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Industrial Wastewater Microwave Electrodeless UV Photocatalysis-Double Membrane Separation Coupling Treatment Device

The present invention is an industrial waste water microwave electrodeless ultraviolet photocatalysis-dual membrane separation coupling treatment device, the device mainly consists of a reactor (1), a membrane separation system (2), a microwave electrodeless ultraviolet light source system (4), an aeration system, and an ozone tail gas decomposition device (7) connected to the reactor, and an inlet and outlet water system, wherein: the upper and lower parts of the reactor are respectively the reaction zone and the aeration zone, which are separated by a water distribution plate (5); the membrane separation system The microwave electrodeless ultraviolet light source system is located in the reaction zone and is separated by a corrugated partition (3); the aeration system is composed of a microporous aeration head (6) and a blower (8), and the microporous aeration head is located in the aeration At the bottom of the zone, the blower sends air to the aeration zone through the air duct. The invention has the characteristics of high reaction rate, complete degradation of organic matter, long-term operation and the like, and has strong operability and high safety. It is suitable for the treatment of refractory organic industrial wastewater, and it is also suitable for sterilization and disinfection in the field of water supply.

Combined gravity separation-filtration for conducting treatment processes in solid-liquid systems

This is a method and apparatus for combined gravity separation-filtration for conducting physical, physical-chemical, chemical, and biological processes in solid-liquid systems; including but not limited to separation of dispersed solids from liquids, separation of alkalinity from the liquid stream, chemical acid-base interactions, chemical oxidation-reduction, chemical dissolution-precipitation, physical chemical adsorption, ion exchange, mass transfer in any combinations of multiple liquid-solid-gas phases, biological oxidation-reductions, biological growth, and combinations of these processes; gravity separation steps can be conducted in rectangular horizontal unidirectional flow clarifiers, rectangular or circular radial flow clarifiers, rectangular or circular vertical flow clarifiers, lamella clarifiers, suspended sludge blanket clarifiers, fluidized bed separators, and combinations thereof, wherein the filtration step is disposed in the upper portion of the combined process or side-by-side with clarification step; filtration steps are conducted in single or multiple attachment media filters, including particulate filter media either heavier than liquid or floating; liquid filtered through the attachment media is collected by holed pipes, screens, or membranes. Reagents can be introduced before the gravity separation and/or before filtration steps. This method and apparatus can be used for municipal and industrial water purification and wastewater treatment for removal of a broad range of admixtures including BOD/COD, suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus, organics imparting color, salts of hardness, heavy metals, and other constituents of admixture.

Method for producing efficient composite microbial preparation by livestock and poultry liquid dung

The invention relates to a method for producing a high-efficiency composite microbial agent by using livestock liquid dung, and belongs to the technical field of environmental microbiology and agricultural science. The method comprises the following steps: diluting livestock liquid dung or livestock feces with water; after hydrolysis and acidification treatment, performing standing and settlement for desilting; mixing a supernatant obtained with a photosynthetic bacterial solution for anaerobic culture; using the mixed solution as a base liquid and stepwise adding lactobacilli, saccharomyces, bacillus thuringienesis and actinomycete into the base liquid in a proportion; and after anaerobic culture and aerobic treatment, finally filling the mixture into a biological fluidized bed for further treatment to obtain the high-efficiency composite microbial agent. The microbial agent is rich in the photosynthetic bacteria, the lactobacilli, the saccharomyces, the actinomycete, the bacillus thuringienesis, azotobacter, nitrobacteria, denitrifying bacteria and other beneficial organisms, and be widely used in agriculture, livestock breeding, fresh water aquaculture, organic sewage treatment, microbial deodorization, and other aspects. The technology is suitable to be used by various livestock farms (raisers) for liquid dung treatment.

Microorganism preparation for improving cultivation water and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a microorganism preparation for improving cultivation water. The microorganism preparation is characterized in that raw materials include 20-40% of bacillus subtilis, 20-40% of bacillus amyloliquefaciens, 20-50% of saccharomyces boulardii and 5-10% of rhodopseudom onas palustrisand. A preparation method comprises the steps of: respectively inoculating the bacillus subtilis, the bacillus amyloliquefaciens, the saccharomyces boulardii and the rhodopseudom onas palustrisand into corresponding culture media to obtain seed culture solutions; inoculating the seed culture solutions into the culture media according to proportion in sequence for fermentation, and performing high-speed centrifugation to obtain high-concentration bacilli liquid; transferring the bacilli liquid into a matrix, mixing, granulating, drying and crushing. After the microorganism preparation disclosed by the invention is used, the cultivation water becomes clear, water change amount is reduced remarkably, water resources are saved, and pollution caused by outward emission is reduced. Due to improvement of the quality of a water environment, drugs used for aquaculture products are reduced, antibiotic pollution is reduced, the food safety requirement is met, and product quality is ensured.
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