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4-Way Compression Grooved Coupling

A pre-assembled pipe coupling for joining and sealing two grooved-ended pipe segments without disassembling the coupling is disclosed. The coupling has a housing with upper and lower arcuate housing segments and left and right bridge segments. Each bridge segment has at least one set of dihedrally angled faces that engage corresponding faces each in the upper and lower housing segments. Drawing the upper and lower segments inwardly together along a first axis, presses each bridge segment inward along a second axis roughly tangential to the first axis. All segments are loosely pre-assembled with bolts and nuts into a coupling and all segments each have radially inwardly projecting lands that mate with end grooves in the pipes to be joined. The coupling also has a one-piece circular sealing gasket that has an inward circumferential and centrally positioned pipe stop that has an inner diameter smaller than an outer diameter of the pipes to be joined. The gasket has two circumferential sealing lips axially outward from the pipe stop, the inner diameter each sealing lip larger than the outer diameter of the pipe segments to be joined.
Method for joining and sealing two grooved-ended pipe segments with a pre-assembled pipe coupling, without disassembling the coupling, is also disclosed.
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