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Brokering state information and identity among user agents, origin servers, and proxies

Methods, signals, devices, and systems are provided for using proxy servers to transparently forward messages between clients and origin servers if, and only if doing so does not violate network policies. In some systems, a transparent proxy uses a combination of standard-format HTTP commands, embedding auxiliary information in URLs and other tools and techniques to redirect an initial client request to one or more policy modules, such as a login server or an identity broker or an access control server. The policy module authenticates the request, and uses HTTP redirection to have the client transmit authorization data to the proxy. The proxy extracts the authorization data, directs the client to use a corresponding cookie, and subsequently provides the implicitly requested proxy services to the client in response to the client's subsequently providing the authorization data in a cookie. This is accomplished without requiring installation of any invention-specific software or hardware on either the client or the origin server, and also works with proxy servers that are known to the client. Unless the client request violates network policy, a person using the client will generally perceive no reduction of services, and will instead benefit from the proxy's caching and/or other performance enhancements.

System and method for optimizing database queries with improved performance enhancements

A system and method for optimizing a database query with improved performance enhancements is herein disclosed. The database query consists of one or more logical expressions. Through the repeated application of one or more rules, the logical expressions are transformed into execution plans. The query optimizer partitions the database query into one or more subproblems with each subproblem consisting of one or more logical expressions. A plan is obtained for each subproblem with the plan for the database query including the plans for each subproblem. The query optimizer is cost-based and uses rules including transformation and implementation rules that are used to perform transformations on the logical expressions in a subproblem in order to produce a plan. The rules are classified into context-free and context-sensitive in order to avoid generating duplicate expressions. Context-free rules are applied once for each logical expression and context-sensitive rules are applied once for each logical expression for a particular optimization goal. In a preferred embodiment, the query optimizer performs several optimization passes over the database query in order to obtain an optimal plan. For each pass, if no optimal plan exists for the requested optimization goal, existing plans having the same optimization goal are utilized with each input reoptimized for a more cost effective plan.
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