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In mathematics, a root system is a configuration of vectors in a Euclidean space satisfying certain geometrical properties. The concept is fundamental in the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras, especially the classification and representation theory of semisimple Lie algebras. Since Lie groups (and some analogues such as algebraic groups) and Lie algebras have become important in many parts of mathematics during the twentieth century, the apparently special nature of root systems belies the number of areas in which they are applied. Further, the classification scheme for root systems, by Dynkin diagrams, occurs in parts of mathematics with no overt connection to Lie theory (such as singularity theory). Finally, root systems are important for their own sake, as in spectral graph theory.

Spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges

The invention discloses a spin milling type multifunctional machine for deeply ploughing and crushing ridges, which is based on a tractor. A hydraulic mechanism and a linking spin milling drill bit device or a cultivation component is arranged on a rear frame of the tractor; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with one or more drill bit shafts; spiral hinges are arranged on the drill bit shafts and provided with apical teeth; the linking spin milling drill bit device is provided with a device for preventing a straw from being wound; the hydraulic mechanism drives a spin milling drill bit to move up and down; and a gearbox drives the spin milling drill bit by a connecting rod and a gear. According to the spin milling type multifunctional machine, the drill bit enters intosoil and then vertically cuts, spin mills and crushes the soil and ensures that the soil is automatically suspended to form the ridges; the soil crushing section of the crushed ridge is T-shaped; thelower part of the compacted soil on the ground is in a U-shaped groove, so that the whole layer of the soil is in a loosing state during cultivation; and in addition, the invention plays roles of covering and replacing the soil, increases an active layer, improves the capabilities of preserving moisture and fertility and the permeability of the soil, benefits the utilization of deep growing of the crop root system to water and fertilizer, relatively reduces pests and weeds and ensures that the crop is easy to obtain high and stable yield.

Corn head row unit

InactiveUS7373767B2Improve performanceReducing congestion mote levelHarvestersFluteDrive shaft
This row unit utilizes an improved multi-zone, multi-functional stalk roll, which contains a novel revolving entry window to improve entry and increase engagement of the fluted portion of the stalk roll flutes with the corn stalk. The stalk rolls described are multi-sectional and contain multi-length variable flutes. The number of flutes described for each zone may vary as well as whether the flutes are meshing or non-meshing and angled or non-angled. The stalk rolls described allow a constant speed drive shaft to create lower and/or higher effective circumferential contact speeds within each zone of the stalk roll. The invention provides that the rotating transport vanes located on the helical nose cone at the entry area to the stalk roll flutes lock the corn stalk into a revolving entry window. This novel row unit contains a multi-zone, multi-functional stripper plate that ensures minimal ear wedging and maximum discharge of material other than ears. This row unit utilizes a novel gathering/conveying chain(s), which reduces the number of and increases the angle and size of the paddles. This row unit design optimizes operation between the components imparting force to the corn plant and ears. The invention has a smooth uninterrupted improved flow of corn stalk material through the ear separation chamber and is the first row unit designed to be environmentally friendly by ensuring that the majority of the corn plant remains connected to its original root system which prevents it from rapidly decomposing, blowing or washing away. The row unit cover is spatially designed for improved flow in down, damp and tough harvesting conditions.

High-activity antibacterial peptide-containing matrix for garden seedling cultivation, as well as preparation and application thereof

The invention discloses a high-activity antibacterial peptide-containing matrix for garden seedling cultivation, as well as a preparation method and application thereof. The high-activity antibacterial peptide-containing matrix for garden seedling cultivation is prepared from the following components: Chinese medicament residues, organic additives, inorganic additives, microbial blends, housefly larva excrement, functional microbes and a water retention agent, wherein the functional microbes have the effects of activating matrix nutrition, exogenously fixing nitrogen, antagonizing pathogenic microorganism, reinforcing absorbing capability of seedling roots to nutrition and promoting seedling growth. Furthermore, the matrix for garden seedling cultivation has comprehensive nutrient elements, stable performance, strong buffer capability, and good water and fertilizer retaining performance; and the preparation method has simple production process, short production period, wide sources and low cost of raw materials, no environmental pollution and convenience in large-scale commercial production. The matrix for garden seedling cultivation can be used for raising and cultivating garden green seedlings, and can also be used for repairing and improving the ecological environment.
Owner:广州普邦园林股份有限公司 +1

Multifunctional matrix soilless culture method and device

The invention discloses a multifunctional matrix soilless culture method and device. The method comprises the following steps of: filling culture matrix into a porous culture container; placing the porous culture container filled with the culture matrix into a culture bed groove; reserving gaps between the inner wall of the culture bed groove and the porous culture container to form a root exogenous space; planting plants on the porous culture container with the culture matrix; covering the upper opening of the culture bed groove with a covering substance; reserving a plant fixing hole or growth port at the position, wherein the plant is planted, on the covering substance, so that a heat-preserving, a humidity-preserving and black environment is formed in the culture bed groove; and supplying water or nutrient solution to the culture matrix in the porous culture container, wherein in the growth process of the plant, the root grows to permeate the gaps of the porous gap culture container to grow into and out of the culture container and in the space in the bed groove. By the soilless culture method and the soilless culture device, good growth environment and balanced supply of nutrients and water of the root can be guaranteed; and different irrigation modes are suitable, such as the soilless culture method for culturing various crops, the matrix culture method and the matrix and water composite culture method.

Organic fertilizer fermented by chicken manure and production method of organic fertilizer

The invention discloses an organic fertilizer fermented by chicken manure and a production method of the organic fertilizer, which belong to the technical field of culture waste treatment and biological fertilizer manufacture. According to the invention, the organic fertilizer is prepared and produced by the steps of aerobic curing and anaerobic fermentation, so that the problems of pollution and root burning caused by the chicken manure directly applied to fields are solved, and the innocent treatment and resource utilization of the chicken manure and padding are realized. The final product mainly comprise beneficial bacteria and metabolites of the beneficial bacteria, which have the characteristics that the fertility is durable, the macroecology of the soil can be improved to inhibit pest and disease damage, the soil structure can be improved to improve breathability and the development of the root systems of plants can be enhanced. The purpose of the aerobic curing is to inhibit the growth of infectious microbes, control metabolism direction, kill pathogenic microorganisms, adult parasite, parasite eggs and thermolabile infectious microbes by biological heat and provide a matrix for anaerobic fermentation by decomposing, transforming and synthesizing the microorganisms into thallus ingredients and small molecular substances; and the purpose of the anaerobic fermentation is to augment the beneficial bacteria and generate the metabolites such as organic acid.

Automatic irrigation-drainage system for farmland

The invention relates to an automatic irrigation-drainage system for farmland. Irrigation water enters a water level control pond through a water level control valve; a floating ball drives the water level control valve to regulate the water supply amount until the supplied water is equal to the consumed water; the water level is stabilized at a certain water level when the water supply of the water level control valve is stopped at a water supply water level h1; the irrigation water enters a soil filling region at the upper part in a U-shaped concrete groove through a nonfine concrete cover plate and a sand inverted filter from the bottom of the inner part of the U-shaped concrete groove so as to form a soil saturated water layer lower than h1; the water in the saturated water layer is raised to the root layer of the crop in the form of capillary water; the water supply amount is increased or reduced along with water consumption amount so that the farmland is automatically irrigated; because the h1 is lower than the height h2 of the upper edge of the U-shaped concrete groove, no gravity water is leaked; once the soil saturated water layer is higher than the h1 because of raining, the water level control valve is turned off, the irrigation is stopped; if the water layer is higher than the upper edge h2 of the water level control pond, the water overflows to a water accumulation pond, and the water begins to be discharged; and the irrigation is recovered until the soil saturated water layer is lower than h1. The system has full automatic irrigation, high reliability and excellent durability.

Coated fertilizer for inducing root growth and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a coated fertilizer for inducing root growth and a preparation method and an application thereof, belonging to the field of fertilizer industry. The coated fertilizer comprises a fertilizer core and a coated layer, wherein the fertilizer core comprises organic matters, compound amino acid, humic acid materials, macroelements, secondary elements, microelements and an inorganic conditioner, the coated layer comprises a binder, a coated agent, a root system inducer, an alginate solution and a calcium ion solution. The preparation method comprises the following steps of smashing raw materials of the fertilizer core, after mixing, tabletting so as to form granulated fertilizer, spraying the binder, the coated agent mixed with the root system inducer, the alginate solution and the calcium ion solution on the granulated fertilizer sequentially so as to form a coated layer, and obtaining the coated fertilizer for inducing root growth after drying. On the one hand, the coated fertilizer can induce the root system to grow rapidly around the fertilizer due to the addition of the root system inducer, so that the fertilizer use ratio is improved; on the other hand, the fertilizer core is extruded and bonded by adopting a physical manner, so that the slow-release effect of the fertilizer core guarantees the fertilizer to be used efficiently.

Few-no-tillage-soil seeding and fertilizing method for wheat and corns under complete straw mulching condition

The invention relates to a few-no-tillage-soil seeding and fertilizing method for wheat and corns under a complete straw mulching condition. The seeding and fertilizing method comprises the following steps of: after wheat is harvested by a combined wheat harvester, covering straws on the surface of soil in a strip manner basically, and implementing subsoiling, shallow and deep fertilization and seeding of corns in one step in seeding lines by a no-tillage corn seeding and fertilizing machine; and after the corns are harvested by a combined corn harvester, cutting up corn straws by rotary blades of the combined corn harvester, uniformly covering the corn straws on the surface of the ground, and implementing subsoiling, rotary tillage of wheat seeding belts, seeding of wheat and shallow and deep fertilization in one step by a no-tillage wheat seeding and fertilizing machine. The few-no-tillage-soil seeding and fertilizing method has the advantages of alleviating disturbance on soil, ensuring the variety and stable quantity of microorganisms in surface soil, being beneficial to benign growth of roots of crops and eliminating the influence of crop straw mulching on the quality of seeding and seedling emergence of wheat and corns.

Combined ecological floating bed restoration system

The invention relates to the technical field of ecological restoration of water environment, and especially relates to a biological and ecological restoration system of eutrophic rivers and lakes. Ecological floating beds are laid along a bank, the water surface coverage rate of the floating beds is 15-20%, and each of the floating beds consists of a floating plate, planting baskets, a planting basket filler, floating bed plants, a nylon net, immobilized microorganism particles, a biological filler and artificial waterweeds. The planting baskets are placed in the planting basket holes of the floating plate, the planting basket filler is arranged in the planting baskets, the floating bed plants are planted in the planting basket filler, the nylon net suspends below the floating plate, the immobilized microorganism particles suspend between plant roots, the biological filler suspends below the nylon net, the artificial waterweeds are planted at the water bottom, and submerged plants are properly planted in a water area with two times in the transparency. The system has the advantages of simple and economic carrier, high strength, good durability, reliable planting, natural water ecological landscape, and engineering water quality improvement; and compared with systems in the prior art, the system focuses on the ecological restoration and construction of river and lake water, realizes the self purification, self regulation and self maintenance of pollutants in a certain concentration range, and is an effective way to improve the water quality without all-basin pollutant interception at the present stage.

Composite biological soil conditioner and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a composite biological soil conditioner and a preparation method of the composite biological soil conditioner. The composite biological soil conditioner comprises the following steps: 1) preparing charcoal; 2) modifying the charcoal; 3) fermenting livestock excrement; 4) preparing an ecological organic fertilizer; 5) compounding, wherein the soil conditioner comprises the following materials in parts by weight: 130-150 parts of modified charcoal, 250-280 parts of the ecological organic fertilizer, 30-35 parts of humic acid, 5-8 parts of probiotics, 3-5 parts of active peptide, 32-38 parts of a water retaining agent, and 190-220 parts of an auxiliary. The composite biological soil conditioner has the beneficial effects that the soil conditioner not only strengthens the water holding capacity of soil, but also improves the soil structure, reduces the bulk density of the soil, increases the porosity and the content of organic matters in the soil, regulates the pH value of the soil, improves the microbial flora of the soil, inhibits the growth and propagation of pathogenic bacteria of a root system, and complexes and adsorbs the heavy metal ions in the soil, and therefore, the composite biological soil conditioner is a safe and efficient composite biological soil conditioner.

Method for conducting afforestation on saline-alkali soil

ActiveCN103392456ANew comprehensive measures for effective soil reduction and soil improvementLow cost of improvementClimate change adaptationAfforestationRevegetationPlant roots
The invention discloses a method for conducting afforestation on saline-alkali soil. The method includes the steps of firstly, digging deep planting pits in the saline-alkali soil; secondly, paving two layers of isolating curtains at the bottom of each planting pit and the inner wall of each planting pit respectively; thirdly, arranging filtering layers between each isolation layer and the bottom of each planting pit and between each isolating layer and the inner wall of each planting pit; fourthly, preparing mixed matrix, filling the matrix into the pits and tamping down the matrix; fifthly, planting seedlings; sixthly, conducting maintenance management. According to the method for conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil, the difficult problems of lowering the salt content, improving the soil and conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil are solved. Through the measures of discharging salt and blocking salt, the salt content in the distribution range of the plant root systems is lowered, the plant root systems are promoted to absorb nutrient and water and discharge salt in a unidirectional mode, and a soil environment which is beneficial to plant growth is created. According to the method for conducting afforestation on the saline-alkali soil, the survival rate and the preserving rate of the seedlings are improved, and the method is low in cost compared with a traditional method for improving the saline-alkali soil by merely paving the salt isolating layers, replacing soil and conducting afforestation, is suitable for the saline-alkali soil afforestation and the plant cover recovery project, and can also be used in the manual construction and the machine and human coordinated construction.

Method producing seaweed fertilizer by processing Entermorpha prolifera by microbial fermentation method

The invention provides a method for producing a seaweed fertilizer by processing Enteromorpha through microorganism fermentation method, which is characterized in that: fresh Enteromorpha is used as the material without being added with any chemical products, and treated by fermentation in large scale by preparing an Enteromorpha seed liquid, so as to dissolve out the effective components of Enteromorpha, thereby largely preserving the effective components with natural activity in the Enteromorpha, and then various Enteromorpha seaweed fertilizers are prepared by taking the fermentation liquid as a basic liquid. The method has simple extraction technique and low cost, and can process the Enteromorpha in large scale in a short time; the various Enteromorpha seaweed fertilizers produced by taking the fermentation liquid as the material can greatly increase the coldness resistance, drought resistance and stress resistance of crops, reduce plant diseases and insect pests, promote the growing of root system, make the soil to breathe freely and loosen, and greatly improve the crop output and quality, more importantly, the seaweed fertilizer does not produe any bad effect and pollution to crops, environments and human beings, which is a novel green environmental friendly fertilizer for modern agriculture.

Early-spring transplantation and seedling protection method for facility-grafted jujube seedlings

InactiveCN104350914AImprove survival rateAdvancement and promotion of survival rateCultivating equipmentsHorticultureFruit treeSeedling
The invention discloses an early-spring transplantation and seedling protection method for facility-grafted jujube seedlings and belongs to the technical field of plant seedling cultivation. The method comprises the following steps: disinfection and sterilization, root system awaking, root and head protecting, planting pit fertilizing, seedling planting and temperature control management. Compared with the prior art, the survival rate of the seedlings treated with the method is increased by 15.38 percent when compared with that of seedlings treated with the conventional planting seedling protection technology, and jujube trees can germinate 5-10 days in advance. The jujube seedlings are transplanted before the germination stage, and various technical measures are combined for seedling protection. The germination rate of the jujube seedlings is advanced and promoted, and the survival rate of the jujube seedlings is ensured and increased. The established practice that the survival rate is too low due to untimely jujube tree transplantation in spring is broken down, and the method lays a foundation for thriving of facility early-spring jujube seedlings. The method can be widely applied to planting seedling protection of seedlings of fruit trees and woods.

Watermelon seedling culturing substrate and application thereof

InactiveCN102138499AQuality improvementSolving nutritional problems at seedling stageAnimal feeding stuffCultivating equipmentsDiseaseNutrient solution
The invention belongs to the technical field of agriculture and discloses a watermelon seedling culturing substrate, which comprises the following components: earthworm cast, vermiculite, pearlstone and paclobutrazol, wherein the volume ratio of the earthworm cast to the vermiculite to the pearlstone is (2-3):0.6:0.4; and the dosage of the paclobutrazol is between 10 g/m<3> and 20 g/m<3>. When the substrate is used for culturing watermelon own-rooted seedlings, a nutrient solution does not need to be replenished, the seedlings are in order and strong without growing excessively, and the root systems are developed. After the substrate is planted into soil along with the seedlings, beneficial microorganisms in the substrate can quickly form a dominant microflora around the rooting zone of a crop, so that nutrition elements in the soil can be activated, and the utilization ratio of a fertilizer is increased; the application amount of an inorganic fertilizer can be reduced by 20-30 percent; soil-borne diseases can be resisted effectively, the incidence rate of field blight is low, and the control effect is between 86.74 percent and 89.4 percent, is higher than the control effect of an efficient bactericide for an own-rooted seedling growing from the ordinary substrate, and is basically close to the control effect of a grafted seedling; and the soluble sugar content of watermelon and the yield are increased.
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