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InactiveUS6993803B2Preventing accidental and unintended activationDispensing apparatusKitchenware cleanersBristleActuator
An actuator assembly and packaging feature for an electric toothbrush is disclosed. The actuator assembly includes a positionable member accessible along the outer surface of the toothbrush body. The actuator assembly further includes a spring member retained within the interior of the toothbrush body which urges a cam member against the underside of the positionable member. The positionable member defines an aperture extending through its midsection within which is disposed a depressible member. The depressible member has an outer end which is also accessible along the outer surface of the toothbrush body. Upon pressing the depressible member, the cam member and spring are urged against an electrical circuit provided within the body of the toothbrush which is used to selectively operate a motor and drive mechanism to move one or more sets of bristles. The actuator assembly additionally includes a feature of providing a raised region along an outer surface of the positionable member which guards against accidental or unintentional depressing of the depressible member. The packaging feature relates to a member formed in a package cover that is suitably sized and positioned over the depressible member of the actuator so that the cover, when pressed, may momentarily activate the toothbrush within the package.
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