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Pneumatic cylinder(s) (sometimes known as air cylinders) are mechanical devices which use the power of compressed gas to produce a force in a reciprocating linear motion. Like hydraulic cylinders, something forces a piston to move in the desired direction. The piston is a disc or cylinder, and the piston rod transfers the force it develops to the object to be moved. Engineers sometimes prefer to use pneumatics because they are quieter, cleaner, and do not require large amounts of space for fluid storage.

Active wire paying-off rewinder of aluminum clad steel wires

The invention discloses an active paying-off rewinder of aluminum clad steel wires. The rewinder is characterized by comprising an active paying-off mechanism, a tension mechanism and an automatic wire arranging and taking-up mechanism, wherein the aluminum clad steel wire grail tool of the active paying-off mechanism of the rewinder is driven by a motor to realize uniform wire paying-off; an upper tension pulley of the tension mechanism is fixed on a rack, and a lower tension pulley of the tension mechanism is jointly supported by a pneumatic cylinder and a lower tension pulley support; under the action of the pneumatic cylinder and aluminum clad steel wire tension, the tension pulley is used for adjusting the aluminum clad steel wire tension by vertical movement; and the automatic wire arranging and taking-up mechanism is characterized in that a wire arranging seat rotating shaft, a wire arranging seat guide rail, a movable mandril and a fixed mandril are arranged between two fixed supports; the wire arranging seat rotating shaft is provided with a wire arranging seat and a wire arranging seat driving wheel; the wire arranging seat guide rail is provided with two stop pins for playing a limit role; the movable mandril and the fixed mandril are respectively connected with the grail tool in a splicing mode; the fixed mandril is provided with a grail tool driving wheel, a brake pad and a driven wheel; and the driven wheel is connected with the wire arranging driving wheel which is arranged on the wire arranging seat rotating shaft by a driving belt. Therefore, the product quality is ensured, the production efficiency is improved and the labor intensity is reduced.

Automatic pod conveyor and brewer assembly for fresh hot beverage

This invention relates to an automatic pod-conveyor and brewer assembly for fresh hot beverage. The brewer sub-assembly (100) includes a pneumatic cylinder (110) with its piston rod (120) fitted to a brewer plunger (130). An injection nozzle (180) is detachably fixed from underneath to the brewer base (195) with its conical tip protruding into the brewer chamber (150). The single serving pod (160) is a receptacle (510) containing the brewing, infusible or other material (520), covered and sealed with a porous membrane (530). The injection nozzle (180) injects hot pressurized water, received through its interior from a suitable water heating system, into a single serving pod (160) placed within the brewer sub-assembly (100), and the brewed beverage flows out to a dispensing cup through a liquor outlet port (190) in the brewer base (195). The pneumatic cylinder (110) is operated by air solenoid valve (165) with compressed air from a compressed air storage tank (170). The pod-conveyor sub-assembly (200) includes a pod conveyor (210) which, by its rotational movement in a horizontal plane, conveys the pod (160) to the brewer sub-assembly (100) from chutes (280, 290). The pod-conveyor (210) is operated by a pusher motor (250) in co-operation with a pusher gear (230) fitted to the integral shaft (215) of the pod-conveyor (210). The assembly can be used to prepare hot beverage of a wide variety of brewing, infusible or other materials like tea, coffee, materials of plant origin such as floral pieces like Jasmine flowers, vegetable pieces like carrots, onions, materials of animal origin such as honey or other suitable beverage powder/material which can be placed in the single serving pod (160) of the assembly.

Apparatus and methods for Z-axis control and collision detection and recovery for waterjet cutting systems

This invention relates to apparatus and methods for z-axis control and collision detection and recovery for waterjet and abrasive-jet cutting systems. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a linear rail, a slide member coupleable to a cutting head and slideably coupled to the linear rail, at least one actuator having a first end coupled to the slide member and a second end fixed with respect to the linear rail, a position sensor, and a controller. The actuator provides an adjustable support force that supports the weight of the cutting head, allowing the cutting head to be controllably positioned at a desired height above the workpiece. The actuator may include a pneumatic cylinder, or alternately, a linear motor. In another aspect, an apparatus includes a first mount member coupleable to a controllably positionable mounting surface of the waterjet cutting system, a second mount member coupleable to the cutting head and disengageably coupled to the first mount member, and a sensing circuit having a plurality of first conductive elements disposed on the first mount member and a plurality of second conductive elements disposed on the second mount member. In the event of a collision between the cutting head and an obstruction, the second mount member disengages from the first mount member to prevent breakage of the cutting head. Following the collision, the second mount member is quickly and easily re-engaged with the first mount member without time-consuming re-calibration. In one embodiment, re-engagement of the second end first mount members is automatically performed by a biasing member.
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