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An external connection represents a link between a workbook and a particular external data source. It contains properties about the way that the application establishes the connection to the data source and retrieves the data, such as the type of data provider ( OLE DB , ODBC , and other data providers), a server name , security information,...

Semiconductor package having a heat sink with an exposed surface

An integrated circuit package with a fully-exposed heat sink is provided. The integrated circuit package includes a substrate having a first side being formed with first conductive traces and a second side being formed with second conductive traces. At least one chip is mounted on the substrate and electrically connected to the first conductive traces. A plurality of solder balls are provided at the terminal ends of the second conductive traces to allow external connection of the chip. The fully-exposed heat sink is mounted on the substrate. The heat sink is formed with a plurality of supportive legs arranged in such a manner as to allow a bottom surface of the heat sink to be separated from the chip and a top surface of the heat sink to be tightly attached to a cavity in a mold used to form an encapsulant for enclosing the chip. A plurality of positioning tongues are formed on the heat sink for securing the heat sink in position when performing a molding process for forming the encapsulant. With this integrated circuit package, no jig is required in the assembly of the integrated circuit package. Moreover, since there is no need to use adhesives to adhere the supportive legs onto the substrate, the integrated circuit package would not suffer from delamination as in the case of the prior art. The fully-exposed heat sink allows an increased heat-dissipating efficient as compared to the prior art.

Massively parallel supercomputer

InactiveUS7555566B2Massive level of scalabilityUnprecedented level of scalabilityError preventionProgram synchronisationPacket communicationSupercomputer
A novel massively parallel supercomputer of hundreds of teraOPS-scale includes node architectures based upon System-On-a-Chip technology, i.e., each processing node comprises a single Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Within each ASIC node is a plurality of processing elements each of which consists of a central processing unit (CPU) and plurality of floating point processors to enable optimal balance of computational performance, packaging density, low cost, and power and cooling requirements. The plurality of processors within a single node may be used individually or simultaneously to work on any combination of computation or communication as required by the particular algorithm being solved or executed at any point in time. The system-on-a-chip ASIC nodes are interconnected by multiple independent networks that optimally maximizes packet communications throughput and minimizes latency. In the preferred embodiment, the multiple networks include three high-speed networks for parallel algorithm message passing including a Torus, Global Tree, and a Global Asynchronous network that provides global barrier and notification functions. These multiple independent networks may be collaboratively or independently utilized according to the needs or phases of an algorithm for optimizing algorithm processing performance. For particular classes of parallel algorithms, or parts of parallel calculations, this architecture exhibits exceptional computational performance, and may be enabled to perform calculations for new classes of parallel algorithms. Additional networks are provided for external connectivity and used for Input/Output, System Management and Configuration, and Debug and Monitoring functions. Special node packaging techniques implementing midplane and other hardware devices facilitates partitioning of the supercomputer in multiple networks for optimizing supercomputing resources.
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