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Efficient medial instrument cleaning device

The invention discloses a high-efficiency cleaning device for medical instruments, which includes a box body, a cleaning chamber, a cleaning liquid chamber, a cleaning frame, a double-axis motor, a first pulley, a belt, a second pulley, a hollow tube, a spray hole, a brush, The first water pipe, water pump, circulation device and drying device, the present invention is equipped with a biaxial motor, a disc and a connecting rod, through the cooperation of the above parts, the cleaning frame is driven to shake continuously, and the medical equipment in the cleaning frame is constantly turned, so that the medical equipment More fully contact with the cleaning liquid to improve the cleaning efficiency. It is equipped with the first helical gear, the second helical gear, the rotating shaft, the first pulley, the belt, the second pulley and the hollow tube, so that the brush can continuously scrub the medical equipment, and the The stubborn stains on the surface of medical instruments are removed, which improves the cleaning efficiency. At the same time, the spray holes spray the cleaning liquid from the inside to the outside, so that the cleaning liquid can fully clean all the medical instruments, and the stains are flushed out of the cleaning frame, which further ensures the cleaning efficiency. thoroughness.

Cleaning and screening all-in-one machine of traditional Chinese medicines

The invention discloses an all-in-one machine for cleaning and screening traditional Chinese medicine, which comprises a casing, a feed port, a water tank, a collection box for traditional Chinese medicine and a drawer; it is characterized in that a number of rollers are arranged inside the casing, and cleaning rollers are sheathed on the rollers , the outer wall of the shell is fixedly connected with a left fixed plate and a right fixed plate, the left side wall of the left fixed plate is fixedly connected with a first motor, the top of the cleaning drum is provided with a water spray plate, and the upper surface of the shell is fixedly connected with a water tank, A driving roller and a driven roller are arranged inside the shell, and a conveyor belt is installed between the driving roller and the driven roller. A dryer is installed inside the conveyor belt, and the ultraviolet light is used to sterilize the Chinese medicinal materials, and the wool on the cleaning roller is used to sterilize the traditional Chinese medicine. The brush scrubs the traditional Chinese medicine; there is a gap between the cleaning rollers, and the small Chinese medicine fragments can fall through the gap between the rollers; Chinese herbal medicines are dried.

Double-pressure submerged arc furnace waste heat boiler with mechanical brush ash-removing device

The invention provides a double-pressure submerged arc furnace waste heat boiler with a mechanical brush ash-removing device, wherein a boiler barrel is arranged on a support, a convection vertical shaft is arranged in the support, one end of the convection vertical shaft is provided with a smoke inlet, and the other end of the convection vertical shaft is provided with a smoke outlet. A sub-middle-pressure superheater, a sub-middle-pressure evaporator, a sub-middle-pressure economizer, a low-pressure superheater, a low-pressure evaporator and a low-pressure economizer which are fixedly arranged on a ventilation beam are arranged in sequence from the smoke inlet to the smoke outlet in the convection vertical shaft; the mechanical brush ash-removing device is arranged on each heating surface of the submerged arc furnace waste heat boiler device; an external transmission device is connected with an internal ash-removing device; the internal ash-removing device is provided with a frame-type brush fixing device; a steel wire brush with upper and lower ends being respectively and fixedly arranged on a frame is arranged on the fixing device; two groups of rollers are arranged at the bottom of the brush fixing device; each group of rollers is arranged on one guide rail; and two ends of the two guide rails are connected with the boiler ventilation beam and an inner protective plate. The double-pressure submerged arc furnace waste heat boiler with the mechanical brush ash-removing device is small in investment, convenient to reform, complete in ash removing and high in heat transfer efficiency.

Folding ultrasonic washing board and ultrasonic scrubbing brush thereof

The invention relates to a folding ultrasonic washing board and an ultrasonic scrubbing brush thereof. The folding ultrasonic washing board comprises a washing board the table board of which is uniformly provided with a series of magnets, a cover cap the rear end of which is hinged with the washing board by virtue of a spindle, a few clothes pressing strips, a liquid bottle filled with laundry liquid and an ultrasonic cleaning device, wherein the cover cap is covered above the washing board, a quadrilateral ultrasonic cleaning tank is arranged on the table board of the washing board, a laundry liquid recycling bottle is arranged below the ultrasonic cleaning tank, the ultrasonic cleaning device is composed of an ultrasonic generator, a plurality of ultrasonic vibrators and an ultrasonic switch, the upper surface of each ultrasonic vibrator is connected with the lower surface of the table board of the washing board, and the folding ultrasonic washing board can be classified into a wall mounting type and a floor type according to different folding manners used for fixing the washing board. According to the invention, the washing board can be folded and packed up when the washing board is not used, the washing board can have ultrasonic'cavitation' laundry liquid cleaning and automatic scrubbing functions, and the washing board disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of small storage area, semi-automation operation, good washing effect and easiness and convenience in use.

Mobile surface scrubber solution recovery system

InactiveUSRE36565E1Reduce manufacturing expenseReduce risk maintenanceLiquid processingCarpet cleanersEngineeringScrub brushes
A mobile surface scrubber for scrubbing a surface wetted with cleaning solution. The scrubber comprises a frame, a plurality of wheels rotatably mounted on the frame, scrub brush means attached to the frame and positioned to scrub the wetted surface as the scrubber is transported over the surface, and a recovery system for recovering cleaning solution from the surface. The recovery system includes a return tank for retaining recovered cleaning solution, a rear squeegee pivotally connected to the frame, and left and right side squeegees mounted on the frame. The rear squeegee is positionable to contact the surface behind the scrub brush means when the scrubber is transported in the forward direction. The side squeegees are unvaryingly oriented with respect to the frame and positionable to contact the surface on opposite sides of the scrub brush means. The rear squeegee is so constructed and operable that when the scrubber is transported in a right turning direction, the rear squeegee pivots relative to the frame to a position in which the right end of the rear squeegee overlaps the rearward end of the right side squeegee, and when the scrubber is transported in a left turning direction, the rear squeegee pivots relative to the frame to a position in which the left end of the rear squeegee overlaps the rearward end of the left side squeegee.
Owner:ALTO U S

Accounting teaching demonstration device

The invention discloses an accounting teaching demonstration device, relates to the technical field of teaching equipment, and mainly aims to solve the problems that an existing device is inconvenientto transport and move and a display screen is not effectively protected. The device comprises a rack and a display screen, wherein the rack comprises a box body and a lifting mechanism; the lifting mechanism comprises a threaded rod, a mounting plate and a belt transmission mechanism; door bodies are hinged to two sides of the display screen through hinges, the door body is provided with an erasing mechanism; and the erasing mechanism comprises a scrubbing brush strip and a sliding block. The accounting teaching demonstration device is provided with the rack, the rack comprises the box body and the lifting mechanism, the display screen is driven to move out of the box body through cooperation when the device is used, a user can adjust the height according to the height, the display screenis enabled to move into the box body after teaching is finished. On the one hand, the display screen can be effectively protected; on the other hand, it is convenient to transport and move the teaching device; and by installing the door body and arranging the erasing mechanism on the door body, the writing area can be quickly erased by moving the scrubbing brush strip, and the teaching efficiencyis improved.
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