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Combined ecological floating bed restoration system

The invention relates to the technical field of ecological restoration of water environment, and especially relates to a biological and ecological restoration system of eutrophic rivers and lakes. Ecological floating beds are laid along a bank, the water surface coverage rate of the floating beds is 15-20%, and each of the floating beds consists of a floating plate, planting baskets, a planting basket filler, floating bed plants, a nylon net, immobilized microorganism particles, a biological filler and artificial waterweeds. The planting baskets are placed in the planting basket holes of the floating plate, the planting basket filler is arranged in the planting baskets, the floating bed plants are planted in the planting basket filler, the nylon net suspends below the floating plate, the immobilized microorganism particles suspend between plant roots, the biological filler suspends below the nylon net, the artificial waterweeds are planted at the water bottom, and submerged plants are properly planted in a water area with two times in the transparency. The system has the advantages of simple and economic carrier, high strength, good durability, reliable planting, natural water ecological landscape, and engineering water quality improvement; and compared with systems in the prior art, the system focuses on the ecological restoration and construction of river and lake water, realizes the self purification, self regulation and self maintenance of pollutants in a certain concentration range, and is an effective way to improve the water quality without all-basin pollutant interception at the present stage.

Device for three-dimensional coupling and purification of water quality by lifting plant sinker and floater

The invention provides a device for three-dimensional coupling and purification of water quality by lifting plant sinker and floater, and belongs to the fields of river and lake water body purification and ecological restoration. The device for three-dimensional coupling and purification of water quality by lifting the plant sinker and floater comprises a plant sinker, a plant floater, and a fixing and lifting regulation device. The device can regulate the positions of the plant sinker and the plant floater in the water body according to the water body transparency and water level change so as to achieve the effect of the growth of the aquatic plant and the three-dimensional coupling of the water quality, and a perfect aquatic ecosystem can be established through the plant sinker and the plant floater. A vegetation substrate block is favorable for recovery and replacement and the plant variety can be changed according to the growth cycles of the plants. The device has the advantages of stable structure, strong impact resistance, easy recovery, environment-friendly and pollution-free materials, factory production and convenient on-site construction, and is applied to in-situ purification and ecological restoration of rivers, lakes, and other open water bodies.

Water conservation / hot water recirculation system utilizing timer and demand method

In most homes today, when a person turns on a hot water faucet, he or she must wait for residual cold water to flow out of the hot water pipe as hot water travels from the water heater to the faucet. That residual cold water typically goes down the drain. In some buildings, recirculating hot water systems keep hot water flowing in a loop, thereby making hot water immediately available and eliminating the waste of residual hot water, but these systems waste energy from thermal radiation in the hot water pipes at times when no hot water is being utilized. The invention conserves both water and energy by controlling the recirculation of residual cold water by means of momentary activation of any hot water faucet, and also by programmed time-of-day intervals, whereupon the pump replaces the residual cold water with hot water and recirculates the residual cold water, and then turns off so as to avoid energy waste from running hot water through the loop at times it is not needed. The invention provides for fast installation of the pump, detector, and controller on the hot water outlet side of the water heater. It can be used in buildings that have separate hot water return pipes, and it can also be used in configurations where existing cold water pipes are used for the return of hot water.

Selectable control energy and water conservation system

The system is unique in that a structure's plumbing lines are effectively routed, to stop energy and water waste, while adding little to construction cost. Water pressure to hot water supply (50) is controlled through a selectable flow control valve (10). A hot water manifold (3) and check valves 42 and 43 produce a dual line connection, between hot water manifold (3) and the hot water use area. In the water saver mode, positioning selectable flow control valve (10) causes pump (4) to draw water from distribution conduit (6), through selectable flow control valve (10), through cold water manifold (12) and solenoid valve (37) to hot water supply (50). Pump (4) causes hot water to fill distribution conduit (6), to the hot water use area. This circulation delivers hot water to replace water standing in the line. Circulation period is determined by controller (22). When selectable flow control valve (10) is positioned to the use mode, supply pressure at cold water conduit (28) is applied through selectable flow control valve (10), then via cold water manifold (12), to hot water supply (50). Positioning selectable flow control valve (10) to the energy saver mode causes, cold water pressure to be interrupted to hot water supply (50) and directed through feedback conduit (72) and conduit (71), to a junction down stream from hot water manifold (3). Supply pressure forces hot water towards open hot water outlet (45), thus all hot water delivered from hot water manifold (3) is utilized.

Construction method for ecological restoration of riparian vegetation of mountain rivers

ActiveCN104472176APromote the stable development of monitoringSimple methodWater resource protectionCoastlines protectionHydrocharitaceaeJuglandaceae
The invention discloses a construction method for ecological restoration of riparian vegetation of mountain rivers. The method includes the following steps: (1), for restoration of aquatic vegetation, dispersedly planting potamogetonaceae and hydrocharitaceae submerged plants high in washing-out resistance in a project region; (2) for restoration of riverway rock and boulder vegetation, planting wetland plants strong in washing-out resistance in rock and boulder regions and the like in a riverway in the project region; (3) for restoration of waterfront plants, planting emerging plants and aquatic plants with washing-out resistance and deep roots between the riparian normal water level and the two-year flood level in the projection region; (4) for restoration of riparian vegetation, planting waterlogging-tolerance trees and shrubs of juglandaceae, betulaceae and the like between the two-year flood level and the 20-year flood level in the project region, and planting gramineae and cyperaceae herbaceous plants with deep roots in ground covers. By the method, the ecological problems about riparian water and soil erosion, weak river's self-purification capacity, sharp decline in biodiversity and the like are solved effectively, feasible and effective ecological remediation measures are provided for natural restoration and reconstruction of river banks and riverways.

Method for comprehensive treatment of town river way

The invention discloses a method for comprehensive treatment of a town river way. The method comprises exogenous pollution control: sewage draining outlet pretreatment and branch surge pretreatment; endogenous pollution removal: bottom mud pollutant treatment and biological purification of polluted water; in-situ remediation of a river channel ecological system: ecological restoration of aquatic plants and restoration of aquatic animals; and supplemented feeding of an efficient microbial agent and ecological restoration monitoring of the river channel. A staged treatment principle is adopted for the method for comprehensive treatment of the town river way, conditions are created positively to gradually reduce river channel pollution; through the exogenous pollution control, the endogenous pollution removal, the in-situ remediation of the river channel ecological system, later period maintenance and ecological regulation and the like, a water system is made smooth, the river channel is made clean, the ecological system is established artificially, the self-cleaning capacity of the river channel is restored gradually, healthy water circulation of the river channel is achieved, biodiversity is promoted, and virtuous circle of the town and country environment and the ecological system is promoted.

Stereoscopic ecological corridor system and method for in-situ remediation of riverway water body

ActiveCN104230100ASolve the technical problem that the packing is easy to blockEasy to handleWater resource protectionMultistage water/sewage treatmentConstructed wetlandTreatment effect
The invention discloses a stereoscopic ecological corridor system and method for in-situ remediation of a riverway water body. The system comprises an intercepting unit, a preprocessing unit, a wetland unit, a greening filtration unit, a back-flushing unit, a drainage unit and a plant control unit. According to the system and the method disclosed by the invention, technical problems that an existing artificial wetland needs intermittent operation and filler blockage highly possibly occurs after long-term operation are effectively solved; a treatment effect and impact load resistance of the entire system are improved, and an occupied area is reduced; and meanwhile the system has a flood control function. In addition, a complete ecological purification system formed through various optimization technologies realizes organic integration of riverway water environment improvement and water ecological remediation. The system has advantages of being small in occupied area, realizing in-situ treatment in a riverway, free from influence on a drainage demand, good in treatment effect, strong in capacity of removing nitrogen and phosphor, strong in adaptability to impact load, free from mosquitoes and flies, convenient in operation and maintenance management, etc., and is suitable for treating riverways contaminated by domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.
Owner:上海汀滢环保科技有限公司 +2

Multi-dimensional filler ecological type protected slope construction method suitable for repairing riverways in towns

The invention relates to a multi-dimensional filler ecological type protected slope construction method suitable for repairing riverways in towns. The method comprises the following steps of: taking an ecological bag structure as a support; dividing a protected slope structure into four areas: an upright protector area, a low water level influence area, a normal water level influence area and a maximum flood level influence area; selecting matrixes adapted to structures and functions of the areas as fillers; recovering submerged plants, emergent aquatic plants and wetland plantsbog plants on a protected slope from bottom to top; and simultaneously, setting facilities such as a buffering platform and a domestic sewage distribution pipe, and constructing a zigzag river corridor. According to the multi-dimensional filler ecological type protected slope construction method suitable for repairing the riverways in the towns, the mechanical stability of the slope can be improved, the anti-erosion performance of the protected slope of a river is enhanced; the living condition of a river waterside variation area is effectively recovered, and the completeness of a river ecological system is ensured; and the matrixes of the protected slope, microorganisms and vegetation have important interception conversion effect on coastwise non-point source pollution, so that the river self-cleaning capacity is enhanced, the service function of a river ecological system is improved, materials are selected according to circumstances, the construction is simple and convenient, the manufacturing cost is low, and wide market value and environmental benefit are realized.

Water quality purification system and method for urban river

The invention discloses a water quality purification system for an urban river. The river is divided into three treatment areas according to the water quality condition of the urban river, namely an agricultural farming waste water treatment area, a treatment area of branch rivers polluted by waste water from the chemical industry and a domestic waste water treatment area, the water quality purification system for the urban river comprises a sludge cleaning device, biological earthworms, a first biological dam, a second biological dam, a third biological dam and an ecological floating island. According to the water quality purification system and process for the urban river, an integral treatment scheme and a segmented treatment principle are adopted, the river is divided into three segments for segmented treatment, all treatment units are matched reasonably, conditions are created actively for gradually lowering pollution of the river, the ecological system is established artificially, the self-cleaning capacity of the river is gradually restored, all the areas are subjected to targeted treatment according to actual conditions, investment and operating cost are low, and the purifying effect is good. The invention further discloses a water quality purification method for the urban river.

Water storage system used for river-alongside road of sponge city and construction method

The invention discloses a water storage system used for a river-alongside road of a sponge city and a construction method. The water storage system comprises a water seepage pond and a water storage pond; a collection water pipe is arranged between the water seepage pond and the water storage pond; the water seepage pond comprises a water permeable surface, a clay layer and a gravel layer; the water permeable surface comprises a water permeable pavement layer, a leveling layer, a water permeable base layer, a permeable layer and a water permeable cushion layer; a first water discharging pipe is arranged in the water permeable base layer; a second water discharging pipe is arranged at the bottom of the gravel layer; the first water discharging pipe and the second water discharging pipe are communicated with the collection water pipe respectively. The construction method comprises the following steps: (a) digging a foundation pit; (b) constructing the water storage pond; (c) constructing the water seepage pond; (d) constructing the water permeable surface; (e) curing. The water storage system is simple to construct and convenient to operate; the construction quality is easy to control, the construction cost is low, the permeation effect is good and the water storage capability is strong; collected rainwater is purified and secondary pollution of the rainwater is reduced.

Method for using purified water sludge as severely-polluted river sediment masking agent

The invention discloses a method for using purified water sludge as a severely-polluted river sediment masking agent. The method comprises: a purified water sludge regeneration step that purified water sludge is burned to remove organic matters, microbes and the like in the purified water sludge to make the purified water sludge treat inorganic minerals comprising aluminum oxide and the like as main components; and a severely-polluted river restoration step comprising that the regenerated purified water sludge is covered on polluted sediments of water to be restored to physically separate the polluted sediments from covered water in order to inhibit the release of polluted sediment endogenous pollutants to the water, make polluters of nitrogen, phosphorus and the like in the water be absorbed by inorganic particulate substances treating metal oxides as main components and contained in the purified water sludge, and accelerate the migration of the polluters in the water to the sediments. According to the method, the resource utilization of an aluminum resource in the purified water sludge can be realized, the harmless treatment of the purified water sludge is realized, and the water restoration is completed without destroying the ecological environment of the water.

Small perturbance stratified substrate sludge in-situ sampler and sampling method thereof

InactiveCN101620037ADoes not disturb the distributionAccurate layeringWater resource protectionWithdrawing sample devicesEngineeringSludge
The invention relates to a small perturbance stratified substrate sludge in-situ sampler used for collecting deposits in water and a sampling method thereof. The sampler consists of a C-shaped inner tube, a C-shaped outer tube, an outer tube conical head, an inner tube handle, an outer tube handle and an inflatable plug, wherein the outer tube and the inner tube are sleeved together and are respectively formed by fixedly connecting a plurality of sections; the inner tube can be rotated by the inner tube handle at the top so as to superpose or close C-shaped openings of the inner tube and the outer tube. The inner tube is firstly rotated so as to close the C-shaped opening when substrate sludge is fetched; the inner tube is rotated so as to open the C-shaped opening after being inserted by a predetermined depth, and then the inner tube and the outer tube are rotated after being inclined by a small angle together so as to rotate the substrate sludge into the inner tube. Then the inflatable plug is put on the sludge surface and is inflated; the inner tube is rotated to close the C-shaped opening; finally, the inner tube and the outer tube are lifted from the water and laid on the ground for stratified sampling. The invention has small perturbance to the substrate sludge, does not change stratified and physical properties of the substrate sludge, has light weight, portability, convenient operation and wide generalization and application values and , is suitable for sampling work of substrate sludge of hydraulic reclamation yards of river and lake.

Ecological comprehensive treatment system of northern mountain river channel and construction method thereof

The invention discloses an ecological comprehensive treatment system of a northern mountain river channel. The system comprises three sub ecological systems of an ecological permeable dike built on the upstream of a main stream and a branch stream of a mountain river, a reservoir pond arranged at the middle and downstream area of the mountain river and a wet land communicated with the reservoir pond, and adopts an ecological treatment mode of closure-storage-preservation. The construction method comprises the steps of: a) building of the ecological permeable dike; b) setting of a triangular pyramidal wood pile stone cage; c) building of the reservoir pond; d) planting of plants of the reservoir pond; e) building of a wet land system; and f) recovery of a river bank band. The system and the construction method can effectively intercept the mountain debris flow and the river non-point source pollution, adjust the river runoff, improve the hydrologic conditions of the mountain river in non-flood season, decrease the dry season of the mountain river, and facilitate to recover the ecological system of the mountain river. Meanwhile, traditional depressions and empty ponds in the mountain river can be used in construction, so that the engineering building cost is reduced, and the self-cleaning capacity of river water is improved.

Multi-dimensional ecological system remediation method

The invention provides a multi-dimensional ecological system remediation method. The remediation method comprises the steps of: treating multi-dimensional ecological water quality, controlling internal contamination and controlling external contamination, wherein the step of treating the multi-dimensional ecological water quality is mainly for constructing a multi-dimensional ecological system in a water body; the step of controlling the internal contamination is mainly for eliminating contamination caused by release of nutritive salts from bottom mud of a lake body and performing dredging and bottom mud remediation improvement on an artificial lake, an original lake body or river which is seriously contaminated; and by the step of controlling the external contamination, an external water body entering the lake body mainly includes rainwater and a part of life non-drinking water so that the water quality of water bodies entering the lake can not generate a destructive influence on a lake body ecological system and a water quality effect. The remediation method has the beneficial effects that from the angle of internal contamination and external contamination influencing water body quality, a general survey of the whole process from a water source to completion of a waterscape function of the water body is combined with all advantageous measures for maintaining the water body quality, so that the water body quality effect is all-around ensured and the multi-dimensional remediation is realized.
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