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A virtual keyboard is a software component that allows the input of characters without the need for physical keys. The interaction with the virtual keyboard happens mostly via a touchscreen interface, but can also take place in a different form in virtual or augmented reality.

Virtual keyboard system with automatic correction

There is disclosed an enhanced text entry system which uses word-level analysis to correct inaccuracies automatically in user keystroke entries on reduced-size or virtual keyboards. A method and system are defined which determine one or more alternate textual interpretations of each sequence of inputs detected within a designated auto-correcting region. The actual interaction locations for the keystrokes may occur outside the boundaries of the specific keyboard key regions associated with the actual characters of the word interpretations proposed or offered for selection, where the distance from each interaction location to each corresponding intended character may in general increase with the expected frequency of the intended word in the language or in a particular context. Likewise, in a virtual keyboard system, the keys actuated may differ from the keys actually associated with the letters of the word interpretations. Each such sequence corresponds to a complete word, and the user can easily select the intended word from among the generated interpretations. Additionally, when the system cannot identify a sufficient number of likely word interpretation candidates of the same length as the input sequence, candidates are identified whose initial letters correspond to a likely interpretation of the input sequence.

Mobile terminal and design method of operation and control technology thereof

InactiveCN101984384AImprove input speedReduce the number of swipe selectionsDigital data processing detailsInput/output processes for data processingKey pressingControl system
The invention discloses a mobile terminal and a design method of an operation and control system thereof, the mobile terminal comprises a machine body and an embedded central processing unit, wherein a back surface touch panel is mounted on the back surface of the machine body, and three-state buttons are respectively mounted in lower middle positions on two sides of the machine body; and the embedded central processing unit is the embedded central processing unit equipped with the operation and control system including finger action semantic recognition, a virtual keyboard and an input method. The design method comprises the steps of designing the shape of the machine body, designing the finger action semantic recognition under the support of an algorithm of the operation and control system and designing the virtual keyboard and the input method in the operation and control system. The invention designs the back surface touch type mobile terminal with natural operation and control concept, thereby realizing the purposes of maximizing the liberation of a front surface touch screen, easily realizing operation and control, in particular to text input by single hand, improving the intelligent operation and control based on full combination of system software algorithm, software and hardware, leading the operation to cater for habitual thinking and natural reaction of a user, and being suitable for long-time use.
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