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Method for increasing utilization rate of ozone jointly processing waste water with biological aerated filter

InactiveCN101700944AReal-time monitoring of residual concentrationAutomatic adjustment of ozone outputMultistage water/sewage treatmentSustainable biological treatmentUltrasound attenuationComing out
The invention discloses a method for increasing utilization rate of ozone jointly processing waste water with a biological aerated filter, which comprises the following steps: a dissolvent air pump communicated with water is inhaled with ozone; under the pressurization of the dissolvent air pump, the ozone is dissolved in water; an air-release device decompresses and releases water dissolved with ozone to an ozone reactor so that the ozone forms micro-bubbles which fully contact with waste water entering into the ozone reactor, thus oxidizing and processing organic matter in waste water; the waste water enters into an attenuation pool after being oxidized and processed by the ozone reactor; the water coming out of the attenuation pool reenters the biological aerated filter for biology treatment and then is discharged; an automatic monitoring and controlling device is used for monitoring ozone remnant concentration in yielding water oxidized and processed by the ozone reactor in real time and automatically adjusts the ozone output quantity of the ozone reactor. The ozone addition quantity is adopted for automatically regulation control in real time, thus avoiding that the ozone quantity generated in the ozone reactor is less than the ozone quantity required by water treatment and the occurrence of waste as the ozone quality is larger than the required ozone amount; therefore, the utilization rate of the ozone is increased by 20-45%.

Microbial fuel cell artificial wetland device for sewage treatment and power supply to wetland

The invention discloses a microbial fuel cell artificial wetland device for sewage treatment and power supply to wetland. The device comprises a microbial fuel cell wetland main body and a current collection and energy storage system, wherein the microbial fuel cell wetland main body sequentially comprises a seepage-prevention layer, an anode packing layer, an insulation packing layer, a cathode packing layer and aquatic plants from bottom to top; an aeration device of which the aeration quantity can be adjusted is laid at the bottom of the cathode packing layer; and the current collection and energy storage system comprises an anode electrode, a cathode electrode, an external connection wire for connecting the anode electrode with the cathode electrode, and an energy storage device and an electric energy output device which are connected in series by the external connection wire. The device integrates functions of high-efficient sewage treatment and energy generation, is low in cost, and is easy to maintain, externally applied voltage is unnecessary during the whole process, the generated electric energy can be applied to the system according to demands, and thus, sewage treatment and high-efficient cyclic utilization of resources are achieved. The device is particularly suitable for urban wetland parks.

High-efficient circulating vertical flow constructed wetland and device suitable for sewage decentralized treatment

The invention belongs to the field of sewage ecological treatment, and the purpose is to provide a device and a method for sewage decentralized treatment in circulating vertical flow constructed wetlands. The invention comprises the following aspects: 1) the high-efficient circulating vertical flow constructed wetland system comprises three main components of a vertical flow constructed wetland, a circulating water tank, and a reinforced adsorption column; 2) the operation modes comprise an intermittent mode and a continuous mode. Fillers of the constructed wetland are proportional compositions of several fillers which are low in price and high in adsorption capacities for nitrogen and phosphorus; plants which have strong durability against pollution and have landscape value (thalia dealbata or day lily) or economic value (hybrid pennisetum) are planted on the wetland surface. The invention adopts the high-efficient filler composition to reinforce nitrogen and phosphorus adsorption; effluent backflow increases the dissolved oxygen inside the vertical flow constructed wetland, and enhances the nitration capability of microbes in the wetland; the denitrification capability is enhanced; the contact time of sewage and the fillers is increased; and the removal of phosphorus is enhanced. Series-parallel combinations can be selected flexibly with respect to different sewage types, and the applicability is strong.

Double-rotation SCR denitration method and apparatus thereof

The invention discloses a double-rotation SCR denitration method and an apparatus thereof. According to the invention, a first eddy flow catalytic reaction chamber and a second eddy flow catalytic reaction chamber are arranged along a denitrating tower body; a flue gas introduction pipeline is arranged on a sidewall of the denitrating tower body; several eddy flow atomizing nozzles are respectively arranged on inner periphery of the flue gas introduction pipeline and the inner periphery at top of the first eddy flow catalytic reaction chamber; when flue gas is introduced into the flue gas introduction pipeline, the flue gas and ammonia gas injected by the eddy flow atomizing nozzle are mixed, and a mixture enables spiral sinking along circumference of the first eddy flow catalytic reaction chamber from up to down in a tangent circle mode, under effect of a cyclone, and then the mixture enable spiral rise along circumference of the second eddy flow catalytic reaction chamber from down to up in the tangent circle mode. Under prerequisite that high efficiency denitration is ensured, catalyst amount is less, operation of technical means is simple and easy, compared with the prior art, a denitrating tower structure is simple, cost of the apparatus is low, denitration efficiency is high, energy consumption is low, escapement ratio of ammonia is reduced, denitration cost is greatly reduced, and economic benefit is obviously increased.

Square porous ceramic vertical tube type dew point indirect evaporative cooler

InactiveCN101329104AObvious advantage of energy savingMoisture content unchangedLighting and heating apparatusSpace heating and ventilation detailsEvaporative coolerVertical tube
The invention discloses a square porous ceramics vertical-tube dew point indirect evaporation cooler device comprising a cooler core, a water-distributing device, a fan, a water-storage and a pump which are arranged inside a cooler casing. The cooler core is formed by a plurality of heat exchanging tubes which are vertically arranged to form a multi-line multi-row matrix form which is divided into three sections; the length of the three sections of heat exchanging tube decreases progressively along a first-time air feeding direction, and clapboards are arranged between each two sections of heat exchanging tube; the water-distributing device comprises a diversion grid and a spraying tube which are arranged on the top of each heat exchanging tube. The structure of the invention leads the first-time air to horizontally pass the square ceramics bundle and leads a second-time air to flow through the bundle from bottom to top; then the first-time air sequentially passes through the three sections of the core and the temperature of the air entering the second-air channels from different section is decreased gradually, and the temperature of the final wet-bulb is also decreased gradually after a heat and moisture exchanging with water. The structure of the invention can greatly enhance the heat and moisture exchanging efficiency and the water distribution becomes more equal so as to lead the temperature of vented air to approach that of the dew point.

Composite developing thermosensitive gel embolizing agent as well as preparation method and application thereof

The invention relates to a composite developing thermosensitive gel embolizing agent as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps: firstly, preparing a mixed aqueous solution of an anticancer active substance, a thermosensitive material and a developing agent into composite developing thermosensitive gel; secondly, forming a composite developing thermosensitive gel embolizing agent by the composite developing thermosensitive gel and a coagulant on the scene, wherein the thermosensitive material is hydroxyl C1-4 alkyl cellulose, Pluronic, alginate or a mixture of the substances; the anticancer active substance is arsenic trioxide, docetaxel, cisplatin, carboplatin, nedaplatin, oxaliplatin, lobaplatin, miriplatin, siRNA or a mixture of the substances; the developing agent is a water-soluble developing agent of iodixanol, ioversol or iohexol and the like. The preparation method disclosed by the invention is simple and convenient, is suitable for industrial large-scale production, is particularly suitable for preparing an embolizing agent which is biodegradable and good in biocompatibility and is used for hemorrhagic diseases, and is especially suitable for preparing the composite developing thermosensitive gel embolizing agent for treating liver cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, uterine myoma or splenic tumor and the like.
Owner:苏州申润医疗科技有限公司 +1

Air generator shock absorption device on steering wheel

The invention provides an air generator shock absorption device on a steering wheel and belongs to the technical field of automobile accessories. The air generator shock absorption device comprises a support wheel and a buffer assembly. An air generator is connected onto the buffer assembly made of a rubber material. When head-on collision of a vehicle occurs, the buffer assembly made of the rubber material in an air bag restraint module can effectively buffer recoil force produced by the detonated air generator, namely the contact time of an air bag and a person is prolonged, the buffer time of a safety belt is prolonged, inertia impact of the person is reduced to some extent, impact force between the person and the air bag is reduced, and injury level is reduced. In addition, due to the fact that the air generator is connected onto an elastic connecting column of the buffer assembly, the air generator shock absorption device has certain shaking capacity. When jolt shake produced by the whole vehicle in running is transmitted to the steering wheel, the steering wheel can transmit agglomerated energy to the air generator through the buffer assembly, the air generator and the elastic connecting column shake, the shaking degree of the steering wheel is reduced, noise is reduced, and driving comfort is improved.

Forming method for high-interface-bonding-strength copper/aluminum composite material

The invention discloses a forming method for a high-interface-bonding-strength copper/aluminum composite material, and belongs to the technical field of metal laminar composite material preparing. According to the forming method, to-be-combined surfaces of a copper plate and an aluminum plate are machined, macroscopic rugged to-be-combined surfaces are obtained, a louvre blade is adopted for conducting grinding treatment on the to-be-combined surfaces, the direction of stripes formed through grinding is perpendicular to the rolling direction, then, the copper plate and the aluminum plate are overlapped up and down or arranged left and right side by side to be in butt joint, and a copper/aluminum assembly is obtained; then, single-pass low-rolling-reduction cold rolling pre-composition is conducted, high-temperature short-time heating is conducted, finally, single-pass hot rolling final composition is conducted, and the high-interface-bonding-strength copper/aluminum composite materialis obtained. The forming method has the advantages that the capability requirement for a rolling machine needed for producing the copper/aluminum composite material is low, the technology is simple, the production cost is low, a macroscopic composite interface of a non-flat artificial structure and a microcosmic composite interface of a particle pinning structure can be obtained, the interface bonding strength is larger than or equal to 90 MPa, the applicable copper/aluminum composite material range is wide, and industrial popularization is easy.

Spraying type water cup cleaning integrated device

The invention discloses a spraying type water cup cleaning integrated device which comprises a shell. A horizontal separation plate is arranged in the shell and divides the shell into a cleaning part and a device part. The device part comprises a purifying device, a main water tank, a water dividing tank, a cleaning agent box, an evaporator, an injection pump, a heating device and a water dividing pipe. One side of the cleaning part is connected with a cover capable of being opened/closed through hinges, and the cover is provided with a plurality of rotatable first nozzles in multiple rows and lines. The cleaning part comprises a plurality of cup holders vertically arranged on the horizontal separation plate in multiple rows and lines, the periphery of a second water outlet end is in pin joint with a brush through an elastic component, the brush is driven by a motor to periodically swing to form the angle of 30 degrees to 150 degrees with the vertical direction, and rotatable second nozzles are arranged at the second water outlet end. According to the spraying type water cup cleaning integrated device, purified cleaning water can be used for comprehensively and fully cleaning a cup mouth and a cup bottom, cleanliness and cleaning efficiency are improved, and manpower and material resources are saved.
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