates are provided. In one aspect, the methods comprise treating a patterned low dielectric constant film after a photoresist is removed from the film by depositing a thin layer comprising silicon, carbon, and optionally oxygen and / or nitrogen on the film. The thin layer provides a carbon-rich, hydrophobic surface for the patterned low dielectric constant film. The thin layer also protects the low dielectric constant film from subsequent wet cleaning processes and penetration by precursors for layers that are subsequently deposited on the low dielectric constant film.
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