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(rest pŏ-zish'ŏn) The usual position of the mandible when the patient is resting comfortably in an upright position and the condyles are in a neutral, unstrained position in the mandibular fossa. Synonym(s): physiologic rest position, postural position, postural resting position, rest jaw position.

Display device

InactiveUS6105290AQuickly and easily removed/installedIdentification meansRest positionDisplay device
A display device (30), particularly for use as a menu board in a restaurant or the like. The device (30) has at least two rotatable roller members (31 or 32) located in substantially parallel spaced apart relationship. Carrier means (38) is provided, tightly supported by and rotatable about the rollers (31 and 32) and adapted to receive at least one display means (36) thereon. Each of the carrier means (38) and said display means (36) are constructed at least partially of substantially flexible and translucent material. Illumination means (37) are provided behind at least a portion of said carrier means (38), to illuminate a viewing portion of said carrier means (38) and said display means (36) thereon. Preferably, each display means each display means (36) is sized and shaped to fit between a pair of adjacent rollers such that one or more discrete rest position(s) is/are automatically identified after said display device (30) is rotated, whereby, in said rest position(s), one of said display means (36) is centrally positioned between a respective pair of rollers (31 or 32). Alternatively, but also preferably, the carrier may be designed to be of different thicknesses, such as by providing a cutout. Alternatively still, alignment tabs may be provided. A tensioning device is also preferably provided to ensure that optimum tension is provided to the carrier during use. This is configured in such a manner that assembly/disassembly of the device is readily facilitated.

System and methods for automated airport air traffic control services

A system and method for automating Air Traffic Control operations at or near an airport. as a complete standalone automated system replacing the need for a human controller to make aircraft movement decisions nor the need communicate with pilots, or as semi-automated, where a controller controls how the system operates. The system with related methods and computer hardware and computer software package, automatically manages manned aircraft, remote controlled UAV and airborne-able vehicles traffic at or near an airport, eliminates ATC-induced and reduce pilot-induced runway incursions and excursions, processes control messages related to aircraft or Pilots, communicates with Pilot over ATC radio frequency, receives aircraft positions, communicates control messages with the aircraft avionics, provides pilots a dynamic map with continuous display of nearby traffic operations, shows clearance and information related to runway operations, warns pilot of runway conditions and turbulence from other operations, warns when landing gear is not locked, displays the pilot emergency exits during takeoff roll, shows the pilot when and where to exit from the runway, shows the pilot where and when to cross a junction, calculates and displays pilot optimal speed and timing on taxiways and junctions for saving fuel, calculates congestions, calculates best taxiway routes, calculates when aircraft can cross a runway, provides directives and information to pilot over CPDLC display or dynamic map for airside operations, alerts and triggers breaks of the aircraft on wrong path or when hold-short bar is breached, displays emergency personnel with routing map and final aircraft resting position for emergency operations, takes over an aircraft operation when aircraft is hijacked or deviates from the flight plan, provide standalone or manned Remote Tower functionality, Records and retains all information related to airport airside operations including aircraft positions and conditions from sensors and reports for runways, junctions and taxiways, Records and retains aircraft data and cockpit voice to ground-based servers to eliminate black-box requirements, calculate future weather and airport capacity from aircraft at or nearby airport, coordinates handoff operations with other ATC positions, interfaces with ACDM systems, airport operations center, flow center and network operations center.
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