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Special biological fish-fertilizer for aquaculture and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a special biological fish fertilizer and a preparation method for the fertilizer used in aquiculture; wherein, the biological fish fertilizer mainly comprises raw materials as follows: microbiological preparation, inorganic fertilizers, fermentation organics, micro-mineral amino acid chelate, mineral composites, and water quality improver. The preparation method for the special biological fish fertilizer in aquiculture comprises steps as follows: microbiological preparation is produced; fermentation organics is then produced, and the micro-mineral amino acid chelate is produced, eventually the finished products are made. The special biological fish fertilizer has the advantages of limiting the growth and reproduction of the harmful algae, promoting the large-scale growth and reproduction of the suitable food for fish, effectively improving the water quality and purifying the water environment, strengthening the fish immunity, reducing the diseases, reducing cost due to the small use level, convenient use, mild odor, no pollution to the water, and environment protection. By combining the modern bioengineering technique, low-temperature drying technique, spray-drying technique, and super-fine crushing techniques, the preparation method has the advantages of stable quality for the fish fertilizers and lower overall cost.

Permeable recycled aggregate and ceramsite concrete doped with industrial and agricultural solid waste and preparation

The invention discloses permeable recycled aggregate and ceramsite concrete doped with industrial and agricultural solid waste and preparation. The permeable recycled aggregate and ceramsite concrete doped with industrial and agricultural solid waste is characterized in that recycled coarse aggregates and ceramsites are taken as coarse aggregates of concrete, an appropriate amount of pretreated industrial and agricultural solid waste such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, household garbage and the like is taken as an admixture, a cementing agent is prepared from cement, water, a superplasticizer and a reinforcement material, and the materials are mixed with a preset stirring process and preparation method, so that ecological concrete with good mechanical property, permeable property and durability is produced. According to the concrete, the waste utilization rate is up to about 80%, the concrete is environment-friendly, locally available materials can be used, the economic benefit is remarkable, ceramist pore is smaller, and sewage can be continuously and stably treated, so that the concrete is commonly used in water environment comprehensive improvement engineering; and besides, the concrete has light weight, high strength and good water permeability and can be also used in permeable pavement engineering such as a sidewalk, a parking lot and the like as well as plant engineering such as ecological riverway slope protection, roof landscape planting and the like.

Multicomponent composite flocculating setting agent and use in arsenic contamination water treatment

The invention belongs to the technical field of river water body pollution control and in particular relates to a multiple-element compound flocculating settling agent and the application of the multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent in arsenic pollution water body treatment. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent is prepared by compounding malysite, aluminium salt, hypermanganate, polyacrylamide and aqueous solution. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent can be applied in the arsenic pollution water body treatment to remove arsenic in the arsenic pollutant water body. The concentration of the arsenic in the treated water can meet or is superior to the specified requirement of three types of water on the arsenic concentration in the national earth surface water environment quality standard (less than 0.05 mg/L). The invention also can be used for removing heavy metals such as copper, chromium, cadmium, lead and the like in water by sedimentation. The multiple-element compounded flocculating settling agent can be used together with a multiple-element compounded metal oxide arsenic removal setting agent in static or flowing arsenic pollution water body treatment for removing the arsenic in the water body polluted by arsenic.

Direct power-spectral method-based all-weather long drainage basin water quality monitoring and early-warning system

The invention relates to a direct power-spectral method-based all-weather long drainage basin water quality monitoring and early-warning system, belonging to the technical field of water quality monitoring. The system comprises a plurality of water quality monitoring devices, a cloud data processing platform and a remote monitoring platform; the water quality monitoring devices are placed at a shoreside of a water body, a water surface buoy or other water surface platforms according to needs, used for extracting water quality data of the long drainage basin, use a direct power-spectral method to acquire an absorption spectrum of a monitored water body and sends the monitored data and water quality information to the cloud data processing platform in a wireless transmission manner; the cloud data processing platform summarizes and analyzes the received data and stores into a database; the remote monitoring platform inquires and displays the data stored in the database and realizes the real-time monitoring and early-warning for an all-weather long drainage basin water quality environment. The system can realize the online measuring, real-time monitoring, emergent early-warning, drainage basin analyzing and water environment monitoring of all weathers of the water body in the drainage basin, thus reducing the loss caused by pollution to the water body and ensuring drinking water safety.

Combined ecological floating bed restoration system

The invention relates to the technical field of ecological restoration of water environment, and especially relates to a biological and ecological restoration system of eutrophic rivers and lakes. Ecological floating beds are laid along a bank, the water surface coverage rate of the floating beds is 15-20%, and each of the floating beds consists of a floating plate, planting baskets, a planting basket filler, floating bed plants, a nylon net, immobilized microorganism particles, a biological filler and artificial waterweeds. The planting baskets are placed in the planting basket holes of the floating plate, the planting basket filler is arranged in the planting baskets, the floating bed plants are planted in the planting basket filler, the nylon net suspends below the floating plate, the immobilized microorganism particles suspend between plant roots, the biological filler suspends below the nylon net, the artificial waterweeds are planted at the water bottom, and submerged plants are properly planted in a water area with two times in the transparency. The system has the advantages of simple and economic carrier, high strength, good durability, reliable planting, natural water ecological landscape, and engineering water quality improvement; and compared with systems in the prior art, the system focuses on the ecological restoration and construction of river and lake water, realizes the self purification, self regulation and self maintenance of pollutants in a certain concentration range, and is an effective way to improve the water quality without all-basin pollutant interception at the present stage.

Regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and operating method

The invention discloses a regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and an operating method. The regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system comprises a monitoring management system and a plurality of monitoring terminals, wherein the monitoring terminals are connected with the monitoring management system through general packet radio service (GPRS); a central processing unit of the monitoring management system is connected with a data transmitting and receiving module, a data analysis processing module, a database management module and a display or a user terminal; the data transmitting and receiving module is connected with a database storing global positioning system (GPS) information, information geographic information system (GIS) and correlated heavy metal concentration information detected by all the monitoring terminals; a master control module of each monitoring terminal comprises an embedded processor, a clock and a GPRS sub-module; a detection module comprises a temperature sensor and a heavy metal electrochemical sensor array. According to the operating method, the temperature and the heavy metal concentration, monitored by the monitoring terminals, of a water environment are transmitted to the monitoring management system to be stored and displayed, and are compared with standard values and historical data through the data analysis processing module; when the polluted water quality is determined or the concentration of certain heavy metal is suddenly increased to a higher level, an alarm is given. According to the regional water environment heavy metal monitoring system and the operating method, the pollution of a water body is timely found by real-time sampling analysis and dynamic monitoring; the monitoring terminals are simple to network and easy to expand.

Microorganism preparation for improving cultivation water and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a microorganism preparation for improving cultivation water. The microorganism preparation is characterized in that raw materials include 20-40% of bacillus subtilis, 20-40% of bacillus amyloliquefaciens, 20-50% of saccharomyces boulardii and 5-10% of rhodopseudom onas palustrisand. A preparation method comprises the steps of: respectively inoculating the bacillus subtilis, the bacillus amyloliquefaciens, the saccharomyces boulardii and the rhodopseudom onas palustrisand into corresponding culture media to obtain seed culture solutions; inoculating the seed culture solutions into the culture media according to proportion in sequence for fermentation, and performing high-speed centrifugation to obtain high-concentration bacilli liquid; transferring the bacilli liquid into a matrix, mixing, granulating, drying and crushing. After the microorganism preparation disclosed by the invention is used, the cultivation water becomes clear, water change amount is reduced remarkably, water resources are saved, and pollution caused by outward emission is reduced. Due to improvement of the quality of a water environment, drugs used for aquaculture products are reduced, antibiotic pollution is reduced, the food safety requirement is met, and product quality is ensured.

Multimode bionic amphibious robot

The invention provides a multimodal amphibious bio-robot, which comprises a head, a replaceable wheel paddle/flipper mechanism, a propelling unit and a caudal peduncle compound drive mechanism. In water, the propelling unit and the caudal peduncle compound drive mechanism oscillate back and forth to propel by imitating a fish in the plane, and a rotating mechanism rotates the propelling unit and the caudal peduncle compound drive mechanism for 90 degrees, and switches the moving mode of propelling by imitating a fish into that of swimming by imitating a dolphin; and the flipper mechanism assists the tail propelling to accomplish actions of moving forward, moving backward, turning and pitching, and the paddle mechanism assists the robot turning. On land, the flipper mechanism rotates continuously to make the robot creep on the ground, imitates the movement of a wheel mechanism when rotating continuously, thereby the robot improves the speed of the movement, has obstacle-climbing capability, and a driven wheel reduces the resistance of the movement on the land. The robot can induce the own environment in real time by two liquid level sensors arranged at the head and the propelling unit respectively; and when the land and water environments are changed, according to the information of the liquid level sensors, a main control panel uses corresponding movement policies to accomplish the intelligent switching between the modes of moving on the land and in the water.

Method and system for advanced treatment of centralized rural domestic sewage

InactiveCN102674631ARealize the equipment of processing facilitiesRealize equipmentMultistage water/sewage treatmentConstructed wetlandRainfall runoff
The invention belongs to the technical field of water treatment and particularly relates to a method and a system for advanced treatment of centralized rural domestic sewage. The treatment system comprises a hydrolytic acidification tank, a composite tower type ecological filter and a surface flow artificial wetland system. The treatment method comprises the following steps of: collecting sewage through a pipe network, allowing the sewage to enter the hydrolytic acidification tank which is a landfill tank, stabilizing and regulating the water quantity, and pumping the sewage into a high-position service reservoir by using a submersible electric pump with the head of more than 5m; distributing the domestic sewage of the hydrolytic acidification tank into the composite tower type ecological filter by strengthening water distribution measures, and removing organic pollutants, total nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and pathogenic microorganisms in the sewage; and allowing tail water and collected rainfall runoff to enter the artificial wetland system for advanced treatment. A good water environment landscape can be built for an artificial wetland; and the effluent reaches the first-grade A standard of discharge standard of pollutants for municipal wastewater treatment plant (GB18918-2002).

High-precision monitoring method for cyanobacterial blooms in large shallow lake through MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) and satellite

The invention discloses a high-precision monitoring method for cyanobacterial blooms in a large shallow lake through an MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) and a satellite. The high-precision monitoring method is characterized by comprising the following steps: screening recognition indexes of the cyanobacterial blooms (short for algal blooms) which are insensitive to the type and thickness of an atmospheric aerosol; combining the synchronous MODIS, LandsatTM/ETM and satellite image in 2000-2013 year and a gradient analysis result of land and water information to obtain a pure pixel index threshold value of the algal blooms; precisely calculating the area of the algal blooms in a mixed pixel (part of pixels covered by the algal blooms) of the algal blooms by using a pixel growth algorithm (APA); and furthermore, estimating the actual area of the algal blooms in the total water area of the lake and the areal distribution of the algal blooms. The high-precision monitoring method can be used for precisely obtaining the spatial and temporal distribution of the algal blooms in the shallow lake, accurately analyzing the generation and development condition and trend of the algal blooms, scientifically estimating the lake pollution control and ecological remediation effects and providing the scientific and technological support for making a scientific decision for water resource management and water environment protection of departments of water conservation, environment protection and the like.

Landscape water quality online early warning system

InactiveCN103018418ARealize online analysisRealize early warningTesting waterData centerWater quality
The invention discloses a landscape water quality online early warning system which comprises a landscape water quality online monitoring system, a data center and a main control computer. The landscape water quality online monitoring system is used for monitoring landscape water quality data and performing data transmission with the data center; the data center is used for controlling the landscape water quality online monitoring system and storing water quality data sent back by the landscape water quality online monitoring system; the main control computer processing data in a database at any time by calling and operating a functional module, and realizing the analysis and management of online monitored water quality data; and when water quality is worsened, the main control computer performs forecasting and early warning, and puts forward a contingency plan according to early warning situations. The variation trend of water quality can be mastered through the landscape water quality online early warning system, the water quality worsening trend can be early warned in time, the water environment quality of urban landscape water body is guaranteed, and scientific basis and technical support are provided for the effective analysis and management of water quality data during the running process of landscape water body.
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