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Bladeless optical obturator

The invention is directed to a bladeless trocar obturator to separate or divaricate body tissue during insertion through a body wall. In one aspect, the obturator of the invention comprises a shaft extending along an axis between a proximal end and a distal end; and a bladeless tip disposed at the distal end of the shaft and having a generally tapered configuration with an outer surface, the outer surface extending distally to a blunt point with a pair of side sections having a common shape and being separated by at least one intermediate section, wherein each of the side sections extends from the blunt point radially outwardly with progressive positions proximally along the axis, and the shaft is sized and configured to receive an optical instrument having a distal end to receive an image of the body tissue. With this aspect, the tapered configuration facilitates separation of different layers of the body tissue and provides proper alignment of the tip between the layers. The side sections include a distal portion and a proximal portion, the distal portion of the side sections being twisted radially with respect to the proximal portion of the side sections. The intermediate section includes a distal portion and a proximal portion, the distal portion of the intermediate section being twisted in a first radial direction and the proximal portion of the intermediate section being twisted in a second radial direction opposite the first radial direction.

Bone shaping instrument and method for using the same

A bone resection tool for resecting an end of a bone along a surface having a curvature comprises a guide, a cutting tool and a track follower. The guide is configured to be removably attached in a fixed position to the end of the bone. The guide is configured to include a track exhibiting a curvature generally corresponding to the curvature of the surface to be resected in the bone. The cutting tool includes a cutting face. The track follower is configured to couple to the cutting tool and cooperate with the track to facilitate reciprocation of the cutting tool relative to the guide to induce the cutting face to resect the bone along the surface having the curvature. A method for cutting a bone along a curved surface conforming to the curvature of a curved surface of the underside of a prosthetic component comprises the steps of incising the tissue surrounding the surface of the bone, positioning a guide alongside the surface of a bone to be cut, affixing the guide to the bone, interconnecting a cutter having a cutting face with the guide, maintaining the cutting face generally parallel to the tangent of the curved surface and traversing the cutting face along the bone while guiding the cutter along the track. The tissue incision incises the tissue surrounding the surface of the bone to be cut in a minimally invasive fashion. The positioned guide includes a track configured to assimilate the curvature of the curved surface of the underside of the prosthetic component.
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