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Preparation method of enzyme

The invention relates to an enzyme preparation method. The enzyme is prepared by mixing, fermenting and extracting the following raw materials in parts by weight: 100 to 200 parts of natural organic fruits and vegetables, 100 to 200 parts of traditional Chinese herbals, 5 to 10 parts of clean water, 1 to 30 parts of probiotics, 500 to 2500 parts of edible sugar, and 100 to 400 parts of salt. Specifically, the preparation method comprises the following steps: picking, weighing, and washing natural organic fruits and vegetables and traditional Chinese herbals, drying natural organic fruits and vegetables and traditional Chinese herbals in the air, putting natural organic fruits and vegetables and traditional Chinese herbals into an extraction tank; after all raw materials have been added into the extraction tank, adding clean water, white sugar, salt, and probiotics, evenly mixing; carrying out primary fermentation for 7 to 15 days, naturally extracting a liquid containing effective components, controlling the indoor temperature in a range of 10 to 25 DEG C; filtering to obtain an enzyme primary liquid; delivering the obtained enzyme primary liquid into a tank body in a fermentation aging chamber by a liquid pump through a pipeline, keeping a constant room temperature (25-37 DEG C) of the fermentation aging chamber; and carrying out fermentation aging for 240 to 480 days to obtain the liquid enzyme stock solution.

Preparation method of high-purity collagen protein sponge

The invention provides a preparation method of high-purity collagen protein sponge, and relates to a preparation method of collagen protein sponge. The preparation method of the high-purity collagen protein sponge is used for solving the problems that the collagen protein sponge prepared by using a conventional method is long in production cycle and low in yield and purity and has poor hemostasis performance. The preparation method of the high-purity collagen protein sponge comprises the following steps: step one. pretreating fresh bovine heel tendons; step two. extracting collagen protein; step three. centrifuging; step four. salting out; step five. dissolving; step six. carrying out gradient dialysis; step seven. pre-freezing; step eight. carrying out freeze drying; and step nine. sterilizing. The final product prepared by using the method has a smooth and flat surface and relatively good hemostatic performance and is uniform in pore size distribution. The product has relatively high purity (the total amount of amino acids reaches 97.73%), an obvious hemostatic effect and no abnormal taste, is safe, non-toxic, high in yield and short in time; liquid is clear without impurities; the production cycle is shortened; the whole preparation process is carried out at a room temperature; the biological activity of the collagen protein is maintained; and the application of the high-purity collagen protein sponge in clinical is improved.

Life-prolonging nutritious gruel and preparing method

The invention relates to a life-prolonging nutritious gruel and a preparing method thereof. The nutritious gruel is prepared by the raw materials of non-glutinous rice, corn, oat, black sesame, carrots, taros, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cabbages, celtuce, yams, soybeans, horsebeans, black beans, red beans, hyacinth beans, peas, catjang, peanuts, filbert, platycladi seeds, gordon euryale seeds, lily, white lotus seeds, barbary wolfberry fruit, black fungus, white fungus, champignon, tuckahoe, lucid ganoderma, and grapes. The preparation method comprises the following steps of grinding the grains, beans and dried fruits raw materials of the above standby food materials into fine power; adding water for cooking; juicing the carrots, taros, yams, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cabbages, celtuce, peanuts, filbert, platycladi seeds, barbary wolfberry fruit, black sesame, black fungus, white fungus and grapes of the standby food materials and extracting fruit-vegetable fungus juice therefrom; and boiling the extracted fruit-vegetable fungus juice to obtain the life-prolonging nutritious gruel. The invention takes mild-natured food materials as main raw materials which are matched with the fruit-vegetable fungus juice, has reasonable and balanced nutrition, achieves the efficacy of prolonging life in diet therapy, and is particularly suitable for middle and old aged people.

Bio-enzyme gel breaker and technique for water-based guargum fracturing gel breaking with the same

The invention relates to bio-enzyme gel breaker, in particular to formula and technique for gel breaking of water-based guargum fracturing fluid by using the bio-enzyme gel breaker. The bio-enzyme gel breaker contains the following components in percentage by weight: 10-50% of beta- mannose, 0-20% of cellulose, 0-10% of pectinase, 0-15% of glucanase, 0-10% of xanthase, 3-10% of (NH4)2SO4, 2-5% of NaCl, 1.5-5% of ZnCL2 and 0-60% of persulfate. The fracturing fluid gel breaking technique comprises the following steps: dissolving the bio-enzyme gel breaker in borax crosslinked fluid; mixing and blending the crosslinked fluid and the guargum base fluid, crosslinking, forming jelly, and then mixing with proppant, pressing the mixture into the oil-water well until the mixture enters the fractured crack. In this way, the fracturing process is finished. The bio-enzyme gel breaker degrades the macromolecular guargum in the stratum fracturing fluid into small micromolecular sugar, and when the jelly breaks up, the proppant is left underground, the fracturing gel breaking fluid flows back, and in this way, the construction can be completed. The bio-enzyme gel breaker has good gel breaking performance, the construction process is reasonable, the viscosity of the fracturing fluid can not decrease too early, the gel of the fracturing fluid can be broken evenly and thoroughly with little residue and small harm to the stratum, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Multifunctional high efficient organic material decomposition agent and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional high efficient organic material decomposition agent and a preparation method thereof. The decomposition agent of the invention comprises composite original strains consisting of bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Aspergillus oryzae, Trichoderma viride, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae and an organic material carrier, and an inorganic carrier. Strains of the decomposition agent can be mutualistic, and have complementary advantages. The adaptation is wide, and a plurality of organic matter clastic enzymes can be produced by metabolism. The decomposition agent has high activity and can be used for fermentation and conversion of a plurality of organic materials such as livestock and poultry excrements, crop straws, city sludge, food waste, food processing and pharmaceutical waste residues, and has fast fermentation start, fast deodorization, low temperature resistance, and low moisture resistance. The fermentation period is shorter by 5-7 days than that in the same technology. Fermented and converted organic fertilizers have the obvious rhizosphere ecological regulation and control function, promote the root growth, and improve the root vitality. A plurality of soil borne diseases are prevented by improving the flora diversity, hyperparasitism and biological antagonism.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating cardiac, cerebral and vascular diseases; the drug is composed of forty kinds of crude drugs by weight parts: milk veteh, salvia miltiorrhiza, root of common peony, ligusticum wallichii, lumbricus, sanguisuga, rhizoma acori graminei, polygala root, red ocher, oyster, angelica, the root of kudzu vine, arisaema cum bile and the like; the preparation method is that: (1) the crude drugs are prepared into water extract liquid; (2) the water extract liquid is prepared into oral liquid; (3)the water extract liquid obtained by the step (1) is dried, crushed, sieved, undersize material is extracted powder; (4) the extracted powder prepared by the step (3) is prepared into various dosage forms. The preparation method of crude powder is that: lime earth of the crude drugs is sieved, and then the crude drugs are crushed and sieved, the undersize material is taken out and is sterilized to be crude powder, and the crude powder is prepared into various dosage forms. The traditional Chinese medicine has the major functions of treating miocardial infarction and angina caused by coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and cerebral thrombosis, hemiplegia, cerebral infarction, cerebrovascular accident, sequel of apoplexy and other symptoms, and the medicine has obvious effect on headache, dizziness and heart cerebrovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure and cerebral circulation insufficiency.

Food composition suitable for hypertension hyperlipidemia hyperglycemia population and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a food composition suitable for a hypertension hyperlipidemia hyperglycemia population, which comprises rice, millet, black rice, yam, lotus roots, oat, tartary buckwheat, lotus seeds, pearl barley, yellow corns, potatoes, hazelnuts, Chinese chestnuts, konjak, black sesame, shiitake mushrooms, lycium barbarum, dried mulberries, dried seedless grapes, dates, salt black beans of soybeans, hawthorn powder, carrot powder, tomato powder, puerarin powder, concentrated whey protein, soy isolate protein, camellia oil, purple perilla seed oil, maltodextrin, L-malic acid, L-carnitine and milk calcium. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the food composition suitable for the hypertension hyperlipidemia hyperglycemia population. After the food composition is taken usually, balanced nutrition can be ensured when effects of effectively reducing a blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar are achieved; meanwhile, the food composition also has effects of conditioning important organs of a human body, such as livers, kidneys, spleen, stomach, large intestine and the like, protecting the heart, improving blood vessel elasticity, reducing the blood viscosity and preventing the Alzheimer disease.
Owner:福建古瑞森生物科技有限公司 +1

Preparation and application of dopamine functional magnetic nano-carrier

The invention belongs to the field of immobilization of proteins, and relates to preparation and application of a dopamine functional magnetic nano-carrier. The preparation comprises the following steps: firstly, dissolving FeSO4.4H2O and FeCl3.6H2O into distilled water, high-speed stirring and under protection of nitrogen, adding ammonia water of 25% NH4OH, and adding oleic acid; secondly, repeatedly cleaning black precipitates obtained by a stirring reaction and then using a strong magnet to perform precipitation separation, and drying to obtain oleic acid magnetic nano-particles; and finally, adding the oleic acid magnetic nano-particles into a dopamine hydrochloric acid solution, after the reaction is over, using a magnet to separate, cleaning and drying obtained deep brown precipitates, and then the dopamine functional magnetic nano-carrier can be obtained. According to the preparation and application of the dopamine functional magnetic nano-carrier provided by the invention, dopamine hydrochloride is adopted for modifying magnetic oleic acid nano-particles, so that the surface of a magnetic nano-particle has a plentiful of quinonyls and amidogen functional groups, thus proteins can be effectively immobilized; besides, the surface of the carrier has a layer of soft poly dopamine oxide films, the surface area is larger, and the preparation method is simple.

Method for planting potatoes

The invention relates to the field of crop planting, and particularly to a method for planting potatoes, which comprises the following steps: preparing land, fertilizing, and ditching; putting the potato seedlings into ditches, ridging, covering soil, covering parts on ridges, where the potato seedlings are planted, with colorless and transparent film, and covering two sides of the colorless and transparent film with black film; conducting field management, and harvesting potatoes. The method adopts the colorless and transparent film and the black film, which are in a matched manner, to plant the potatoes, the colorless and transparent film has good light transmittance and increases temperature quickly at the early stage, so the potatoes can root early; the black film has low visible light transmittance and can restrain weeds from growing, and the weeding rate can reach about 90 percent; during the middle and later periods of growth, the root systems enter below the black film, high temperature below the film, caused by strong sunlight, is prevented, and the premature senility of the root systems is avoided; the method can create a good environment for potato tuber growth in the period of tuberization, and has a ground temperature adjusting function that other film does not have; not only is the labor intensity of weeding reduced, but also the yield is increased by a large margin.
Owner:孔祥宜 +2

Medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation for treating pneumoconiosis, clearing away lung-heat and nourishing heart and preparation method for medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation

The invention discloses a medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation for treating pneumoconiosis, clearing away the lung-heat and nourishing the heart and a preparation method for the medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation. The medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation is made of aizoon stonecrop herb, herba houttuyniae, polygonatum kingianum, polygonatum odoratum, platycodon grandiflorum, almond, radix glycyrrhizae, lilies, folium mori, white fungus, coix seed, citrus, mint and green tea. The medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation can be used as a medicine and has the functions of clearing away the lung-heat, relieving cough and reducing sputum and the functions of promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, nourishing the heart and smoothing the sphygmus. The medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation is also healthy food. The raw materials adopted by the medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation are medicine-and-food medicines, can be eaten for a long time and cannot generate any toxic and side effect on a human body. The medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation is healthy and health-protection; the lung organ is stimulated to secrete mucus and promote sputum excretion through functions of the components, and the self-cleaning function of the lung is realized; the blood is purified; the oxyhemoglobin saturation is enhanced; the heart can be protected from being injured; therefore, the medicine-and-food dual-purpose preparation has the effects of preventing and treating the pneumoconiosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Method for preparing visible light self-repairing waterborne polyurethane coating material with double selenium bonds on main chain

The invention discloses a method for preparing a visible light self-repairing waterborne polyurethane coating material with double selenium bonds on a main chain. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, preparing an isocyanate end capped polyurethane prepolymer with double selenium bonds on a main chain from raw materials of diisocyanate, dihydroxyethyl diselenide, macromolecule dihydric alcohol and dimethylolpropionic acid; secondly, adding triethylamine for neutralization, further adding a proper amount of deionized water for rapid emulsification, slowly adding a diamine chain extender which is diluted with water, and performing emulsification chain expansion under a condition that the rotation speed is greater than 1200r/min, thereby obtaining the visible light self-repairing waterborne polyurethane coating material with the double selenium bonds on the main chain. On the basis of the visible light reversibility characteristic of double-selenium dynamic covalent bonds, the waterborne polyurethane coating material with the double selenium bonds on the main chain is capable of achieving self-repairing of cracks and broken parts under radiation of gentle visible illumination, so that the service life of the material can be greatly prolonged, the potential safety hazard in use can be reduced, and a relatively long service life can be achieved for the waterborne polyurethane coating material. The waterborne polyurethane coating material with double selenium bonds on the main chain is applicable to coating of leather, textiles, paper, furniture, wall surfaces and the like, and has wide application prospects.
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