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Optical connector cleaning tool

An optical connector clearing tool (1) includes a holder (2), cleaner (5), and cap (6). The holder (2) includes, e.g., a cylindrical slider (10), a cylindrical body (12) installed to be rotatable and movable in the axial direction with respect to the slider (10), and a slider return spring (13) which biases the body (12) forward to return the slider (10) to the initial position. The slider (10) has a pair of elastic pieces (16) having guide projections (17). In the outer circumferential surface of the body (12), spiral grooves (25, 26) with which the guide projections (17) engage are formed within the angular range of 360°. When the slider (10) moves forward, the body (12) rotates by the cam action of the guide projections (17) and spiral grooves (25, 26). The cleaner (5) includes, e.g., a cleaning thread (41) accommodated in a rotary pod (40), a supply reel (42), a take-up reel (43), and a cleaning pin (44), and is connected to the body (12). The rotary pod (40) and cleaning pin (44) rotate together with the body (12), and the cleaning thread (41) supplied to the distal end face of the cleaning pin (44) cleans the connection surface of an optical connector. The cleaning thread (41) is supplied from the supply reel (42) and taken up to the take-up reel (43) by being given tension by the rotation of the cleaner (5).

Developing apparatus, developing method and storage medium

A developing apparatus includes, to process substrates each coated with a resist and processed by an exposure process by a developing process, includes: plural developing units each provided with a substrate holding device for stably pouring a developer onto the substrate, a first developer nozzle to be used in common by the plural developing units to pour the developer in a band-shaped flow onto the substrates held by each of the substrate holding devices, a nozzle driving mechanism for carrying the first developer nozzle from one to another of the developing units, and moving the first developer nozzle with one end of a band-shaped area into which the developer is to be poured through the first developer nozzle directed toward the center of the substrate in each of the developing units such that a part in a surface of the substrate onto which the developer is poured moves from a central part toward a peripheral part or from a peripheral part toward a central part in the surface of the substrate to coat the surface of the substrate entirely with a developer film, and second developer nozzles for pouring the developer into a circular area or a band-shaped area of a short length shorter than that of the band-shaped area into which the first developer nozzle pours the developer in a central part of the substrate on which the developer film has been formed by the first developer nozzle. The nozzles are used selectively for developing steps.
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