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Rotary sprinkler with arc adjustment guide and flow-through shaft

A rotary sprinkler having an adjustable arc segment whose angular extent and absolute direction relative to the ground are represented by an arc indicator, which arc indicator may comprise a band whose visible length represents the angular extent and whose position on the sprinkler points to the direction. The sprinkler may have the arc segment adjusted by a movable arc limit stop that is coupled to a toggle member only at drive reversal, and the sprinkler may be converted to full circle operation by raising the arc limit stop relative to a cooperating trip tab. A buckling spring assembly used to shift the drive comprises a compression spring held between two spaced pivot members, and the drive can be built in continuous and intermittent drive versions by replacing a few normal rotary gears with multilated gears. A friction clutch having asymmetric teeth for smooth operation prevents damage to the drive during forced nozzle rotation. A nozzle assembly includes a pivotal nozzle that carries a radius adjustment screw with the head of the screw received on top a flexible portion of a top cover, which top cover has laser etched indicia relating to various adjustments of the sprinkler. A flow shut off valve includes stream straightening vanes and a collar may be used to support the sprinkler on a stake or post for above ground installation.

Digging method foundation pit structure of steel cover and plate cover, and construction method

The invention discloses a steel cover board covered excavation foundation ditch structure and construction method thereof, belonging to the constructional engineering technical field and comprising a foundation ditch enclosure wall, a construction upright column, an upright column pile, a transverse horizontal bracing, a plurality of longitudinal horizontal bracings, a screens steel board and a steel cover board, wherein, the foundation ditch enclosure wall is positioned on the out edge of an inner construction site foundation ditch, the upright column pile is vertically arranged at the bottom of the foundation ditch and inlayed into the ground bottom, the construction upright column is sheathed in the upright column pile, the transverse horizontal bracing and a plurality of longitudinal horizontal bracings are orthogonally arranged as box type structure, the screens steel board is vertically arranged on the plane surface formed by the transverse horizontal bracing and the longitudinal horizontal bracing and fixed on the crossing point of the transverse horizontal bracing and the longitudinal horizontal bracing, and the steel cover board is arranged on the screens steel board and is in the same plane with the construction site surface. The invention has the advantages of effectively easing the contradiction of occupying sites of foundation ditch construction with the traffic above-ground, increasing the recycling rate of structure material and minishing the influence to environment caused by structure waste material.
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