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Bi-centered drill bit having improved drilling stability mud hydraulics and resistance to cutter damage

A bi-center drill bit includes pilot and reaming blades affixed to a body at azimuthally spaced locations. The blades have PDC cutters attached at selected positions. In one aspect, the pilot blades form a section having length along the bit axis less than about 80 percent of a diameter of the section. In another aspect, selected pilot blades and corresponding reaming blades are formed into single spiral structures. In another aspect, shapes and positions of the blades and inserts are selected so that lateral forces exerted by the reaming and the pilot sections are balanced as a single structure. Lateral forces are preferably balanced to within 10 percent of the total axial force on the bit. In another aspect, the center of mass of the bit is located less than about 2.5 percent of the diameter of the bit from the axis of rotation. In another aspect, jets are disposed in the reaming section oriented so that their axes are within about 30 degrees of normal to the axis of the bit. In another aspect, the reaming blades are shaped to conform to the radially least extensive, from the longitudinal axis, of a pass-through circle or a drill circle, so the cutters on the reaming blades drill at the drill diameter, without contact to the cutters on the reaming blades when the bit passes through an opening having about the pass-through diameter.
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