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In-hole drilling tool integrating drilling, slotting and punching coal seam and using method thereof

The invention discloses an in-hole drilling tool integrating drilling, slotting and punching a coal seam and a using method thereof. The in-hole drilling tool comprises a water supple device or an air supple device, a high-pressure sealing drill pipe, a slotting and punching valve and a drill bit. The water supply device and the air supply device are connected with the high-pressure sealing drill pipe at an orifice. The slotting and punching valve is installed between the high-pressure sealing drill pipe and the drill bit. The in-hole drilling tool is essentially used for drilling and anti-reflective outburst eliminating after drilling of soft outburst coal seam. The using method is as follows: after the drilling construction is finished, a water supplier with a pressure release valve is used for starting a high-pressure pumping station to improve the pressure and the flux for water supply; high-pressure water current at the pumping station drives the slotting and punching valve to act for closing an axial liquid passage and opening a radial liquid passage; and high-pressure jet current realizes slotting or punching through a cutting nozzle or a punching nozzle. The invention has novel design and easy operation, is safe and reliable, improves the outburst elimination efficiency and realizes the integrated operation of drilling, slotting or punching and outburst eliminating.

Method apparatus and for hydraulic jet side drilling radial branching borehole

The invention relates to a method for the sidetrack drilling of radial branch well bores through hydraulic jet and a device thereof. The device comprises a first oil pipe and a second oil pipe, wherein the external diameter of the first oil pipe is smaller than the internal diameter of a sleeve arranged inside an oil well; and the end part of the first oil pipe is connected with a deflector. The external diameter of the second oil pipe is smaller than the internal diameter of the first oil pipe; and the second oil pipe is connected with a sidetrack drilling tool carrying out the sidetrack drilling of the radial branch well bores. The external dimensions of the deflector are smaller than the internal diameter of the sleeve; the deflector has a through passage communicated with the top and the side wall; and the sidetrack drilling tool is deflected to the side wall from the top of the deflector via the through passage. The device overcomes well-known defects, can correctly and conveniently fix the deflector at a set stratum position and have a correct drilling position. The device is particularly suitable for the sidetrack drilling of a well with an ultra short radius, can operate conveniently on a ocean platform, thereby avoiding the downhole accidents caused by a downhole tool, effectively shortening the drilling cycle, saving the drilling cost, reducing the labor intensity ofworkers, improving the construction effects and having great market potential.

Coiled tubing supercritical CO2 jet fracturing method

ActiveCN102168545AJet rock breaking efficiency is highRock breaking threshold pressure is lowLiquid/gas jet drillingFluid removalWater basedFracturing fluid
The invention relates to a coiled tubing supercritical CO2 jet fracturing method. The method is used for performing jet fracturing on oil well reservoirs by taking supercritical CO2 as fracturing fluid. By the method, a supercritical CO2 fluid is used as the fracturing fluid to perform the jet fracturing; a supercritical CO2 sand jet perforating hole can reduce system pressure; the pressure needed by fissure extension can be further reduced by the characteristics of low viscosity and high dispersion performance of the supercritical CO2 fluid; most importantly, the supercritical CO2 jet fracturing does not pollute the reservoirs, but the supercritical CO2 can further improve the oil and gas recovery ratio after entering the reservoirs; the return discharge is not needed after the fracturing is completed; when the stage-by-stage jet fracturing is performed by using the coiled tubing, a tube pillar can be lifted or put down without mineshaft pressure relieving, the operation process is reduced and the operation cost is reduced, so that the method is extremely suitable for fracturing modification of unconventional oil-gas reservoirs such as thick oil reservoirs, low permeability and super-low permeability oil-gas reservoirs, shale gas reservoirs, coal bed methane reservoirs and the like of which the effects are low by using the conventional water-based fracturing fluid.

Filter cake degradation compositions and methods of use in subterranean operations

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for degrading filter cakes in subterranean formations, and more specifically, to improved methods and compositions for degrading filter cakes that comprise acid-soluble portions and polymeric portions. In one embodiment, the present invention provides a method of degrading a filter cake comprising an acid-soluble portion and a polymeric portion in a subterranean formation comprising the steps of: introducing a filter cake degradation composition comprising a delayed-release acid component and a delayed-release oxidizer component to a well bore penetrating the subterranean formation; allowing the delayed-release acid component to release an acid derivative and the delayed-release oxidizer component to release an acid-consuming component; allowing the acid-consuming component to interact with the acid derivative to delay a reaction between at least a portion of the acid derivative and at least a portion of the acid-soluble portion of the filter cake and to produce hydrogen peroxide; allowing the acid derivative to degrade at least a portion of the acid-soluble portion of the filter cake after a delay period; and allowing the hydrogen peroxide to degrade at least a portion of the polymeric portion of the filter cake.
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