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A sprocket or sprocket-wheel is a profiled wheel with teeth, or cogs, that mesh with a chain, track or other perforated or indented material. The name 'sprocket' applies generally to any wheel upon which radial projections engage a chain passing over it. It is distinguished from a gear in that sprockets are never meshed together directly, and differs from a pulley in that sprockets have teeth and pulleys are smooth.

Freewheel for a bicycle

A freewheel is provided for mounting a plurality of sprockets on an axle of a bicycle. The freewheel basically includes an inner tubular body, an outer tubular body coaxially mounted on the inner tubular body with a bearing assembly rotatably coupling the inner tubular body to the outer tubular body. A one-way clutch is coupled between the inner tubular body and the outer tubular body to allow one-way rotation between the inner and outer tubular bodies. In the preferred embodiment, seven sprockets are mounted on the exterior of the outer tubular body. The bearing assembly has a pair of ball bearing races of the same diameter located at one end. An outer ball race or housing and a side plate are utilized in conjunction with the inner tubular body to fixedly secure the first and second ball bearings on the exterior surface of the inner tubular body. The inner tubular body with the bearings is then fixedly coupled to the outer tubular body so that the outer tubular body can rotate relative to the inner tubular body. The one-way clutch includes a pair of pawls attached to the inner tubular body and a set of ratchet teeth formed on the inner tubular body. The ratchet teeth are rotated between splines that are formed on the exterior surface of the outer body so as to maximize strength and minimize material. The outer tubular body has a step-shaped configuration with a plurality of abutment stoppers formed on the splines of the largest section such that some of the sprockets are installed from one direction and the other sprockets are installed in a second direction.

Automatic retractable equipment for traffic cones

ActiveCN101768928ARealize the purpose of placing the cone at a fixed distanceSimple structureTraffic signalsRoad signsRoad traffic managementEngineering
The invention relates to the field of road traffic management, and provides an automatic retractable equipment for traffic cones, which mainly comprises a suspension device and a retractable device, wherein the suspension device comprises a first fixed rod and a second fixed rod, wherein a supporting rod is fixed on the second fixed rod, and the retractable device comprises a base, a first rotating shaft, a second rotating shaft, a sprocket, a drive sprocket, a chain, a motor, a sprocket cover, a sliding board, shaft seats, rolling pull rods, a retaining arm structure and a positioning device; one end of the base is obliquely hung on the first fixed rod, and the bottom of the first fixed rod is fixedly connected with the supporting rod; the first rotating shaft and the second rotating shaft are erected at the two ends of the base through the shaft seats, and the two ends of the first rotating shaft and the second rotating shaft are respectively provided with sprockets; the sprockets arranged at the same end are connected by a chain, and the plurality of rolling pull rods are arranged between the two chains in parallel; and the sliding board is connected with the sprocket cover through hinges. The equipment has the function of automatically retracting the traffic cones, simple structure, convenient operation and high performance-price ratio.

Universal joint-driven inclined wide-and-narrow separating-planting mechanism of rice transplanter

InactiveCN101790917ATransplantingSprocketRow space
The invention discloses a universal joint-driven inclined wide-and-narrow separating-planting mechanism of a rice transplanter. Transmission cases of the same structure and planting arms of the same structure are arranged on the two sides of a chain wheel shaft respectively; the chain wheel shaft forms an inclination angle with an output shaft of a universal joint through the universal joint; the output shaft end of the universal joint is fixedly connected with a planet carrier; in the planet carrier, central gears are supported on the output shaft of the universal joint through bearings, are fixedly connected through flanges, adjustment gaskets and the flange on a transmission case body at the universal joint end and are connected with planet gears per se through idler wheels respectively; and planet gear shafts fixedly connected with the planet gears are connected with the planting arms per se respectively. In the universal joint-driven inclined wide-and-narrow separating-planting mechanism, seedling needles on the planting arms driven by the planet gears move in a plane inclined relative to the chain wheel shaft, the inclination of the planet carrier produces lateral movement relative to an advancing direction to move seedling inserting points leftwards or rightwards relative to seedling taking positions after the seedling needles take seedlings, and then rice transplantation positions are distributed in narrow and wide rows at unequal row spaces meeting agronomic requirements on the premise that seedling taking openings are distributed at equal intervals.
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