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Dry powder inhalers, related blister devices, and associated methods of dispensing dry powder substances and fabricating blister packages

The present invention includes dry powder inhalers and associated multi-dose dry powder packages for holding inhalant formulated dry powder substances and associated fabrication and dispensing methods. The multi-dose package can include a platform body comprising at least one thin piezoelectric polymer material layer defining at least a portion of a plurality of spatially separated discrete elongate dry powder channels having an associated length, width and height; and a metallic material attached to selected portions of the piezoelectric polymer material including each of the regions corresponding to the elongate dry powder channels to, in operation, define active energy releasing vibratory channels. In operation, the elongate channels can be selectively individually activated to vibrate upon exposure to an electrical input.
The dry powder inhaler includes an elongate body having opposing first and second outer primary surfaces with a cavity therebetween and having opposing top and bottom end portions and a multi-dose sealed blister package holding a plurality of discrete meted doses of a dry powder inhalable product located in the cavity of the elongate body. The inhaler also includes an inhalation port formed in the bottom end portion of the elongate body, the inhalation port configured to be in fluid communication with at least one of the discrete meted doses during use and a cover member that is pivotably attached to the elongate body so that it remains attached to the body during normal operational periods of use and moves to a first closed position to overlie the inhalation port at the bottom end portion of the body during periods of non-use and moves to a second open position away from the inhalation port during periods of use to allow a user to access the inhalation port.

High-throughput printing of chalcogen layer and the use of an inter-metallic material

Methods and devices for high-throughput printing of a precursor material for forming a film of a group IB-IIIA-chalcogenide compound are disclosed. In one embodiment, the method comprises forming a precursor layer on a substrate, wherein the precursor layer comprises one or more discrete layers. The layers may include at least a first layer containing one or more group IB elements and two or more different group IIIA elements and at least a second layer containing elemental chalcogen particles. The precursor layer may be heated to a temperature sufficient to melt the chalcogen particles and to react the chalcogen particles with the one or more group IB elements and group IIIA elements in the precursor layer to form a film of a group IB-IIIA-chalcogenide compound. At least one set of the particles in the precursor layer are inter-metallic particles containing at least one group IB-IIIA inter-metallic alloy phase. The method may also include making a film of group IB-IIIA-chalcogenide compound that includes mixing the nanoparticles and/or nanoglobules and/or nanodroplets to form an ink, depositing the ink on a substrate, heating to melt the extra chalcogen and to react the chalcogen with the group IB and group IIIA elements and/or chalcogenides to form a dense film.
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