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Renewable energy integrated storage and generation systems, apparatus, and methods with cloud distributed energy management services

A software platform in communication with networked distributed energy resource energy storage apparatus, configured to deliver various specific applications related to offset demand monitoring, methods of virtual power plant and orchestration, load shaping services, methods of reducing demand at aggregated level, prioritizing computer programs related to virtual energy pool, energy cloud controllers methods, charge discharge orchestration plans of electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, machine learning predictive algorithms, value optimizing algorithms, autonomous sensing event awareness, mode selection methods, capacity reservation monitoring, virtual power plant methods, advanced DER-ES apparatus features, energy management system for governing resources and methods, aggregated energy cloud methods, load shaping methods, marginal cost cycle-life degradation, load shaping API, forward event schedule, on demand request, and load service state request methods. Various rules, constraints of predictive algorithms for signal inputs to determine incremental storage cycles, cycle life degradation marginal cost, iterative and forward event schedule development, and load control.
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