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Freewheel for a bicycle

A freewheel is provided for mounting a plurality of sprockets on an axle of a bicycle. The freewheel basically includes an inner tubular body, an outer tubular body coaxially mounted on the inner tubular body with a bearing assembly rotatably coupling the inner tubular body to the outer tubular body. A one-way clutch is coupled between the inner tubular body and the outer tubular body to allow one-way rotation between the inner and outer tubular bodies. In the preferred embodiment, seven sprockets are mounted on the exterior of the outer tubular body. The bearing assembly has a pair of ball bearing races of the same diameter located at one end. An outer ball race or housing and a side plate are utilized in conjunction with the inner tubular body to fixedly secure the first and second ball bearings on the exterior surface of the inner tubular body. The inner tubular body with the bearings is then fixedly coupled to the outer tubular body so that the outer tubular body can rotate relative to the inner tubular body. The one-way clutch includes a pair of pawls attached to the inner tubular body and a set of ratchet teeth formed on the inner tubular body. The ratchet teeth are rotated between splines that are formed on the exterior surface of the outer body so as to maximize strength and minimize material. The outer tubular body has a step-shaped configuration with a plurality of abutment stoppers formed on the splines of the largest section such that some of the sprockets are installed from one direction and the other sprockets are installed in a second direction.

Reciprocating screw vacuum compressor

InactiveCN102226450ARealize forward and reverse commutation rotationReasonable designMechanical actuated clutchesPumpsExhaust valveDrive wheel
The invention relates to a reciprocating screw vacuum compressor. The compressor is characterized in that a driven wheel is provided with a reciprocating screw transmission mechanism formed by a driven wheel supporting shaft, a gear transmitting and reversing system, hollow shafts, bearing blocks, hollow screw rods, nuts, nut sleeves, connecting sleeves, reversing rods, a spring mechanism and a jaw clutch; tandem piston units in a vacuum compression device formed by cylinders, pistons, sealing connecting pipes, sealing elements A, intermediate separate cavities, sealing elements B, a front separate cavity, a rear separate cavity, three-way intake valves, three-way exhaust valves, intermediate three-way exhaust valves, intermediate three-way intake valves, a main exhaust pipe and a main intake pipe are driven by reversion of the reversing rods in the reciprocating screw transmission mechanism to continuously reciprocate in the cylinders, thus realizing the vacuumizing and compressing functions of the vacuum compressor. The vacuum compressor not only has reasonable design and compact structure, but also has the advantages of energy conservation, no vibration, no noises, conformity with the environmental protection requirement, stable operation, convenience in operation and use and the like.
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