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Atomic layer removal process with higher etch amount

Higher overall etch rate and throughput for atomic layer removal (ALR) is achieved. The reaction is a self-limiting process, thus limiting the total amount of material that may be etched per cycle. By pumping down the process station between reacting operations, the reaction is partially “reset.” A higher overall etch rate is achieved by a multiple exposure with pump down ALR process.

Display with overlayed electronic skin

This disclosure features an electronic display with overlayed electronic skin. The display includes an outer transparent display surface and can be placed in a dark state or in a bright state. The skin overlays the outer display surface and includes an electro-optic layer. Transparent electrically conductive layers are disposed on each side of the electro-optic layer. Electronic circuitry applies voltages to the electrically conductive layers enabling the electro-optic material of the electronic skin to be placed into a substantially transparent state and a reflective state. Images or colors can be displayed on the electronic skin while portions of the electronic skin are in the reflective state and light passing through the electronic skin is absorbed by the display in the dark state. When the display is in the bright state images or colors can be displayed on the display that can be seen through the electronic skin.

Polycyclic aromatic compound

A novel polycyclic aromatic compound in which plural aromatic rings are linked via boron atoms, oxygen atoms and the like is provided, and therefore, the range of selection of the material for organic electroluminescent elements can be widened. Also, an excellent organic electroluminescent element is provided by using the novel polycyclic aromatic compound as a material for an organic electroluminescent element.

Polycyclic aromatic compound

By providing a novel polycyclic aromatic compound in which a plurality of aromatic rings are linked via a boron atom, a nitrogen atom, or the like, options of a material for an organic EL element are increased. In addition, by using the novel polycyclic aromatic compound as a material for an organic electroluminescent element, an excellent organic EL element is provided.

Minimally invasive bone broach

ActiveUS20050288676A1Reduce gapImproving the initial and long-term bone ingrowth/fixationJoint implantsBone drill guidesAcute angleAnatomy
A broaching system is disclosed for creating a cavity in a bone. The cavity has a cross section which has a generally triangular profile having a first side generally parallel with an axis of the bone and a second side forming an acute angle with the first side. The cavity is contiguous with a pre-existing conical cavity in the bone. The apparatus comprises as shaft and a broach. The shaft has a longitudinal axis. The broach is mounted to the shaft and has a first cutting side mounted at the acute angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the shaft. The first cutting side is formed to include teeth. The shaft and broach are configured so that when the longitudinal axis of the shaft is advanced into the bone along the axis of the bone, the teeth of the broach form the triangular cavity. A method for cutting a triangular cavity in bone is also described. The method comprises a providing a shaft step, an incising step and a cutting step. The provided shaft is configured to be movable relative to the bone to be prepared and includes a broach coupled thereto to dispose a cutting surface of the broach at an acute angle relative to the shaft. The shaft and broach have a width defined by the distance between the shaft and the outer most portion of the cutting surface. The incising step includes incising the patient adjacent the bone to be prepared to form an incision having a length approximating the width of shaft and broach. The cutting step includes cutting the cavity by driving the broach by moving the shaft relative to the bone.
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