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Method for improving electroplating quality of front electrode of solar cell

The invention relates to a method for improving the electroplating quality of a front electrode of a solar cell, comprising the following steps: pretreatment, sintering, laser scanning and slotting as well as electroplating, wherein a step of prefabricating a positive electrode of a main grid line by using a silk-screen printing mode exists between the pretreatment step and the sintering step; the step of the laser scanning of the slotting is to use lasers to scan a fine grid and slot; and the electroplating step comprises the following steps: electroplating a semi-finished cell on which fine grid scanning and slotting is finished by lasers; using an HF (hydrogen fluoride) acid solution with a low concentration or a mixed solution of HF and NH4F (ammonium fluoride) to activate a surface of the semi-finished cell; placing the semi-finished cell in a chemical nickel-plating bath; depositing nickel with the thickness of 0.1-1.0mu m on the front face of the fine grid; placing in an electrosilvering bath; depositing silver with the thickness of 2-20mu m; and annealing to form nickel-silicon alloys, thus finishing the fabrication of the front electrode of the cell. In the method, the silk-screen printing is utilized to prefabricate the positive electrode of the main grid line, thus optimizing the distribution of power lines on the cell surface, thereby improving a cell-scraping phenomenon caused by poor quality of dielectric films in the electroplating process and solving the problem that the adhesive force of a main grid line of the solar cell electrode fabricated by using a single electroplating method is poor.

Mechanical clamping equipment with magnetorheological fluid damping effect

InactiveCN107081621AReduce contact areaReduce frictionVibration dampersPositioning apparatusMechanical engineeringMagnetorheological fluid
The invention discloses a mechanical clamping device with magneto-rheological fluid shock absorption, which includes a base, the upper end of the base is fixedly connected with baffle plates symmetrically on both sides, and a circular card slot is provided on one side of the outer wall of the baffle plate , and a circular block is arranged in the circular card slot, a lead screw is connected between the two circular blocks, and the middle outer wall of the lead screw is sleeved with a rotating block, and the outer walls of both ends of the lead screw are A clamping plate is socketed, and the clamping plate is threadedly connected with the lead screw. The bottom of the clamping plate is provided with a slider, and the upper end of the base is provided with a chute corresponding to the slider. The inner wall of the baffle is a A sleeve is fixedly connected to the side, and the inner cavity of the sleeve is filled with magnetorheological fluid. The inner wall of the sleeve is provided with a piston block, and one end of the piston block is connected with a support rod. The invention is simple in structure, easy to operate, has better stability, and keeps the clamping force constant within a certain range at the same time, avoiding damage to the workpiece.

Multi-substrate combining detection method based on laser measurement

The invention belongs to the technical field of measurement, and particularly relates to a multi-substrate combining detection method based on laser measurement. A planeness combining detection method is improved into digital detection instructed by laser from traditional analog quantity detection; a laser tracker application processor visually displays adjustment amount; an adjustment amount displaying mode is direct, real-time and accurate; measuring points on substrates locate randomly; moving tracks of target ball measurement are random; contact area of a target ball and the planes of the substrates is small, number of collection points is large, and planeness of the combined substrates can be more comprehensively, vividly and accurately displayed as compared with that by traditional methods; translation and rotation of a coordinate system are facilitated, and origin of coordinates can be accurately defined to any position within the space of a measurement range; combining a coplane by multiple substrates, and in particular combining detection of any inclination angles and large planes are achieved fundamentally. With the multi-substrate combining detection method, operational procedures are simplified, measuring efficiency is improved by almost two times, and measuring accuracy is improved by more than three times.

Sound emission detection sensor fixing device

The invention discloses a sound emission detection sensor fixing device which comprises a main body, whose first surface is provided with a main body cavity and two accommodating cavities; a spring and a spring seat mounted in the main body cavity, with one end of the spring connected to the bottom of the main body cavity and the other end connected with the spring seat. Each accommodating cavity is fixed with a magnet and two metal pieces are respectively attached to the two faces of the magnet, wherein the distance between a first end face of each metal piece and the bottom of the accommodating cavity is longer than that between a second end face of the magnet and the bottom of the accommodating cavity, so that the main body is fixed on the surface of a tank wall via the first end faces of the four metal piece. As the spring seat transfers the pressure of the spring, a sensor is pressed against the surface of the tank wall by an even force. The fixing device of the invention solves the technical problem that the sensor is installed and fixed by using a magnetic holder in the prior art so that adaptability to the tank wall is poor, the magnetic force is either too large or too small, and the force applied to the sensor is uneven. The fixing device not only stabilizes the sensor, but facilitates the detachment of the fixing device.

Inhaul cable sleeve for automobile

The embodiment of the invention discloses an inhaul cable sleeve for an automobile. The inhaul cable sleeve comprises a corrugated lining tube, a flat steel belt, a steel wire layer and a plastic coating layer in turn from inside to outside, wherein the corrugated lining tube has a hollow tubular structure; the inner surface of the corrugated lining tube is the surface with continuous corrugated bulges; the flat steel belt has a flat banded structure; the flat steel belt is spirally wound on the outer surface of the corrugated lining tube; a bare tube of the inhaul cable sleeve for the automobile is formed by the flat steel belt and the corrugated lining tube; the steel wire layer is composed of a plurality of steel wires; the steel wires in the steel wire layer are uniformly distributed on the outer surface of the bare tube; and the plastic coating layer covers the outermost layer of the tubular structure formed by the corrugated lining tube, the flat steel belt and the steel wire layer. By adopting the inhaul cable sleeve for the automobile provided by the invention, a contact area of a lining tube and a steel wire rope is reduced, and a frictional force caused by the relative motion of the lining tube and the steel wire rope, namely, an operating force during the working process of an inhaul cable of the automobile, is reduced, so that the force-transferring efficiency of the inhaul cable of the automobile is increased and the noise caused by the vibration of the steel wire rope and the lining tube is reduced.

Positive pole piece, manufacturing method thereof and secondary battery

The invention provides a positive pole piece, a manufacturing method thereof and a secondary battery. The positive pole piece comprises a current collector, a first material layer coated on the current collector, and a second material layer coated on the first material layer; the first material layer comprises a lithium supplementing material, a first positive electrode active material, a first conductive agent and a first adhesive; the second material layer includes a second positive electrode active material, a second conductive agent, and a second binder. The invention has the beneficial effects that the first material layer and the second material layer are sequentially coated on the current collector, so the second material layer can coat the first material layer, air is isolated fromthe first positive electrode active material, and the contact area of the air and the lithium supplementing material in the first material layer in the processing and manufacturing process is reduced; the corrosion degree of the lithium supplementing material by air is reduced, and the first material layer can supplement metal elements for the second material layer, so the performance of the secondary battery prepared from the positive pole piece is improved.

Automatic repair equipment for pavement of cement concrete road

The invention relates to automatic repair equipment for the pavement of a cement concrete road. The automatic repair equipment comprises a moving device. A cleaning device is installed at the front end of the moving device. A repair device is installed at the rear end of the moving device. A rolling and spreading device is installed at the right end of the moving device. The moving device comprises a moving bottom plate. Two moving assisting mechanisms are installed at the lower end of the moving bottom plate. The two moving assisting mechanisms are symmetrically located on the front and rearsides of the moving bottom plate. A marking mechanism is installed at the lower end of the moving bottom plate. The automatic repair equipment can solve the problems that moving on the pavement is conducted by means of the existing mobile equipment manually during the restoration construction process of the existing concrete road, the concrete pavement with sand accumulation needs to be manually cleaned and wetted, concrete slurry is coated manually for multiple times with tools, scratching and troweling treatment is performed reciprocally, and the repaired concrete pavement needs to be covered with a protective cloth manually, and the function of automatic restoration construction of the concrete road with sand accumulation can be fulfilled.

Ablation catheter with grooves in surface

ActiveCN103505798AReduce contact areaReduce frictional resistanceCatheterSurgical ManipulationGuiding catheter
The invention discloses an ablation catheter with grooves in the surface. The ablation catheter comprises a supporting catheter and a plurality of wires, wherein the supporting catheter is configured in the central portion, and the wires are configured on the outer surface of the supporting catheter. The wires are configured by surrounding the circumferential direction of the supporting catheter, and each wire extends in the length direction of the supporting catheter. A sealing layer used for wrapping each wire is arranged outside each wire. The grooves are formed in the outer surface of the supporting catheter by the adjacent sealing layers. Compared with the design that in the prior art, internal structures like the wires are covered by circular tubes, the ablation catheter with the grooves in the surface has the advantages that the contact area between the outer surface of the ablation catheter with the grooves in the surface and the inner wall of a guiding catheter is smaller, the friction resistance is greatly reduced, the ablation catheter is convenient to operate during an operation, meanwhile, a gap between the ablation catheter with the grooves in the surface and the guiding catheter is larger, and the requirements for radiography, lavaging, coagulation resistance and the like during the ablation operation can be fully met.

Fabricated building beam column steel structure connecting component

The invention relates to a fabricated building beam column steel structure connecting component. The component comprises a supporting bottom plate, square columns, installation adjusting mechanisms and a connecting mechanism, wherein sliding chutes are formed in the supporting bottom plate, the square columns are symmetrically installed on the supporting bottom plate in a sliding fit mode, and theinstallation adjusting mechanisms are installed on the square columns in a bilateral symmetry mode; the installation adjusting mechanisms are connected through the connecting mechanism, and the connecting mechanism is located above the middle part of the support bottom plate. The steel structure connecting component can solve the problems that an existing steel structure connecting component is small in contact area and low in connecting stability at the beam-column connecting position, the distance of a steel beam cannot be adjusted, threaded holes in the beam columns are difficult to alignaccurately, deviation occurs in the mounting process, and then the mounting precision is affected; and the problems that during installation, stable connection cannot be conducted on the steel beams with the particularly long length, self-locking cannot be achieved at the joint of the two steel beams, steel structure connection is unstable, and potential safety hazards exist can be solved.
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