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Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator

An aerosol generator includes a flow passage having an inlet and an outlet, a heater arranged relative to the flow passage for heating the flow passage, a source of material to be volatilized in communication with the inlet of the flow passage, a valve to open and close communication between the source of material and the inlet of the flow passage, and a pressurization arrangement for causing material in the source of material to be introduced into the flow passage when the valve is in an open position. The aerosol generator further includes a source of power for operating the heater and the valve, and a control device for controlling supply of power from the source of power to the heater and the valve. A metering device in an inhaler includes a pressurized source of medicated fluid and a metering chamber configured to deliver a predetermined volume of fluid to a heated flow passage in the inhaler. The metering chamber can be part of a rotary valve having a bore and a displacement member moveable within the bore from a first position where the fluid is loaded into the bore to a second position where the predetermined volume is ejected out of the bore. Another metering chamber has an elastic portion of a delivery passage in fluid communication with the pressurized source of liquid and the elastic portion of the delivery passage is deformed to eject the predetermined volume.

An electrohydraulic power steering system controlled based on vehicle speed and load signals

The invention discloses an electro-hydraulic power steering system for an engineering mechanical vehicle based on vehicle speed and load signal control. A steering hydraulic pump of the electro-hydraulic power steering system is connected with a rotary valve and is connected between an oil storage device and a direct current motor; the rotary valve is connected with a power-assisted steering oil cylinder; the direct current is connected with a steering control unit through a driving circuit; the steering assisted cylinder is connected with a steering gear plumbing arm; the other end of the steering gear plumbing arm is connected to a steering knuckle arm through a steering straight pull rod; the steering knuckle arm is connected with wheels; a wheel rotary angle sensor, a vehicle speed sensor, a steering shaft load sensor, a steering wheel rotary angle sensor and a torque sensor are respectively connected with a steering control unit; both the vehicle speed and the load are consideredin the whole control system; the steering control unit is controlled by closed loop feedback; the defects that a steering force is insufficient or over great caused by incomplete signal acquisition is prevented; the precision of steering control is improved; and the aim of saving energy is achieved.

Vapor extracting and separator cleaning apparatus

Embodiments relate to an apparatus for separating solids from drilling fluid that includes a shaker having a screening surface onto which the fluid and solids are directed and a vibratory drive vibrating the screening surface. A cabinet includes a plurality of walls enclosing the shaker, a vapor extraction system for circulating clean air into the cabinet and vapors out of the cabinet, and a cleaning system including a plurality of nozzles for directing the cleaning fluid toward the shaker. Furthermore, embodiments relate to a method for extracting vapors and cleaning a shaker that includes enclosing the shaker in a cabinet. The cabinet includes a plurality of walls through which a fresh air inlet and a vapor outlet are disposed, a solids collection container having a solids outlet, a sump having a fluid exit passage in which a valve is disposed, and a plurality of nozzles in fluid communication with a cleaning fluid supply. Furthermore, the method connecting the vapor outlet to a fume extraction system, directing drilling fluid and solids onto a screening surface of the shaker, and discharging separated solids to a solids collection container. The solids collection container includes a solids outlet in which a rotary valve is disposed. The method also includes directing separated drilling fluid into a sump below the screening surface of the shaker, and selectively actuating the rotary valve to remove separated solids from the cabinet.

Multifunctional ventilation air-conditioning fan

The invention provides a multifunctional ventilation air-conditioning fan which is used for air wetting and cooling or energy recovery and ventilation of an air-conditioning room. The multifunctional ventilation air-conditioning fan comprises a machine shell (10), a fan component (20), a ventilated carrier (30) of a medium for heat exchange or water certain for water evaporation, an air distributing device (40), a water supply system (50) and an electronic control component (60); a fresh air inlet (11), an air outlet (14), an air distributor (12) and a return air inlet (13) are arranged on the wall of the machine shell; the ventilated carrier is made of air filtering cotton comprising outlast containing a phase-change substance, wherein the phase change temperature of the phase-change substance is between the indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature of the air-conditioning room, the phase-change substance generates solid-liquid phase change when heated or cooled, the phase change can absorb or release large amount of latent heat, and therefore, large amount of heat energy can be transmitted between two flows of heat exchange air. The invention can be implemented in the structure types of a rotary valve type, a rotating wind channel type, a scroll type and a rotating wheel type and has the advantages of simple structure, low production cost and multiple functions of energy saving and ventilation, cooling and air wetting and fresh air purification; and moreover, the multifunctional ventilation air-conditioning fan can completely replace an air conditioner in a dry area and greatly save equipment investment and operation cost, therefore the multifunctional ventilation air-conditioning fan is an economical, environment friendly, high-efficiency and energy-saving product and has high social and economic benefits.
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