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Axial door operator

The present application discloses an axial operator that is configured for use with a door assembly. The axial operator comprises a rotatable operator output member that rotates about an operator axis, the operator output member being constructed and arranged to be operatively connected within the door assembly such that the operator output axis extends generally vertically. An electric motor has a rotatable motor output member that rotates about the operator axis. The motor is constructed and arranged to selectively rotate the motor output member about the operator axis. A reduction transmission is connected between the motor output member and the operator output member. The reduction transmission is constructed and arranged such that the transmission rotates the operator output member at a lower rotational speed than a rotational speed at which the motor rotates the motor output member and applies a higher torque to the operator output member than a torque which the motor applies to the motor output member. The reduction transmission comprises (a) an orbit gear, (b) a planet gear carrier, and (c) a planet gear. The motor is adapted to be communicated to a controller so as to receive a door moving signal therefrom and being further adapted to selectively rotate the motor output member in response to receiving the door moving signal to thereby rotate the operator output member so as to move the door panel with respect to the doorway as aforesaid.

Direct drive fan system with variable process control

The present invention is directed to a direct-drive fan system and a variable process control system for efficiently managing the operation of fans in a cooling system such a as wet-cooling tower or air-cooled heat exchanger (ACHE), HVAC systems, mechanical towers or chiller systems. The present invention is based on the integration of key features and characteristics such as tower thermal performance, fan speed and airflow, motor torque, fan pitch, fan speed, fan aerodynamic properties, and pump flow. The variable process control system processes feedback signals from multiple locations in order control a high torque, variable speed, permanent magnet motor to drive the fan. Such feedback signals represent certain operating conditions including motor temperature, basin temperature, vibrations, and pump flow rates. Other data processed by the variable process control system in order to control the motor include turbine back pressure set-point, condenser temperature set-point and plant part-load setting. The variable process control system processes this data and the aforesaid feedback signals to optimize the operation of the cooling system in order to prevent disruption of the industrial process and prevent equipment (turbine) failure or trip. The variable process control system alerts the operators for the need to conduct maintenance actions to remedy deficient operating conditions such as condenser fouling. The variable process control system increases cooling for cracking crude and also adjusts the motor RPM, and hence the fan RPM, accordingly during plant part-load conditions in order to save energy.

Method for integrated comprehensive management of gas in low-permeability single coal bed

The invention relates to a method for integrated comprehensive management of gas in a low-permeability single coal bed, which can effectively solve the problem of comprehensive management and utilization of the gas. A technical scheme of the method comprises the following steps of: firstly, drilling holes, wherein a high-torque drilling machine and a rifle or a trihedral drill stem are used for solving the phenomenon of clamping the drill stem caused by collapsing and jetting of the holes in the hole drilling process; and then, performing hydraulic fracturing permeability improvement on the coal body, drilling holes for pre-split blasting, performing gas drainage, and recycling the drained gas, thereby implementing the integrated management of the gas. With the method provided by the invention, the permeability of the coal body is improved, a pre-draining rate of the gas is improved, and the drained gas is recycled, so that the drilled holes are radically prevented from being blocked in the construction process, the problem of difficulties in draining the gas in the low-permeability coal bed with a drilling tool having insufficient capability in the drilling construction is solved, consequently, outburst risk of the coal and the gas is reduced, outburst accidents of the coal and the gas are reduced and even avoided, and mine production safety and lives of coal mine workers are ensured, so that the method brings great economic and social benefits.
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