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Collection of electric vehicle power consumption tax

InactiveUS20090177580A1Accurate measurement and reportingCharging stationsFinancePaymentMeasurement device
A method of collecting electric vehicle power consumption tax for charge transferred between a local power source and an electric vehicle comprises: providing a network-controlled charge transfer device, charge transfer being controlled by a controller, the controller being connected to a network for communication to a server; requesting by an operator of the electric vehicle to the controller for charge transfer; relaying the request from the controller to the server; determining by the server, from geographical tax rate data and the geographical location of the network-controlled charge transfer device, an applicable tax rate on the charge transfer; enabling charge transfer by communicating from the server to the controller to activate the control device; monitoring the charge transfer using a current measuring device, the controller being configured to monitor the output from the current measuring device and to maintain a running total of charge transferred; detecting completion of the charge transfer; and on detecting completion, processing payment with said payment source, which may include deducting the cost of charge transfer from a subscriber account containing pre-transferred funds, and disabling charge transfer; wherein the request for payment includes the electric vehicle power consumption tax.
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