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Armature for an electromotive device

InactiveUS6111329AMaximize conductor-packing factorMaximize conductor volume to gap ratioWindings insulation shape/form/constructionMagnetic circuit rotating partsGlass fiberEngineering
An armature for an electric motor is constructed from a pair of precision machined copper plates cut in a pattern to produce a series of axially extending surface conductive bands with each band separated from the other by an insulated cutout. The precision machined plates are rolled to form two telescoping, hollow cylinders with each cylinder having a pattern of conductive bands representing a half-electric circuit. The outer surface of the inner cylinder is wrapped with several layers of fiberglass strands for structural stability and insulation. The fiberglass wrapped inner cylinder is telescoped inside the outer cylinder. The outer surface of the telescoped structure is also wrapped with several layers of fiberglass strands for structural stability. The conductive bands from the outer cylinder being the near mirror image of the conductive bands of the inner cylinder are helically coupled to form a complete electrical circuit. The resulting tubular structure is encapsulated in a potting material for further structural stability and insulation. The result is a freestanding ironless core inductive armature coil for a DC motor with brushes. The armature also has a commutator, which is mounted at one end of the coil and is in electrical contact with the helically coupled conductive bands. An insulated flywheel and shaft assembly is mounted inside the coil with the flywheel behind the commutator for motor mounting and operation.

Electromagnetic train

The invention relates to an electromagnetic train. The electromagnetic train comprises a line rail, a driving system, a train body, a guiding system and an electromagnetic supporting system. A plurality of long stators are mounted on two sides of the line rail along a driving direction; the driving system comprises the long stators, and the train body comprises train body supporting racks and compartments; the guiding system comprises guiding magnets, guiding rails, guiding air gap sensors and guiding controllers; the electromagnetic supporting system comprises rotors, rotor controllers and train body load sensors, wherein the rotors are located below the long stators, and a small air gap is formed between each rotor and the corresponding long stator and ranges from 2 mm to 6 mm; and the rotor controllers adjust the exciting currents of the rotors in real time, so that the electromagnetic forces generated by the rotors are equal to the train body load. The train body is in contact with the line rail through a supporting skid at the bottom of the train body. According to the electromagnetic train provided by the invention, the air gap sensors are not needed to be suspended, so that the electromagnetic train is small in power consumption, light in self weight, low in cost and simple to control and runs stably.

Split type water jacket with diversion water tank and assembly method

The invention provides a split type water jacket with a diversion water tank and an assembly method. The split type water jacket with the diversion water tank comprises an inner arc half water jacket, an outer arc half water jacket, a sealing element, a fastening element and a positioning pin group; wherein the water jacket are two separated bodies by using the centerline of a crystallizer cylinder as a dividing line; an angular water path, a side surface water path and an arc surface water path are arranged in each separated body; an inner cavity of each water jacket is provided with ribs; a diversion water tank is formed between every two adjacent ribs; and crisscross rib plates are distributed at the outer side of the water jackets. When the water sleeves are assembled, the inner arc half water jacket, an outer arc half water jacket are combined according to design dimensions firstly and then are integrally processed; after being processed, the inner arc half water jacket, an outer arc half water jacket are assembled in a crystallizer; combining surfaces are sealed; positioning pins are arranged between the combining surfaces for positioning; and bolts are arranged between the combining surfaces for fastening. According to the split type water jacket, the controllability of cooling water joints is structurally ensured; the deviation between the center of a circle of a copper pipe circular arc and the center of a casting machine can be avoided; the heat exchange effect of the water joints is beneficial for improving; and the production and operation cost is reduced.

Magnetic trigger mechanism

ActiveCN102549683AAttenuation of magnetic holding forceArmature AccelerationProtective switch operating/release mechanismsElectromagnets with armaturesSpring forceMagnetic flux
The invention relates to a magnetic trigger mechanism at least comprising a yoke having an armature opening, in which yoke an armature is placed, which armature is coaxially surrounded by at least one section of the coil body having at least one excitation coil and which is acted on by the force of a preloaded spring element and which remains in a first end position due to the magnetic retaining force of a permanent magnet when current is not flowing through the excitation coil, the permanent magnet being arranged in the area of the first end of the armature together with a base extending between the armature and the permanent magnet, and the second end position of the armature being achieved by means of a brief flow of current through the excitation coil together with the accompanying lowering of the magnetic retaining force and the spring force, which is effective then. The invention is characterized in that the first end of the armature, which first end faces away from the armature opening, is guided in the coil body in a centered manner, and the second of the armature, which second end faces the armature opening, is likewise guided in a centered manner by means of a centering ring centered in the coil body, the highly permeable centering ring lies against the yoke at the armature opening and can move radially relative to the yoke, the base is centered in the coil body, the centering ring together with the coil body ensuring that the armature lies flat in the area of the first end without tipping and always guaranteeing maximum retaining forces due to the armature lying flat, the spring element having a larger diameter than the armature, and the magnetic flux commutating upon triggering from a series connection to a parallel connection.
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