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Medicament for treating composite water in hot water boiler as well as preparation method and use method thereof

ActiveCN103183417ADoes not reduce corrosion inhibitionWill not reduce the effect of anti-scalingScale removal and water softeningInorganic phosphatePhosphoric acid
The invention discloses a medicament for treating composite water in a hot water boiler. The medicament comprises the following components by mass percent: 0.1-3% of inorganic phosphate, 0.1-2% of organic phosphoric acid and/or organic phosphate, 0.1-4% of component A, 0.1-3% of component B, 0.6-1.0% of organic amine deoxidizer, 0.1-2% of tannin and/or chitosan and the balance of water, wherein the mass percent of the components is 100%, the component A is one or more of an organic antisludging agent, an organic dispersant and an organic dispersible antisludging agent, and the component B is one or more of an organic carboxylic acid corrosion inhibitor, an organic carboxylate corrosion inhibitor and sodium methylene dinaphthalenesulfonate. The invention further discloses a preparation method and a use method of the medicament, the preparation process is clean, and the medicament is low in toxicity for body health and environment in the using process. The medicament is excellent in corrosion resistance and scale inhibition effects and simple and convenient to store and transport, and the corrosion and scale inhibition effects cannot be reduced after the medicament is stored and transported for a long term.

Composition used in scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor, scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor, and application thereof

ActiveCN103253777AHigh calcium and alkali toleranceGood scale and corrosion inhibitionScale removal and water softeningHigh concentrationTungstate
The invention discloses a composition used in a scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor, a scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor, and an application thereof. The composition used in the scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor comprises cyclodextrin and/or a cyclodextrin derivative, a carboxylic-acid-group-containing homopolymer, a sulfonic-acid-group-containing copolymer, and selectively hydroxycarboxylic acid with a weight ratio of 1:0.2-20:0.04-15:0.2-30:0-20. The scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor provided by the invention is environment-friendly. According to the invention, the application of phosphorus-containing compound or non-renewable molybdate or tungstate is prevented, such that the scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor is phosphorus-free and nitrogen-free. The scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor has high tolerance to calcium and alkali, resistance to corrosion of high-concentration chloride ion and sulfate ion, and wide applicability to water quality. Therefore, technical condition is provided for operation of circulation water under high concentration multiple and for reducing sewage discharge. The scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor provided by the invention has excellent scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition performances in circulation water system application. With the scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor, a dose is low, scale-inhibition treatment process is simple and substantial effect is provided. The scale-inhibition corrosion inhibitor is suitable for popularization.
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