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Process cartridge, electrophotographic photosensitive drum, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and color electrophotographic image forming apparatus

A process cartridge detachably mountable to a main assembly of an electrophotographic image forming apparatus for forming an image on a recording material, the apparatus including a motor, a driving rotatable member for transmitting a driving force from the motor, and a twisted recess provided at a central portion of the driving rotatable member and having a non-circular cross-section with a plurality of corners, the recess being rotatable integrally with the driving rotatable member, the process cartridge includes an electrophotographic photosensitive drum; process means actable on the drum; a twisted projection having a non-circular cross-section with a plurality of corners, the twisted projection being provided at one longitudinal end of the electrophotographic photosensitive drum and being engageable with the recess; a permitting portion for permitting engagement between the twisted protection and the recess only at a predetermined relative rotational position therebetween to establish the engagement therebetween with the predetermined relative to rotational position; wherein when the process cartridge is mounted to the main assembly of the apparatus, the rotating force is transmitted from the driving rotatable member to the electrophotographic photosensitive drum by rotation of the driving rotatable member with the twisted projection being in engagement with the recess.
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