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Improved textile machine with dust removal function

The invention discloses an improved textile machine with a dust removal function, which comprises a machine frame, wherein a dust removal box is fixedly connected to the side wall at the upper end ofthe machine frame, a first filter screen and a second filter screen are symmetrically connected to the inner wall of the dust removal box in a sliding manner, and a shaking device for shaking the first filter screen and the second filter screen is mounted in the dust removal box. By the arrangement of a connecting rod which is connected to the inner wall of the dust removal box in a rotary manner,the rotation of the connecting rod enables bristles on the side wall of a transverse plate to clean the first filter screen, due to the arrangement of magnetic semi-discs and magnets, the first filter screen can reciprocate and shake when the connecting rod rotates, so that the cleaning of the first filter screen is accelerated; and by the arrangement of arc-shaped blocks attached to glass blocks, static electricity is generated by friction between the glass blocks and the arc-shaped blocks when the connecting rod rotates, and fine dust escaping from mesh holes of the first filter screen is cleaned, so that the fine dust is prevented from floating into the air to affect the working environment of workers and cause harm to the health of the workers.

Sock production device

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The invention discloses a sock production device. The sock production device comprises a rack, a feeding device, a waste material recovery device, a sewing box, a discharging device and a sock turning device, wherein the feeding device comprises a guide rail, a guiding frame, a guiding box, a feeding box and a first electric motor component; the waste material recovery device comprises a negative air pressure pumping device and a pipeline, the negative air pressure pumping device is arranged on the rack, and one end of the pipeline is connected to the negative air pressure pumping device; the sewing box is fixedly arranged on the rack and is sequentially and fixedly provided with a first sewing head and a second sewing head from left to right; the right end of the rack is fixedly provided with the discharging device, the discharging device is provided with a discharging guide rail, the lower part of the discharging guide rail is provided with a sock guiding pipe, and the sock guiding pipe is provided with the sock turning device. According to the sock production device disclosed by the invention, socks can be automatically turned after the socks are sewed when a seam of a sock point is completely sewed, meanwhile, the situation that waster materials which are generated by the first sewing head, the second sewing head and a sock point cutting mechanism can be collected is realized, the automation degree is high, the working efficiency is increased, and the labor cost is reduced.
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